News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

One of the characteristic features of the Bavarian company is constantly updating their own range, and following this tradition, Mercedes will provide in 2021 the latest new product of premium cars of different classes.

Kupeobrazny compact sedan first introduced in 2013, while the planned restyling completed in 2016. For 2021 the company has planned to release a second generation model.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

Due to the fact that the car is in demand, especially in young buyers, the main changes carried out in appearance. The new version of the car has a dynamic and aggressive design which gives it stylish and recognizable.

In the cabin used new and improved materials for decoration, and equipped with modern multimedia system with touch monitor. With its help, you control virtually all functions and equipment of a motor vehicle.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

As the power unit uses a two-liter gasoline engine capacity of 225 HP, which is aggregated with a 7-band robot. Sedan CLA 2021 will get several versions. The cost of the initial option will be 31,000 euros.

The CLA Shooting Brake

The second generation of the sports wagon combines a striking exterior image, modern and high-tech interior and thrilling, sporty driving.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

At the core of the car is the platform of the CLA latest models. The interior of the Shooting Brake is almost identical to the interior of the base sedan. On the dashboard is dominated by a standard 7-inch dual screens, one of which is a set of digital sensors and the other handles infotainment and other tasks. Using a variety of materials and finishes it is possible to select the most suitable interior.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The base for the car will be the 225-horsepower turbo engine paired with the 7G-DCT transmission and front-wheel drive transmission. The cost of a sport-wagon 2021 starts from 33,000 euros.

An interesting novelty from Mercedes 2021, should be considered as a compact crossover GLB. The model has already earned the nickname mini-g.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

Allocated car appearance of the classic SUV with a brutal design, which is dominated by straight lines. The interior of the crossover corresponds to the inner clearance of the car Mercedes B-class. An interesting feature of the show will be the possibility of a three-row seven-seater execution, which is quite rare for compact cars.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

According to preliminary information for the machine you plan to install three motors in 115, 165 and 220 power. Transmission has all-wheel drive 4Matic and devyatiyacheechnoy automatic transmission. For Europe the possible option of using a six-speed manual transmission. Price GLB will start from 34000 Euro.

GLE Coupe

Another innovation 2021 with kupeobrazny body will become the second generation of the compact crossover. In the front part of the car is fully consistent with the design of base model the GLE.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

To equip the GLE Coupe designed power units with a capacity of 285, 345, 365, and 435 forces using automatic transmission. The price of the base variant of the car will start from 75,000 euros.

Premium crossover GLC 2021 after a planned restyling will differ from its predecessor a few cosmetic changes in appearance.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

This applies mainly to the front side, which changed the shape of the bumper, head optics and bonnet. It is possible to form more powerful, but also graceful silhouette of the car.

The interior continues the luxury finishes, quality architecture, high ergonomics. In addition, updated multimedia system, adding new systems to enhance comfort, improve safety and management.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

As powertrains planned use of engine capacity of 165, 195, 240 and 265 HP With all motors and all-wheel drive transmission will be equipped with a nine-automatic transmission. The cost of updated crossover GLC will start with 50,000 euros.

GLC Coupe

Updated cross-compartment 2021 model year received, in the design of the front part, the changes are similar to the basic design of the last modification of the crossover GLC.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

Distinctive kupeobrazny silhouette novelties forms the lower line of the rear side of the roof, blending smoothly into the trunk lid. Another distinctive feature of the model, are large multi-functional tail lights, and reduced side Windows. The GLC Coupe interior architecture and decoration is also identical to the basic model.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The car will be produced only in all-wheel drive 4Matic with a nine-performance machine, and the price of the initial modification is defined in 48000 euros.

One of the most anticipated premieres of 2021 will be the new generation of the SUV GLS.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The car has received increased dimensions compared to its predecessor, which will undoubtedly increase the comfort, especially for passengers in the rear seats. The design of the machine made in the same style with other new versions of the Mercedes SUVs. Salon GLS continues to be characterized by premium finishes and the highest comfort, and the key feature is the presence of the tablet for passengers of the second row seats to control the systems and equipment of a motor vehicle.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

Range of power units is represented by four motors: two diesel power 285 and 330 HP, and two petrol 365 and 490 forces. With all engines will be installing a nine-automatic transmission. SUV sales will start in North America, and the initial execution price is set at 85,000 USD.


Executive sedan new generation will get the appearance, which will differ from the predecessor the following solutions:

  • the trapezoidal grille in the corporate look;
  • narrower head optics;
  • large size rear lights connected by a wide chrome insert;
  • increased frontal punch.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The main feature of the premium cabin will be a huge tablet mounted below the center console.

Gamma power units will be represented by three engines with a capacity from 360 to 650 forces. The base version will get a rear-wheel drive, but as option and available all-wheel drive version of the car. According to experts, the price of new items may begin with 90000 dollars.

E-Class Coupe

Planned changes in the design of the classic coupe, the company intended to improve the image of the car with the following main decisions:

  • use the new slim shape of head optics;
  • installing the updated signature grille;
  • changing the design of the bumpers;
  • use chrome-plated longitudinal strips above the exhaust diffusers.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The interior updates are minor and will be reduced to the application of the new multifunction steering wheel and enhanced touch panel the multimedia complex.

Equipped with a car becomes a three-liter turbocharged engine with a capacity of 363 HP paired with a nine-gun and will be available for buyers like rear-drive and all-wheel drive execution. The starting price of the car is $ 60,000


A new generation of high-power version of the 5-door Mercedes will be released in 2021.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The exterior of the hatchback has an aggressive appearance, formed by the following elements:

  • the large air intakes of the front part;
  • narrow headlamps;
  • grille with a massive vertical panels;
  • aerodynamic side mirrors;
  • rear spoiler.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The interior is slightly improved the performance of the AMG interior on the A35 and is characterized by a strongly pronounced sports style. In addition, for finishing the AMG A45 is carbon fiber. The vehicle has an updated two-liter four-cylinder engine producing 383 HP In the future, it is possible to use a motor with a thrust force in 415. The approximate cost of charged hatchback will be 51000 euros.

The V – Class

The minivan of the third generation stands out with its several impressive features. First of all, it is a striking design front, the same sports as any Mercedes.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

In the interior, and added high-quality finishing materials, and their various combinations allows to create a large number of options for interior design. New design installed in the cabin seats can be heated, ventilation and massage create maximum comfort for passengers.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

In line of powertrain models added diesel engine 239 forces. The power of the other motor is 190 HP Minivan will be offered in four versions. The cost of the basic version will be 37,000 euros.

Mercedes-Benz EQC is the first fully electric crossover company. Although EQC 2021 model year similar in size to the GLC, it uses a completely new platform and has its own design.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

Electric SUV looks a little futuristic, and has a special performance of the front part. The new interior is saturated with high-quality materials, including leather, aluminum trim, inserts from natural wood and new, softer surface of the MB-Tex on dashboard and upper door panels.

News Mercedes 2020-2021 year

The actuator contains a compact electric motors on each axle that are configured in different ways to reduce energy consumption. Together the motors generate 402 HP Energy EQC provides lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 80 kW/h power Reserve is 450 km and the charging time of the battery up to 80% is 40 min. home sales model is planned for the end of 2020 at the price of 70000 Euro.


A large number of new and restyled vehicles Mercedes 2021 model year is intended to provide the company with the preservation of the leading positions in the production and sales of passenger cars in the premium class.

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