Northern pension in 2021: what will change

Recently adopted in the Russian Federation Pension reform entails innovations for potential recipients of the so-called Northern pensions. What and how will change from 2021 to USAн employed on a permanent or rotational basis, in the far North regions or equated areas? Should we expect the continuation of benefits to northerners in terms of requirements of age, accounting North experience and opportunities to obtain increased benefits?

The terms of the retirement

The main change from 2021 for the new requirements to the age of the northerners, giving the right retirement. Until recently, women and men received the right to rest 50 and 55 years of age, respectively. But the introduction of the new Pension reform, this age will gradually increase for 5 years (by adding to the previously existing standards for 1 year for 2020-2023 gg) as “extenuating circumstances” in the first two years of innovations, citizens have the right to obtain payment for 6 months before reaching a new age standards. Thus, in 2021 candidates to receive the Northern pension will be:

  • women, the age of 51,5 (instead of 52) years;
  • men under the age of 56.5 (instead of 57) years.

In all subsequent years increase in the retirement age will be 1 year until 2023 it will reach the set for northerners marks 55 years for women and 60 for men. For the rest USAн new regulations will be by this time 60 and 65 years respectively.

New age requirements do not relate to certain categories of northerners that have specific criteria:

  • 50 years old mothers two or more children, subject to developments of at least 20 years of experience, including 12 in the far North (CS) or 17 – for equated localities (ISS).
  • 45 years women 50 years men who are permanent residents of North and equated territories, earned 20 or 25 years respectively as the work of a reindeer herder, fisherman or the hunter-fishers.

Northern pension in 2021: what will change

Does the minimum “Northern” experience

The latest news does not portend a change in 2021 with the conditions of seniority that gives the right of northerners to pensions. Still, the following minimum figures:

  • 15 or 20 years (according to the payment of insurance contributions to the PFR) for cs And ISS, respectively;
  • 20 years for women or 25 years “men’s” General experience;
  • set the minimum retirement points in 2021, roughly 18,6 (will grow annually by 2.4 points, while will reach 30 PKI).

To obtain the North pensions need to regularize the employment relationship with the employer. For example, for the employee division of the company from the Arctic (with the location of the main office in the capital) in the workbook be sure to indicated the exact location of the place of work, or to qualify for increased benefits or to focus on the retirement age for the northerners fail.

The shortage of the number of years of work to meet the minimum requirements to achieve retirement at an earlier age (But in any case, you need the experience more than 10 years in ISS or 7.5 years in KS) as follows:

  • spent a full calendar year in the areas of KS allows to lower the age standard for 4 months;
  • used in the ISS are the years to experience the far North by reducing the first indicator is 25% (because 12 months in the ISS is equivalent to 9 months for COP).

Northern pension in 2021: what will change

What will happen to the size of payments

In 2021 payments to the northerners, like all USAнам will also be increased by indexation. Planned indicators of growth are as follows:

  • Insurance pensions (appointed old-age, disability and survivors pensions) from 1 January 2021 6.6 % (expected inflation of 3.8%). Accordingly, the increase is expected due to the growth of two indicators:
Two thousand twentyTwo thousand twenty one
The value of the pension points87, 24 RUB.93 RUB
The size of the fixed payment5 334, 18 RUB.5 686, 25 RUB.
  • Social pension (assigned to those with minimal experience) – from 1 April 2021 3.9% on the index of growth of the subsistence minimum for pensioners.

For recipients North of the old-age pension or disability in 2021 all the same the possibility to have an additional increase in accordance with the above requirements for length (North common). Right to use does not depend on the place of residence of the pensioner at the moment. The surcharge will be calculated relative to the indexed fixed payment and will be:

  • 50% have worked at COP 15 (2843, 13 RUB.)
  • 30 % – to have worked in the ISS of 20 years (1705 88 roubles).

Northern pension in 2021: what will change

Instead of these sums, the citizens living in the Northern parts of the country can also receive enhanced payments at the expense of increasing the regional factor (if it is installed on their region of residence). But in the case of moving its action is cancelled. If the pensioner is entitled to receive both payments, he would have to choose which will be more profitable in his case.

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