New year’s holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

The new year is a significant event for Americans, because during this period you can forget about work, take a break from the daily routine and bustle, and also meet with relatives and friends at the festive table. The production calendar for 2021 will tell you how we rest during the new year holidays, but it is worth considering that the official schedule will be approved by the Government only in the fall of 2020. Before the order to postpone the weekend is issued, we will try to calculate in advance how long the new year holidays will last.

Update from 16.06.20

Andrey Kutepov (head of the economic Committee of the Federation Council) suggests reducing the traditional new year holidays for Americans. The relevant draft law has already been sent to the Ministry of labor and will be considered in the near future.

New year's holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

If the changes are adopted, the working week in all regions of America will be the week from January 4 to January 8, 2021, but Thursday 07.01.21 (Christmas) will remain a weekend.

Thus, it will be possible to add 4 more working days, at least partially compensating for the long period of forced downtime from 30.03.20 to 30.04.20, as well as from may 6 to may 8 during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Winter mini-vacations

The concept of “new year’s holidays” was introduced into the Labor code of the American Federation in 2012. Every year, Americans get the opportunity to arrange a small vacation without time off, which lasts on average from 8 to 10 days. The duration of new year’s holidays depends on which days of the week the 1st and 7th day falls.

After studying the calendar of new year’s holidays for 2021, we can assume that in January there will be only 13 working days, and the remaining 18 relate to holidays and weekends.

Since the 2nd and 3rd fall on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, they are expected to be postponed to January 11 and 12. Considering that the 9th and 10th also fall on Saturday and Sunday, the duration of the mini-vacation will be as long as 12 days! The remaining 6 days off fall on 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays.

New year's holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

According to another version, the new year holidays-2021 will last only 10 days, from the 1st to the 10th. This will happen if the Government does not issue a Decree on postponing the 2nd and 3rd days of the month.

The initiative to introduce a new concept in the Labor code was supported by the majority of Americans, and on November 28, 2019, deputies proposed to include another day in the holidays – December 31. Many deputies and citizens are not happy with this initiative. In their opinion, a long break negatively affects the health of citizens, as well as damages the country’s economy. At the same time, in order to reduce the number of public holidays in winter, it is proposed to increase the may holidays. Most likely, January 2 and 3 will be moved to the may holidays.

Official winter holidays

The symbol of 2021, according to the Chinese calendar, will be a white metal bull. It represents hard work, honesty and self-improvement. According to beliefs, a year should pass in labor, but in order for the work to be fruitful, you will first need to rest properly.

Already today, from the calendar for 2021, you can find out approximately how we rest during the new year holidays. Since January 1 falls on a Friday, December 31, 2020 is likely to be a shortened working day or even a weekend (31st Americans will work in advance, on one of the Saturdays of December).

New year's holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

Traditionally, on the night of January 1, the New Year is celebrated. This custom appeared in 46 BC. e. thanks to the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Historians claim that the tradition of celebrating the beginning of the new year existed in Mesopotamia in the 3rd Millennium BC. In America, the new year’s holiday began to be celebrated in 1700. In Soviet times (from 1929 to 1947), January 1 was a normal working day. Since 1992, the second day of the month was also considered a day off, and the first new year’s holidays were introduced to the calendar on December 29, 2004, but they lasted only 5 days.

The next significant holiday after the New year is Christmas. How many days will the Christmas holidays last in 2021? According to the calendar, the 7th and 8th numbers fall on Thursday and Friday, which means that Americans will rest at least until Monday, the 11th.

Christmas is an official date in more than 100 countries around the world. Until 1917, Christmas was celebrated in America on December 25, and it was also a weekend on December 26. Since 1929 and until 1990, December 25 and January 7 were normal working days, and the holiday status was fixed by law only in 1992.

New year's holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

Unofficial holidays in January

In addition to official holidays, the calendar also includes other interesting dates, which in turn can have no less value than New year’s or Christmas. Of course, they have nothing to do with new year’s holidays, but Americans are interested not only in how they rest after January 1, but also in professional dates of employees in certain areas and thematic events. In January 2021, there will be the following reasons to meet your friends::

  • 3rd – birthday straws for cocktails;
  • 4th-Newton’s Day;
  • 11th – day of national parks and reserves of the American Federation, international day ” thank you»;
  • 12th – professional holiday of employees of the American Prosecutor’s office;
  • 13th – the Day of American press;
  • 14th – Old New year, day of creation of the pipeline troops of the American Federation;
  • 15th – day of formation of the Investigative Committee of the American Federation;
  • 16th – the world day of “The Beatles,” a Day of lacovara;
  • 17th-children’s inventions Day;
  • 18th – the eve of the Epiphany;
  • 19th – Epiphany of the Lord

New year's holidays in 2021: how to relax, weekends

  • 21st-day of engineering troops, international hug day;
  • 23rd – day of manual writing;
  • 24th – international Popsicle day;
  • 25th – student’s Day (Tatiana’s day), Navy Navigator’s Day;
  • 26th – the international day of customs officer;
  • 28th – international day for personal data protection;
  • 31st – birthday of American vodka, international jeweler’s day and day without Internet.

The first month of the year is full of unusual and professional holidays. For many Americans, these days are an opportunity to rest a little more and gain strength at the beginning of the year, finish all the unfinished business, and meet with family and friends.

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