Nicola Summer in 2021

How many will Nicola Summer in 2021, you know, almost all believers. Miracle-worker or Man of God is in great esteem among Christians for the acts made in life. This Holy even dedicated two holidays that are celebrated in winter and spring. Nicola Summer or Spring dedicated to the transfer of the relics of the Wonderworker of Lycia to Italy.

To mark

This Christian holiday has nothing to Paschal, therefore, the date of its celebration has not changed for several centuries. Previously it was celebrated on 9 may (old calendar), and now – may 22.

Important! In 2021, the date for the celebration of Nikola Summer will remain unchanged and fixed. All Christians will honor the memory of St. may 22.

Although for believers it is a big feast, worshipped in different regions, a public holiday, he is not. In 2021 22 may falls on a Friday, so the working population will have to postpone the celebration until the evening. In fairness it should be noted that a long tradition is now virtually not comply with the (exception of the provinces in the regions), although the miracle-worker is revered among adults and children.

Nicola Summer in 2021

The history of

Nicholas is one of the most venerated saints in Christianity. In many cities, not only in USA but also in other countries, named after him, temples and cathedrals.

Nicholas was born in Lycia, which belonged to Greece (now Turkey), in the III century. The boy’s parents were rich people, but from an early age he decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, who was a Bishop. When the boy grew up, he became a priest and began to help fold.

After his parents died, Nicholas inherited a large inheritance, but he decided not to stay the course. All of the money he gave to the poor, and dedicated his life helping the needy. Holy has always provided them with spiritual and material support. He was sensitive, good-natured and generous. For traits and sincere faith God rewarded Nicholas ‘ unusual abilities. He could treat seriously ill people, to help those in need and, according to some, even raising the dead. For this and called him a miracle worker.

After the Saint’s death his body was placed in a stone Shrine. According to legend, his relics for a long time resisted decay. They made fragrant myrrh, which was used to heal the sick. When in the XI century, frequent attacks of the Turks to Lycia, Nicholas power was under threat. The Ottomans destroyed everything associated with Christianity.

Merchants from the Roman Empire decided to steal the relics of the Saint to get to his hometown. To do this, they beat the guard and broke into the temple. To make the cancer was not possible due to the large weight, so they shifted the power in his cloak and carried to the ship. After returning to the Italian city of Bari, the relics were placed in the temple, where they are still.

Nicola Summer in 2021

Modern and ancient traditions

Nikola Summer believers in the morning we go to the temple to worship. It is believed that the miracle worker everyone helps, so people turn to him with prayers. Someone asks for health for a loved one or a good harvest, someone wants to arrange a personal life or to solve other problems.

Special attention was paid to livestock. In the barn were removed, and animals were given pies and other treats from the table. They would necessarily appeal to Saint Nicholas with prayers to protect livestock from disease and predators. Nikola Summer in ancient times had first left the horses at night on the pasture. The guys who were supposed to protect animals, be sure to fed pies porridge. At the first grazing were making predictions for the future. If all animals remained in place, alive and unharmed, then the year will be successful. In another case, it was necessary to wait for troubles.

Nicola Summer in 2021

In the villages, often arranged folk festivals, sang songs, lit bonfires and danced. Went to bed later than usual, and even the children were allowed longer to walk that day. Conducted various rituals to protect livestock. Historians believe that these traditions have pagan roots, although now they have not survived even in the province.

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