Nikola Letny in 2021: what is the holiday date?

St. Nicholas Summer is a Christian holiday dedicated to the venerated Saint Nicholas the Saint In America. There was probably no city in America where a Church in honor of this Saint was not built. The holiday of St. Nicholas the Summer is celebrated in 2021 on may 22 according to the new style, or on May 9 according to the old Gregorian calendar.

What kind of holiday is Nikolai Letny

On may 9, 1087, merchants from the city of Bari, in what is now Italy, knew that the Lycian city of Mira, where the remains of St. Nicholas were buried, was being harassed by the Ottomans. Merchants conspired to steal the Saint’s relics from the Lycians in order to take them to a safe place. The godless Ottomans sought to seize the relics of the Saint in order to break the morale of the Lycians, but they spared no effort or lives, protecting the revered Saint.

What the enemy could not make clear, the merchants, whom the Lycians trusted and did not fear, managed to do. They made their way to the cancer at night and opened it, tying up the watchmen. Raka was filled with a fragrant world, which further strengthened the merchants in the correctness of their actions. The stone sarcophagus was excessively heavy, and it was impossible to carry it out. Then the merchants decided to divide the relics and carry them away under their cloaks.

The day when the merchants returned safely to their homeland became a holiday for the citizens of Bari. Subsequently, by order of the Bishop, a Church was built in the city in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, and the day became a holiday that spread to the entire Christian world. Yesterday’s pagan Slavs quickly believed in the miraculous power of St. Nicholas. There is a legend that in the Tenth century the Saint saved a drowning baby. Desperate parents prayed to Nicholas and the incredible happened. St. Nicholas the Wonderworker took the baby out of the water and brought it to the Hagia Sophia. This event strengthened the belief of the people of Kiev that the Saint helps the victims.

Nikola Letny in 2021: what is the holiday date?

Who was Nicholas the Saint?

Saint Nicholas was called a Saint in America because he helped everyone who prayed to him. They said about him “Nikola Ugodnichek-the first assistant”. Nicholas was born into a family of rich, religious parents in the second half of the third century ad in Lycia. His uncle was a Bishop, and Nicholas also decided to devote his life to the faith. From his parents, he received a rich inheritance, which he distributed to the poor, and he continued to serve as a priest. For his modesty and diligence, he received from God the ability to heal people, and understood the language of animals. He helped the suffering, as prescribed by Christ’s sermon on the mount. For example, a father of three daughters, because of his poverty, wanted to sell his beautiful daughters as concubines. When Nicholas found out about this, he threw a bag of gold to his father’s house at night, which would have been enough for his father to live on, and for the dowry of the girls. Thus, he saved the girls from disgrace.

It is known that Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, took part in the first Ecumenical Council held in Nicaea in 325, where the creed, now known as nicaeo-Constantinople, was developed. He devoted his entire life to people who loved and revered him for it. Even after death, his relics brought healing to people, exuding myrrh. Until the XI century, his relics were kept in the crypt of the Lycian temple. There is a legend that Bishop Nicholas saved three Byzantines from an unjust execution by snatching the executioner’s sword, which was already raised over the unfortunate head of one of them. The men were judged on the unrighteous slander of their warlord, who wanted to get his hands on all their wealth. At one time, Nicholas, like many Christians, was persecuted during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, and spent a lot of time in prison. Nicholas died in 350, being a very old man.

Nikola Letny in 2021: what is the holiday date?

What date is marked

What the merchants did in 1087 was a significant event for the entire Christian world. Only the Greeks do not celebrate this day. And this is understandable. Lycia was inhabited by descendants of the Greeks, and they lost the Shrine. The Catholic world celebrates St. Nicholas of Summer on may 9, according to the new style, the Orthodox-on may 9, according to the old style, that is, on may 22, 2021. This holiday is not rolling, with a constant date. Among the people, The day of the transfer of the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker received the following names::

  • Nikola Summer;
  • Nikola Vernal (Spring);
  • Herb Day;
  • Nikola travny.

The Orthodox believed that in addition to all his virtues, St. Nicholas the Saint patronized cattle. Therefore, on a festive day, it is customary to ask St. Nicholas the Wonderworker for a blessing for livestock. On the eve of the holiday, horses were driven out at night to graze. It was believed that as this night passes, so will the whole year be. Therefore, the owners of horses prayed to St. Nicholas, and even ordered prayers so that the Saint would protect the horses from wild animals, diseases, and send them good offspring.

Nikola Letny in 2021: what is the holiday date?

Traditions and customs of Nikola the warm

Nicola summer it was customary to celebrate the fun. The people said: “Call everyone to Nikola: both friend and foe. Everyone will be friends, ” because Nikolai reconciled the warring parties. The celebration was started the night before by driving the horses out at night. Even the youngest children were allowed to go to bed later than usual that night. Closer to night, when the elderly villagers went home, festivities with games and dances began. Rain on Nikola travnogo was considered a blessing of God for farmers. On this day, it was not customary to be lazy. Work in the garden, on the infield went for the future. On this day, it was recommended to cut sheep. The planting of potatoes promised a rich harvest.

Early in the morning, the peasants went out into the fields and, facing the rising sun, read a prayer to the Saint for the protection of their crops, a rich harvest, and a well-fed existence. After prayers and going to Church, it was customary to wash in the bathhouse, put on clean, elegant clothes. Young people and men were engaged in agricultural work, women-put the house and yard in order, prepared a festive dinner. The whole family gathered for dinner, and guests were invited. Everything that God had sent was put on the table: porridge, milk, pancakes, lard, eggs, potatoes. On this day, it was impossible to refuse help and alms. If you refuse – you will be in need for 7 years on your own.

Children were pampered for the warm Saint: they gave gifts and sweets. To attract money to the house, empty purses were placed in a prominent place, making it clear to the miracle worker that the family needed money. The girls were guessing at the groom: they threw their shoes out of the gate. Whichever way the Shoe points, the groom will come from there. Knowing what date St. Nicholas Summer will be held in 2021, everyone will be able to adequately prepare for it and make this day truly festive, attract prosperity and good luck to life.

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