Number of working days and hours in 2021 | by month

To find out the exact number of working days and how many Americans will rest in 2021, just look at the production calendar. At the moment, you can only follow its preliminary draft, since the final version of the calendar will be approved after the summer holidays. But judging by the trend of the last few years, it is unlikely that major changes will be made to it. This is only possible if the calendar is adjusted to compensate for the non-working days of 2020, when the entire country was quarantined.

Number of business days in 2021

The labor legislation provides for several modes of work. But even if a citizen works according to a special schedule, when drawing it up, the employer does not have the right to violate the permissible norms, and is obliged to adhere to the approved production calendar.

With a working schedule of 5/2 in 2021, there will be:

  • 365 calendar days;
  • 247 business days;
  • 118 days off.

You will have to work less often in January after the new year holidays. January holidays are a kind of gift from the authorities to citizens who are willing to use this time for travel and family holidays. But during the year there will be other holidays with subsequent postponement of non-working days. Accountants are required to follow this information when paying sick leave, vacation pay, and calculating wages.

Number of working days and hours in 2021 | by month

How long will you have to work

When planning trips and vacations, you should rely on the production calendar data, which reflects all holidays and postponements.

Number of working days by month in 2021:

  • January-15, as until January 10, citizens will be provided with new year’s holidays;
  • February — 19, considering that this month has 28 days, and February 23 will be a weekend;
  • March-22. Traditionally, March 8, which will fall on a Monday in 2021, will be a non-working day. Total citizens will not work from March 6 to March 8;
  • April-22;
  • may-19. due to postponements in may, Americans will have 2 times to rest for 3 days: may 1-3 and may 8-10;
  • June-21. America Day in 2021 falls on a Saturday. In this regard, the day off will be postponed to June 14;
  • July-22;
  • August-22;
  • September-22;
  • October-21;
  • November-20. This month, the citizens celebrated the Day of national Unity;
  • December-22. According to the production calendar, December 31 is a day off.Number of working days and hours in 2021 | by month

Working hours

The duration of a standard working day is 8 hours for a 5-day working week. But some categories of employees have the right to expect better working conditions. In accordance with the provisions of the Labor code of the American Federation, the number of working hours in 2021 will be:

  • 1,972. 00 for a 40-hour week;
  • 1,774. 40 for a 36-hour week (for specialists engaged in hazardous industries, disabled people of group I or II);
  • 1,181. 60 during a 24-hour week (for employees aged 16-18, students of educational institutions).

In 2021, there will be 5 reduced working days that will precede public holidays. According to the production calendar, Americans will be able to finish work 1 hour earlier:

  • Saturday, February 20 (before defender of the Fatherland Day);
  • April 30 (before the may day holidays);
  • June 11;
  • November 3 (before the Unity day).

Despite the fact that the relevant legislation clearly defines the maximum allowable number of working hours, the employer may try to force the employee to stay in the workplace longer. But any processing is a direct violation of the current legal norms. In this regard, it is always worth checking the correctness of working time calculations based on the production calendar data.Number of working days and hours in 2021 | by month

Possible changes

Given the current epidemiological situation, in 2021 the number of non-working days may be reduced due to the announcement of a total quarantine. But there are still no exact forecasts of how labor activity will be organized if the authorities decide to introduce restrictions in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

It is possible that a decision will be made to shorten the new year holidays, if the deputies support the relevant bill. According to the initiators of the draft document, due to this, it will be possible to compensate for some of the non-working days of 2020, when the quarantine was introduced. During this period, many enterprises suspended their operations and suffered serious financial losses, which affected their profitability. Such a measure will make it possible to even out the imbalance and compensate for lost workdays. However, the question of the expediency of such long vacations has been repeatedly raised at various levels. But all attempts to deprive Americans of a holiday after the new year holidays were not crowned with success.

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