New year promo Coca-Cola 2020-2021 year

The traditional Christmas campaign of Coca-Cola – the opportunity to combine a pleasant experience and useful gifts. In late 2020 – early 2021 you can not just a drink but and get nice Souvenirs, reminiscent of the upcoming holidays. The company offers everyone who wants to feel like Santa and give gifts not only to themselves but also to their family and friends.

How to participate

New year promo Coca-Cola with the slogan “Be a Santa – dari magic” formally launched, 11 November 2020 and will be valid till 4 January 2021. Participation conditions remain unchanged:

  • To buy the products of Coca-Cola with a special Christmas design (details about promotional items below).
  • Collect promotional caps. Directly on top of each specified number of points depending on the type and volume of the bottle with a drink. They need to save up until you typed in the amount to be exchanged for the desired gift.
  • Exchanging at special points the points for the selected prize.

What products to buy

All promotional items are marked with special labels and case Christmas design. Another mandatory attribute is the inscription “#Be Santa”. Therefore, when buying you need to carefully take the goods from the shelves in the store, in order not to get frustrated when it turns out that the drink is “inappropriate”.

The products of the Coca-Cola company in cans does not participate in the promotion season winter 2021.

Promotional caps with the points you can get for buying in PET packaging of Coca-Cola (including Zero, Cherry, Vanilla, cinnamon), Fanta (Citrus, Pear, Orange with vitamin C) or Sprite. To Orient the score that will result from the purchase of each unit of the beverage can according to the scheme:

  • 4 points – for a volume of 0.5 l;
  • 5 points – for the amount of from 0.9 to 2 l

New year promo Coca-Cola 2020-2021 year

What you can get

To receive the prize, you need to gather up the caps of the products of Coca-Cola for a certain amount of points. It will determine the choice of gifts that are somehow connected with the theme of New year and Christmas. Among the options that are offered for participation in the campaign of 2021:

  • Glass c logo of the company (25 points). There are three options for new year’s design, so the biggest fans of Coca-Cola will be able to collect the full collection and even several instances of the same type, enough for all your friends.
  • “Magic” the ball (40 points) that can be socks with one of three options of Christmas designs or a discount coupon for 500 rubles in the network of shops “YOUR” when you purchase Coca-Cola products in the amount of 1500 RUB.
  • Cozy winter set with hat, mittens and a scarf done in the red-green scheme (65 points). The most expensive gift to the same will be available only in shops of a network “the Magnet”.

An additional condition in the exchange caps for a set of winter – the presence of at least one check of the “Magnit”, where the list of purchases will be attending the promotional products of Coca-Cola.

Perhaps a photo of the gifts on the stock 2021 will help you decide which one you will want to obtain from the Coca-Cola company in the first place

New year promo Coca-Cola 2020-2021 year

Just a Christmas promotion 2020-2021 year, the company offers participants 800,000 gifts. More than half of them (500 000) accounted for the glasses. Christmas socks will be 100 000 and coupon codes – 200 000. The prize, which can be inside the ball, to choose not be able to remain to rely on their luck. How much it will warm accessories not specified. But judging by the fact that this is an exclusive offer from store “Magnet”, a large number is unlikely to count. The earlier you ask for prizes, the better.

Where to go

To exchange the caps on guaranteed prizes are open specialized points (often referred to as CVP or the Centers of distribution of prizes) in different cities of the country. The location and timing of treatment depend on the desired goal:

  • 21 Nov 2020 should go to PCC, are open in stores, “Your”, if the purpose of the exchange will be “magic” bowls or glasses.
  • From December 9, 2020, you can contact the CVP, located shops of a network “Magnet”, if the caps want to get a winter set with hat.

The location of the CVP, the time and the availability of desired prizes can be clarified by phone number 8 (495) 956-55-22. For information on other cities in the USA should contact the toll free number 8-800-200-22-22.

Guaranteed gifts from the Coca-Cola company you can get up to 4 January 2021. It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the campaign to pass the caps. The prizes can be received only under condition of their availability at the point of issuance. Accordingly, it is better not to wait too long before sharing, otherwise your desired things can go faster “collectors”. In addition, in one day, and overall for the period of the new year event for one participant may be issued more than 3 prizes. If you wish to get more will have to involve trips to points of delivery other members of the family or friends.

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