New year’s corporate event 2021: cool scenarios | to celebrate the New year

Preparing for a new year’s corporate party requires careful preparation, and sometimes professional help. Each event Agency will offer many options for the new year’s corporate event in 2021 with cool scenarios and interesting plots. But if you ask this question in advance, even Amateurs can organize an equally fun and original holiday.

Subject area

First of all, you should decide on the theme of the new year’s corporate party. This is the most important and paramount question, as it will determine all further points that are not directly related to the scenario, but form the festive atmosphere and mood.:

  • invitations designed in the appropriate style;
  • decor and interior – in the decoration of a hall, cafe or other room where a holiday is held, you can use pictures or certain objects that echo the chosen theme;
  • costumes of the presenters and participants of the corporate event-this will allow all participants to feel like a single whole and get into the holiday theme even at the time of choosing costumes.;
  • menu and table setting – themed dishes and the nature of their decoration;
  • music and entertainment is a very important point that can be played in different ways (songs about the holiday, songs related to the industry in which the company or Corporation operates, songs with the names of corporate party participants, etc.).

When developing a scenario for corporations or work teams, it is a good idea to mention the industry or direction that these people are engaged in at work – this way, the scenario will be adapted to a specific group, to their interests, and will definitely cause a lively reaction.

New year's corporate event 2021: cool scenarios | to celebrate the New year

Scenario options

When choosing an option, you should not first pay attention to the age of the audience. A separate approach is justified only when it comes to the characters of modern cartoons. In all other cases, only contests will be adapted or slightly changed, and the main part will remain unchanged.

Symbol of the year

The traditional version is a scenario with the symbol of the year according to the Eastern calendar. In 2021, such an animal will be a Bull. A bull can be a presenter or Director (the person in the biggest position among those present at the new year’s holiday). If it is not the host, then you need to prepare in advance the elements of the image of the bull that will definitely fit – a mask, horns on a Hoop, etc.

The 12-year cycle

In this scenario, the arrival of the year of the Bull is played out, which now controls all other signs. If the team is large, then for competitions people can be divided into teams of different animals in the year of their birth (horse, dog, dragon, monkey, rooster, etc.). When the team is small, you can simply take one of the representatives of each sign.

New year's corporate event 2021: cool scenarios | to celebrate the New year

The farm

The scenario in which the action takes place on a farm can be fun and fun. Of course, the Bull will remain the key person, but the rest of the animals will give room for contests. Each participant may be puzzled by the goal of showing a certain animal (for this purpose, they write names on pieces of paper in advance, which other guests will not see). “The chicken dance”, “Thirty three cows”, “there once was a black cat around the corner”, “Three merry goose”, “there once was a grandmother gray goat”, “Bird of happiness for tomorrow,” “I’m a little horse”, etc. – these songs can be staged to sing karaoke or to remember the two teams as a lot of these songs with the names of Pets.

Spanish style

Bullfighting is a place where the Bull plays a major role. Of course, at the new year’s corporate party, he will not become a victim of bullfighters, but will dance and make everyone around him laugh. For this occasion, guests are offered to dress in a red and black palette, which looks very good in the photos that can be taken during the holiday.

Men can easily be “turned” into Spaniards by wearing red neckerchiefs, and women can be turned into Spaniards by giving them fans and putting hairpins with red flowers in their hair. It will be fun to name people according to the Spanish names on the signs or badges-Pedro, Raul, Fernando, Jose, Juanita, Conchita, Catalina. Already addressing each other in such an unusual and pompous way, the guests will laugh.

Detective story

At the new year’s corporate party, you can safely play a detective story. For example, someone killed time to prevent the New year from coming. Despite the fact that the theme is not new, but the detective theme will breathe new life into it.

To add a touch of spice, the murder can be arranged like this: the lights go out abruptly and a shot is fired (the main thing is to make sure that all participants have strong nerves, or replace the shot with a recorded version that sounds quiet).

The guests ‘ task is to find the culprit. To do this, they can be divided into teams of “Hercule Poirot” and “Mrs. Marple”, “Conan Doyle” and “Agatha Christie” by gender. Hints to solve the mystery will come across during the evening. The presenter issues the first ones immediately, while the rest appear gradually. The search for “evidence” takes place in a playful way.

New year's corporate event 2021: cool scenarios | to celebrate the New year

Contests for finding hints can include:

  • guessing from children’s photos of corporate party participants;
  • a collection of puzzles from the photos on speed;
  • the solving of the owner in his small things, etc.

In the end, it turns out that the killer was Santa Claus, who does not want to do his job and deliver gifts in the cold during the new year holidays. He will be called, forgiven, and persuaded to return to his duties. You can collectively draw a new clock that guarantees the arrival of the holiday. The task becomes more complicated, and the result looks funnier if the “artists” are blindfolded.

Star scenario

This scenario will be appropriate both for a corporate event and for a family holiday at home or with relatives. For such a celebration, all guests must appear in the image of famous actors or singers. At first glance, it may seem that this is quite difficult, but the main thing is to show imagination. Children are very enthusiastic in this regard.

It is enough to beat the only, but the brightest feature of the selected star. For example, in order to portray Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can “make” biceps from wrapped towels, and the image of Kim Kardashian is easily embodied with a small pillow tied in the butt area, etc.

It will be very fun to guess the created images. If this is not possible just like that, then the “star” can give hints: what is it famous for, what is known to everyone present. The star scenario allows you to organize the distribution of medals to everyone who takes part in the holiday. Moreover, you can note not the achievements of an actor or singer, but the person himself, indicate what he has achieved over the past year. You can interview each character and arrange a photo shoot.

New year's corporate event 2021: cool scenarios | to celebrate the New year

“Baba Yaga doesn’t mind!»

You can organize a classic holiday, in the scenario of which there will be the usual traditional characters-Santa Claus, snow maiden, Baba Yaga, Snowman, etc. All these characters do not lose their relevance for many years, and adults at corporate parties show miracles of unity when they loudly call the main characters-Santa Claus and the snow maiden.

Such an action must be accompanied by contests and entertainment:

  • “To the world-the world”. All participants should hug as tightly as possible. To do this, you can use not only your hands, but also your feet. It should be remembered that not everyone is ready to participate in such a competition, so it is suitable for small groups where everyone knows each other well.
  • “Caricature of a friend”. Several people take sheets of paper and pencils and draw a cartoon of someone present. The others should guess who is depicted.
  • “Toast”. Each participant must come up with a toast in which most of the words begin with the first letter of their name.
  • “Vowels”. You need to sing a song, skipping all consonants. It’s more fun when a team sings like this, not just one person.
  • “The nose”. In the photo of Santa Claus with a blindfold, you need to glue a plasticine nose and attach a plasticine staff.

In any case, you need to remember that if something goes off script, but all the fun, it is not necessary to forcibly return it to plan. You can return to it after some time. If people want to dance instead of participating in competitions, let them dance, and you can return to the entertainment program a little later. After all, the main thing is not the exact observance of the script, but a great mood at the corporate party.

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