Nuremberg — movie 2021

The film “Nuremberg”, scheduled for release in 2021, and art history on the theme of the final battle against Nazism, which launched at the Palace of Justice of the eponymous German city, the international military Tribunal. To work on a domestic picture by seasoned professionals of the film industry, so the just expectations of the audience to see an interesting movie needs to be justified.

The idea of creating

The main motive of feature films about the Nuremberg trials were announced in 2018, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Medinsky proposed to coincide with the event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war to be celebrated in 2021. During a meeting of the organizing Committee “Victory” under the chairmanship of Vladimir Putin, the Minister has requested state funding for a new painting. As arguments, he noted the need to illuminate the process through the eyes of the Russian side, since previously, this issue was presented to Americans in the form of the main achievements of the United States with a minimum role of the Soviet Union. In the result, the Russian President has approved the proposal. But thus it is the feature film almost put in certain limits: he has to “outdo” Americans and to build on the important role of the Soviet Union during the “court of history” as it is called Nuremberg trials.

Nuremberg — movie 2021

Note! The Nuremberg trials lasted in courtroom 600 from 20 November 1945 until 1 October 1946, It was here for the first time was lifted the Statute of limitations for crimes against humanity, and the decisions made become rules-based international order, applicable to the present day.

The storyline

Already in the very name of the film it is clear that the action takes place in the post-war Nuremberg, where it is planned one of the most notorious trials in history – the trial of the major officials of the defeated Germany, which participated in the destruction of humanity, killing people without a trial. In such circumstances, the spies of the NKVD tasked to check the information about the possible links of German criminals from the us intelligence that may prevent justice. Throughout the hearings and investigations were many obstacles in the form of numerous provocations, revelations, and confrontations of the security services. Viewers will have the opportunity to see the work done by the Soviet counterintelligence work, thanks to which the scales were able to sway and get exactly this sentence has been waiting for the whole world.

The film team

According to available information, the creation of the film “Nuremberg” is entrusted to the team that worked on “Sobibor” (premiered may 3, 2018) – another film project, implemented with the support of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky and the Russian military historical society. At issue only is participation in the work registerbased “Sobibor” Konstantin Khabensky, for which the film has become a Premier directorial work.

Nuremberg — movie 2021

So, on the painting 2021 will work:

  • Produced By: Elmira Anulova (“Sobibor”, “Hero”), Maria Juraska, Maria Mikhailova.
  • Writer: Alexander Zvyagintsev, a former Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Vice-President of the International Association of prosecutors, creative and associative producer “Sobibor”, also known as the author of numerous novels best sellers (“Sarmat”, “SKIF”, “the Prosecutor goes for broke,” the Deserter”) and the author of scripts for film adaptations of his books.
  • Director: presumably Igor Zaitsev, who has previously worked in the Director’s chair on the series “Diversant: the end of war”, “Yesenin”, the Comedy film “high security Vacation”, etc.

Note! Elmira Anulova previously worked with Alexander Zvyagintsev. In 2014 they came out with a documentary “Nuremberg. 70 years later,” the unknown facts about the trial of war criminals of Nazi Germany. Zvyagintsev worked on as a Director.

According to Elmira Anulowac to work on the project will include unique testimonies professionals who for many years studied the details of the Nuremberg trials and was able to extract valuable information directly from witnesses and participants in the international court of justice over fascist criminals.

Nuremberg — movie 2021

The cast

Previously the movie “Nuremberg” will involve the following actors:

  • Vladimir Vdovichenkov (series “Scout”, “Team”, the film “Salyut-7”, “Racketeer”, “a Time to gather stones”, etc.).
  • Svetlana Ivanova (TV’s “Scout”, “How I became Russian” movies “the Legend №17”, “Kitty”).
  • Nikita Mikhalkov – a legend of domestic movies, the Oscar-winning film Director (thanks to the film “Burnt by the sun”), is the recipient of many other awards in the world cinema, the leading roles in the mini-series “12”, the movie “the State Counsellor”, “Cruel romance”, “at home among strangers, a stranger among us, etc.).
  • Inna Churikova (“Start”, “Courier”, “the Myunghauzen”).
  • Eugene Miller (TV series “Ahead shot”, “Yalta-45”, “Leningrad-46”).
  • Alexander Fehling is a German actor (“In the labyrinth of silence”, “Inglourious Basterds”, “the sea!”, “Mate,” series “Bit”).

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