OGE in chemistry in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

All ninth-graders who want to continue their studies in specialized classes with a chemical and biological bias or connect their lives in the future with medicine, in 2021 the first important test was expected – the OGE in chemistry. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all elective exams were canceled. Instead, graduates of the 9th grades of the 2021-2022 academic year will complete a written control work.

Cancellation of the OGE by choice in 2021

Graduates of 2020 were completely exempt from the GIA due to the rapid growth in the number of Americans who fell ill with coronavirus in late spring. In 2021, the final exams were completely decided not to cancel, but to minimize the number of subjects — as part of the OGE 2021, students will take only American and mathematics. All other subjects presented in the “by choice” section can be taken in the format of a test paper.

Thus, 9th graders will have to pass — 2 mandatory OGE and 1 control work from the list of disciplines to choose from (chemistry is also represented in this list in 2021).

OGE in chemistry in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

The first test for graduates will be a February interview in the American language, which, according to Sergey Kravtsov, will be held remotely in an online format.

Compulsory subjects of the unified state exam will be passed in American schools from may 24 to may 28, 2021. It is not yet known when students will write their chemistry tests, or what their assignments will be. It is possible that the OGE variants from the open FIPI Bank will be used as tasks for the final control. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what the OGE in chemistry was supposed to be in 2021 and continue training taking into account the level set by the demo version of the CIM.

Format of the OGE in chemistry

For all American graduates who finish the 9th grade in 2021 and want to take the OGE in chemistry, the following criteria were defined::

  • unified date of the chemistry test (and reserve days);
  • a single set of CIMS that will include tasks from the open FIPI database;
  • a single conversion scale for raw score on the chemistry of the 5-point evaluation.

OGE in chemistry in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

At the same time, the students had to pass the exam in the familiar walls of their native school (although their chemistry teacher will not be able to attend the exam in their subject). You were allowed to take a ruler and a non-programmable calculator (which has standard functionality for performing arithmetic operations, but without the ability to put anything in the device’s memory).

Important! Exactly 3 hours (180 minutes) are allotted for completing all 24 tasks of the chemistry exam in 2021.

Also, in the process of completing tasks, examinees will be allowed to use the main tables as additional materials, so the organizers must provide each 9th grader with the following information::

  • the periodic table;
  • table of solubility in water of salts, acids and bases;
  • table of electrochemical series of metal stresses.

To perform a real experiment, a set of equipment must be prepared for each participant:

Features of new CIMS

The main change made to the chemistry CMMS as part of the 2020 modernization was the mandatory practical part. We remind you that previously you could choose the “no experiment” option. In 2021, all students, finishing the 9th grade, will perform a practical experiment on the OGE in chemistry (tasks #23, 24).

Important! For security reasons, task # 24 should be performed under expert supervision.

Experts give permission to perform a practical experiment with reagents no earlier than 30 minutes after the start of the exam and only on condition that the examinee has completed task No. 23.

OGE in chemistry in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Otherwise, the OGE in chemistry in 2021 will not be radically different from the exam of previous years:

  • Part I (tasks # 1-19) will include tests (open and closed types), to which the graduate will have to give a short answer;
  • Part II – problems #20-22 (calculation and reaction equations), as well as practical part #23-24.

In Kim 2021, the number of matching tasks will increase and the number of tests with ready-made answer options will decrease. Out of 24 tasks:

  • 14 belong to the basic difficulty level;
  • 5-to an increased level;
  • 5 – to a high level.

Rating process

For each completed task, 9th graders will be awarded “primary points”.

Form # 1 (with short answers) is subject to automated verification, while Form #2 (with detailed answers), as well as on the unified state exam, will be checked by experts. The results of parts I and II of the work are combined to get the final result.

The maximum primary score of the OGE in chemistry in 2021 (for tests, tasks, and experiments) is 40.

OGE in chemistry in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Since the result of the OGE in chemistry in 2021 must be entered in the journal and has a direct impact on the final grade in the subject for grade 9, the primary points awarded to the examinee are interpreted on the scale recommended by the FIPI.

Thus, to get a certificate, 9th graders will only need to score a minimum of 10 primary points. For admission to specialized classes, the recommended minimum threshold in 2021 will be 27 points.

Secrets of preparation

It is quite possible to pass the OGE in chemistry “perfectly”, but for this you should not postpone the start of training until 2021. It will be optimal to work out the main topics in stages, starting from the summer or September of the month.

The following sections will be submitted for GIA-9::

  • theoretical foundations and concepts;
  • structure of the substance;
  • the periodic law and the periodic table of elements;
  • chemical reactions (classification, attributes, formulas, tasks);
  • experimental chemistry (practical skills).

You can check your level of material proficiency by solving the demo version of the OGE in chemistry 2021, available on the FIPI website. A video lesson with the analysis of this Kim will help you understand whether you have completed your tasks correctly.:

There you can also find an open task Bank, which stores all the questions that may occur at the OGE in 2021. For the convenience of students, all tasks are divided by topic, which allows you to organize repetition in the optimal mode. Tasks that are not difficult to solve can be marked as “solved”, and those that are difficult to solve can be “postponed” for re-solving shortly before the exam date.

Important! While preparing for the OGE 2021, you can partially use materials intended for graduates in 2020, but it is better not to take into account reference books and answer books in 2019, since the CMMS have undergone significant changes.

And one more important tip from teachers – remember that you have an official cheat sheet for the OGE in chemistry. Learn how to get all the necessary information about the elements in it, using the periodic table, and it will be much easier to solve a number of chemical problems, as well as to build chains of reactions.

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