Night of museums in 2021

Festival “Night of museums” in 2021 will be held may 18. For the convenience of visitors, the date can shift on a day, namely, on the night from Saturday to Sunday. Then museums and many other institutions both public and private will open in front of everyone’s doors and provide an opportunity to explore the exhibitions completely free of charge.

The essence of the holiday

“Night of museums” is a festival held simultaneously in 42 countries in Europe and America. As it is noted in the dark and for his visit no need to pay holiday to visit people with any level of wealth. Work, school, or any daily business will not be a hindrance. A nice bonus – a permit for photo and video. The event is held with the purpose of keeping of Museum valuables, as well as attracting the interest of people of all ages to the history and culture. In holiday centres complement their usual range of services, for example, a flash mob or a unique tour, and are preparing a special program.

According to the tradition of the popular museums, art galleries and estates. Most of them, usually located in the city centre. This gives you the opportunity to visit many places.

Night of museums in 2021


The idea of celebrating the “Night of museums” originated in Europe in the 1970s, There on certain days of may, the museums worked absolutely free. Then the celebration was called a little differently “Spring of museums”. Holiday modern name for the first time noted in the German capital in 1997 on the last weekend of January. It was a runaway success and went down in history as “the Long night of museums”. In 1998 not only Berlin, but also 20 German cities became participants of the festival. Gradually the “Night of museums” is celebrated in all European capitals. For example, in Paris the people of France and her guests were able to join the idea of the festival since 2001.

A little later, each year they began to ask specific theme. So in the “Night of museums” visitors could observe the theme: “History and stories”, “Masterpieces from the vaults”, “Memory”, etc. According to statistics, in 2003, had a great Vogue Australian complete collection of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II, and in 2004 to look at the objects of history of the Cathedral in Berlin it is 22 000 people.

The official name of the holiday was in 2005. Then France put forward a proposal to make this festival international. The Council of Europe adopted the idea. Since the action is under his control. In 2006, the event was noted in 38 countries. It was attended by more than 2,000 institutions.

Night of museums in 2021


In the USA the festival was first held in the city of Krasnoyarsk. He was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk Museum centre. The event was a huge success and was attended by 5 000 people. After the approval of the action decided to support . In 2007 there until 21:00 there were 10 city and Federal agencies. In 2008 they were joined by many other representatives of culture.

In the same year to the international campaign joined . Then the celebration was attended by 33 museums and showrooms. They were visited by 24,000 people. Every year the number of institutions and cities of the USA that support the festival, is increasing. “Night of museums” in 2021 promises to be even more massive and spectacular than the previous.

In 2011, the capital campaign was supported 159 of the Museum, and in Ekaterinburg the festival “European night of museums in Ekaterinburg — 2011” was attended by about 70,000 people.


The official time of celebration in the capital of the USA from 18:00 to 00:00 but some institutions operate until 02:00 and even 06:00. Date of the event falls on the third weekend of may. Almost everywhere the entrance is free. The only exceptions are some individual Night of museums in 2021

Among the institutions that participate in the promotion are:

  • Museum-estate “Tsaritsyno”;
  • The Moscow Kremlin;
  • The Darwin Museum;
  • rium;
  • Moscow puppet theatre;
  • Film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”;
  • The Tretyakov gallery, etc.

Just one night gives you the opportunity to see current trends in art, historical monuments and visit unusual exhibitions. In addition to traditional exhibitions each institution’s capital is preparing for the holiday a special program, which may include:

  • workshops;
  • lectures;
  • quests;
  • projects of art;
  • screenings of films and much more.

The festival includes not only museums, but also many other objects . In mansions and parks, you can watch various shows and events. For lovers of animals of the Moscow zoo and for the lovers of classical music in subway stations concerts of classical music.

Night of museums in 2021

In 2010 the event was attended by the Embassy. Greek, French, Belgian representatives told about the peculiarities of his work and conducted tours of the embassies.

In e

According to official data, in 2018 in the Northern capital USA the celebration was attended by about 100,000 people.

During the festival you can visit:

  • The artillery Museum;
  • Botanical garden;
  • St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
  • A library of comic books;
  • Tspkio imeni S. M. Kirov;
  • Baltic house;
  • Pushkin house;
  • The great hall of the Philharmonic. Shostakovich;
  • Zoo, etc.

Night of museums in 2021

Institution, located in the center, convenient to visit as they are located next to each other. For some selected areas it is necessary to consider the schedule of the bridges. The feast of allowed special tour buses and more buses on routes leading to the museums and estates.

When will be celebrated the “Night of museums”, then every citizen of USA will have the wonderful opportunity to join the cultural life together with other people from different countries of the world. Unfortunately, all at once to watch for one night in may, the 2021 does not work, so everyone can choose for themselves the most interesting.

Night of museums or online tour of the museums of world size: video

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