OGE in 2021: mandatory subjects, changes, list, news

Students who will take the OGE in 2021 should start actively preparing for the upcoming exams today, starting with getting acquainted with what changes are possible in the GIA-9, drawing up a list of disciplines that will be selected for passing and innovations that are accepted by the Ministry of Education.

Let’s take a closer look at what awaits 9th grade graduates at the OGE in 2021 and what innovations should be taken into account in the preparation process.

OGE news from 25.12.20

After exams for 9th grade graduates were completely canceled in 2020, students and parents of ninth graders of the 2021-2022 academic year ask the same question – will there be an OGE in 2021?

During a briefing on December 25, 2020, Sergey Kravtsov announced the following new decisions regarding the implementation of the OGE in 2021::

  • number of subjects — only 2 required (American and math);
  • all OGE elective exams are canceled, instead of them, 9th graders will write 1 test paper in the chosen discipline;
  • new OGE dates due to changes in the number of subjects — from may 24 to may 28, 2021;
  • conducting an interview in a remote format using modern Internet technologies;
  • cancellation of the early stage of the OGE 2021.

OGE in 2021: mandatory subjects, changes, list, news

Thus, the OGE will be held in 2021, but in a reduced format. At the same time, in compulsory subjects, students will be offered updated CMMS, which will receive a number of significant differences from the 2019 versions. In fact, these tasks were developed back in 2020, but they did not have time to pass testing due to the cancellation of the GIA-9 for graduates of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Number of exams

Important! In 2021, only 2 subjects will be submitted to the OGE — American language and mathematics.

Instead of the OGE, students will write test papers of their choice. There are 9 disciplines to choose from for the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC:

  • Physics;
  • Chemistry Department;
  • Social Studies;
  • History;
  • Biology;
  • Computer science;
  • References;
  • Geography;
  • Foreign languages (English, Spanish, German, or French).

Among elective subjects, social studies has been the most popular for many years, with about 63% of 9th graders opting for it. Geography is in second place (33%), and biology is in third place (30%).

To the great regret of the camp management, only 3% of graduates decide to take history in the 9th grade, and not much more (about 5%) indicate English as an additional elective discipline. As a rule, these are students who plan to continue their studies at colleges or specialized classes of specialized schools.

Changes in CMMS

The process of reforming the knowledge control system in 2020 also affected GIA-9. Although the mandatory subjects were not revised, a number of significant changes were made to the KIMS. Most likely, for graduates of 2021, the innovations in the OGE KIMS of their choice will not be relevant, but in 2022 the Ministry still plans to test them, which has been disrupted for the second year in a row.

Reduced the number of tasks to 9.

Reduced the maximum primary score to 33.

The genre specifics of texts that can be suggested for presentation have been changed.

Added tasks for analyzing language material.

There are tasks focused on the practical application of the theory, United by a single plot.

The CMM structure itself has been changed.

Reduced the number of questions to 24.

Working with a mini-text consists of 4 questions.

The maximum primary score has been lowered to 35.

Added new tasks.

Changes occurred in the following sections::

New tasks have been introduced that require skills in working with visual sources of information, performing analytical analysis, and knowledge of cultural history.

Changes have been made to the response recording form.

Added a new task (working with text).

The maximum score has been reduced to 31.

Reduced the number of questions to 30.

The maximum score has been lowered to 45.

New task lines have been introduced.

Added an additional topic for essays (now there are 5 of them).

Updated the evaluation criteria.

Criteria for evaluating the “practical literacy” block are introduced.

Increased the maximum test score to 39.

Reduced the number of tasks to 15.

There are practical tasks that need to be performed on a PC.

The structure of the CIM itself has been changed.

The total number of tasks has been lowered to 25.

Maximum score increased to 43.

New types of questions have been introduced.

Expanded task # 22.

The requirements for conducting an experiment have been changed.

The KIM model is now one, consisting of 24 tasks.

There are more multiple choice questions now.

There is a new task on the relationship between classes of inorganic substances.

The practical part in KIMS has become mandatory.

All these changes will be relevant for tasks that graduates may encounter in the control work and for the OGE 2022, so at the preparation stage, it is worth getting acquainted in more detail with the new types of tasks, solving demo versions of the Kim 2020, which are already available on THE official fipi website.

Important! KiMs 2019 and earlier versions are not relevant when preparing for those who plan to take the OGE in 2021.

It is also worth noting that since 2020, new primary points have been set for a number of subjects, which is clearly demonstrated by the comparative table of points for 2019 and 2020.

OGE in 2021: mandatory subjects, changes, list, news

The scale of transfer points

In view of all the innovations described above, the table for converting test scores to school grades also changed slightly in 2020. Since no drastic changes are expected in the near future, it will also be relevant for students taking the OGE in 2021.

OGE in 2021: mandatory subjects, changes, list, news

Please note that in the table, the minimum passing points required for obtaining an education document are highlighted in green.

Important dates

The full calendar for the early, main and September periods of the OGE 2021, which will indicate when 9th graders will take mandatory exams and elective subjects, will be approved closer to October 2020.

Today, you can only approximate the dates that are important for graduates:

  1. Interview – the second week of February 2021 (from the 8th to the 10th day) —in online format.
  2. It is absolutely necessary to decide which subjects to take for the OGE 2021 before March 1, 2021.
  3. Early session-canceled.
  4. The main period starts on may 24 and lasts until may 28, 2021.
  5. In the fall of 2021, you can retake the OGE (retakes start in early September).

The dates of tests for specific subjects do not coincide from year to year, so you should not focus on the OGE 2020 schedule.

Possible changes in the coming years

Since there is still no official information about what innovations are expected at the OGE in 2021, and it is impossible to say exactly how many subjects will be taken, we recommend considering all possible options.

OGE in 2021: mandatory subjects, changes, list, news

Among the most likely innovations announced earlier:

  • introduction of new compulsory subjects (English and history apply for the status of “compulsory”).);
  • increasing the total number of tests from 4 to 6;
  • introduction of the OGE in Chinese as an elective subject;
  • transition to a fully digital OGE format (starting with computer science).

Of course, it is unlikely that all these innovations will affect those who finish the 9th grade in 2021, but today it is worth remembering that history and English may become mandatory subjects of the OGE, which means that they require more attention.

How to properly organize preparation for exams and what you should pay special attention to when repeating a particular discipline, we will tell you in the relevant materials. We recommend that you subscribe to our social media channel so that you don’t miss important publications on preparing for the OGE 2021.

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