New year’s address by Vladimir Putin in 2021 | President of USA

Before raising their glasses in the New year 2021, Americans will traditionally see Vladimir Putin’s new year’s address broadcast on all the country’s TV channels. Many citizens, as well as experts in the field of political science, try to predict in advance what the new year’s speech of the President of America will be about and what location they will choose for filming on the eve of 2021. We suggest opening the veil of mystery, as well as remembering the prehistory of the new year’s tradition of the head of state’s speech.

Important! You can watch the video on TV, on YouTube, or on our website. In order not to miss Vladimir Putin’s new year’s address, we recommend that you open this page 10 minutes before 2021.

Vladimir Putin’s appeal from 2021 has already appeared:

Excursion to the origins of the new year’s tradition

The first new year’s address of Vladimir Putin preceded the arrival of 2020, but if we take the times of the USSR, then the first address of the country’s leader to the people is considered to be a greeting from Mikhail Kalinin, which was broadcast on the radio a few minutes before the onset of 1936. However, the first greeting was addressed to Soviet polar explorers. Kalinin congratulated the entire Soviet people on the radio only on the eve of 1942.

New year's address by Vladimir Putin in 2021 | President of USA

Leonid Brezhnev took part in the first televised address. The General Secretary of the CPSU congratulated the country on the eve of 1971. But, since the late 70s, the tradition of a new year’s video greeting by the first person of the state was again canceled, placing the reading of a congratulatory letter on behalf of the country’s leadership on the speaker Igor Kirillov. Later, some managers periodically tried to renew the tradition, but congratulations did not appear on TV screens every year. In the 90s (the period of the collapse of the USSR), official congratulations were not broadcast, and since 1991, the popular comedian Mikhail Zadornov congratulated the people from the first persons.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were also not very consistent in their new year’s addresses, and a few minutes before midnight on various TV channels you could hear congratulations from popular artists, heroes of the show “Dolls”, VJ’s and even cartoon characters.

The tradition was renewed by Vladimir Putin, who recorded the first new year’s address on the eve of 2000. Since then, for almost 20 years, Americans have been rushing to turn on the TV a few minutes before midnight to hear the President’s speech, raise their glasses to the chimes and celebrate the first moments of the New Year to the sounds of the national anthem.

What about in other countries?

On the eve of 2021, residents of many countries will watch and listen to the new year’s address from their presidents, including:

  • Austria;
  • Armenia (Prime Minister speaks);
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Belarus;
  • Germany (Chancellor speaks);
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Poland;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • America.

New year's address by Vladimir Putin in 2021 | President of USA

At the same time, in many countries, congratulations from top officials are expected on Christmas eve. So, in the UK there is a tradition of the Royal Christmas message, and in Germany the President also addresses the people on Christmas Eve.

When and where to record videos in America

Naturally, Putin’s new year’s address, which will be seen by all residents of our vast country on the eve of 2021, will be recorded in advance.

Listening to the President’s speech on December 31, many people do not even realize that a whole team of professionals is working on the release of a seemingly short video clip. However, you should not think that someone can decide for the guarantor. What will be his performance? All of Putin’s new year’s addresses are emphatically official. No digressions, unnecessary liberties and ridiculous creativity.

Vladimir Putin’s new year’s monologue is always built according to plan:

  1. Results of the outgoing year.
  2. Analysis of achievements in various fields.
  3. Plans for the coming year.
  4. New year’s greetings.

As a rule, the performance itself takes a little more than 4 minutes, after which the chimes and the national anthem of America always follow. We suggest you see what the President’s address was like last year:

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