New year’s eve on the Ground in 2021

Shooting new year’s eve 2021 on the First channel already in full swing. On the eve of a family holiday, the audience will traditionally gather at the TV screens in anticipation of the concert. The stars of the national stage once again surprised fans. Prepared a surprise well-known comedians, entertainers, athletes and even politicians. Who will participate in the concert? Will the New Year a real fairy tale?

The list of artists old and new songs

Without the Christmas lights it’s hard to imagine the night 2021. The tradition, which is followed ORT has been ongoing for 25 years. Concert will begin at 21.00 on 31 December and will end early morning of January 1 with a break for President of the country at 00.00. Leading Nikolai Baskov, Ivan Urgant, Dmitry Nagiyev and Alla Mikheeva will meet and congratulate the whole country with the holiday. They will be joined Maxim Galkin, Svetlana Zeynalov and Marina Kim. And then they will present numbers from famous artists.

The regulations of the festivities changed. Now you the audience choose who will perform on the stage. In social networks and on the official website of the First channel is the vote. New year’s eve on the first 2021 judging by the results from Vkontakte (VK) is a real surprise. Line leaders take Pets youth:

Inferior to them and a solid person show business: Philip Kirkorov, Larisa Dolina, Natasha Koroleva.

Kazakh nugget singer Dimash Kudaibergenov and popular composer and producer in one person, Igor Krutoy presented a new song and the clip. According to the artists, the project is incredible and Grand!

Sofia Rotaru in the new year’s eve 2021 on the Ground also will present on court of spectators the new video for "Music my love", filmed in time for the holiday. No cost and no became a hit of the new year song "White winter" performed by the singer. Ani Lorak and Svetlana Loboda will join us in congratulating international Rotaru. But the part of the prima Donna while no reliable data. They say that Alla Pugacheva refused to speak, and conducted the shooting was not seen.

New year's eve on the Ground in 2021

Have already confirmed their participation entertainers:

  • Leonid Agutin;
  • Angelika Varum;
  • Philip;
  • Lolita;
  • Irina Alegrova;
  • Yuri Antonov;
  • Soso Pavliashvili;
  • Dmitry Malikov;
  • Valery Meladze;
  • Vera Brezhneva;
  • Zara;

USAн as usual expect the unexpected duets, trios and quartets. For example, Vitas is preparing a Grand room with the choreographer of the Royal ballet of Britain, Sergei Polunin, known not only magnificent performances, but also a tattoo with the image of Vladimir Putin.

In the clip, the Billboard, which has already launched on the main TV channel of the Russian Federation, involved:

  • Sergey Lazarev;
  • Kristina Orbakaite;
  • Grigory Leps;
  • Dima Bilan;
  • Glucose.

Viewers will hear the good old hits from the 80s, 90s, zero. Soviet hits remember Lev Leshchenko, Edita, Tamara Gverdtsiteli.

New year's eve on the Ground in 2021

VIA and music groups come to congratulate the residents of USA with new compositions became hits works. Viewers will see and hear:

Valeria once again sing presented in 2020, the song "No chance."

Not done in the new year’s eve 2021 on the First channel and no other well-known singers:

  • Polina Gagarina;
  • Elena Vaenga;
  • Emin;
  • Stas Mikhailov.

Egor Krid has already started filming the fantastic rooms. The Duo Artik and Asti will delight in the beautiful winter composition. The infamous Sergey Shnurov also prepared a surprise.

New year's eve on the Ground in 2021

Music composition will be replaced by humorous scenes with the KVN, a parody of the main channel. Viewers are in for a surprise: the congratulations will be joined by well-known artists Comedy Club, invited from channel TNT.

Where the planned filming

Like last Christmas concert performances will be mounted on the stage of the Crocus city Hall in beautiful places :

  • Khodynka Park;
  • Manezh square;
  • Taganka;
  • Park "Charge";
  • Sparrow Hills;
  • Platforms, IDC.

For shooting videos invited participants "of the people", the main condition – bright clothes. Rooms off the well-known Directors of the country. Scenery, scenic base is left to chance!

Worth a look chic concert in the first night of the New 2021! It must be especially magical for everyone! To celebrate the holiday with your favorite artists doubly enjoyable.

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