New year events in 2021

New year celebrations bring in more joy and fun if you take part in specially prepared activities. On the eve of New year in 2021 will be held many performances, fairs, concerts, shows, so that everyone will find fun to taste! The main thing you need to plan your schedule to visit at least one of them. This will help the schedule of upcoming events, which has all the necessary information: date, time, place, cost.

Events for children and their parents

Parents are first and foremost trying to organize a holiday for children, and almost no one misses an opportunity to bring their child on some kind of Christmas performance. After all, the kids especially love these events. Adults, too, will be interesting!

Ice Show “the Sleeping beauty”

This is another ice musical from Tatiana Navka, whose works are famous for their entertainment and a magnificent setting. Professional skaters, artists, musicians and the best vocal performance takes you into the magical world of fairy tales, and will compliment all the realistic special effects. The one who saw the last show of the grooves – “Ruslan and Lyudmila” and “the Scarlet flower”, know what was going on.

On “Sleeping beauty” you can safely go as small and adult. The premiere of the musical will be held on 29 December 2020, and the last session will be January 7, 2021. Venue: sports Palace “Megasport”, Khodynsky Boulevard, 3. The average ticket price is about 3000 rubles.

New year events in 2021

Science shows MSU

Science shows MSU is the opportunity to combine business and leisure. You expect a 2 hour science show and experiments with liquid nitrogen, chemicals, dry ice, electricity (Tesla-show) and much more! Children will be able to participate in experiments, and in the end all will receive a certificate of completion of a young scientist. All will be held in the spirit of the New year, with a Christmas tree, gifts and greetings.

To attend the event individually and also group. The ticket price is 3000 RUB. (child + accompanying adult). Each additional adult ticket costs 1500 rubles. For organized groups of 20 persons and the conditions are a little different: a ticket for each child will cost 2000 rubles Every 10 children may accompany 1 adult. Those who want to be on the show group must register through the official website Others can buy tickets online or at the ticket offices of the city.

Date: 21 December 2020 8 January 2021. Age is 5-14 years. The event takes place at the University. At Lomonosov Leninskie Gory d.1.

New year events in 2021

Christmas tree

Among the Christmas events, which will be held in honor of the New 2021, today for kids have these options:

  • With 14.12.19 at 12.01.20 in the Gallery of Alexander Shilov will be possible to attend the performance “Tale of friendship” for children from 3 to 8 years. In addition to the tales, the audience is waiting for the master class, circus and special game play. Children will receive a disc with fairy tales, and still be able to take a picture with Santa Claus and snow Maiden. All it will cost 2-2,5 thousand rubles.
  • In the first month of winter from 28-30th in the theatre “Russian song” (Olympic Ave., 14) will show the musical “the Night before Christmas” based on the novel by N. V. Gogol. For the repose of the be prepared musical accompaniment, and the vocal parts will be performed by stars of Russian vocal. Also on stage the audience will see the show-ballet “Living planet” and the ensemble “American seasons”. Duration of performance – 2 hours. Invited adults and kids from 6 years. Tickets cost from 500 rubles.
  • At the Moscow international house of music (Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52) before the New year will put the ballet “the Nutcracker”. It’s all the favorite and famous story of “sparkle” in new ways in the performance of the dancers of the theater Kasatkina and Vasilyov. The presentation will take place on 8, 28 and 29 December 2020. Ticket price – 900-1500 RUB.
  • Those who want an original sight, you can visit the show on the water “the little Mermaid. Parallel worlds”, which will be held on the territory of water stadium “Dinamo” (Leningrad highway., 39 p. 53). Date: 27 December 2020 to 6 January 2021. Tickets cost from 600 rubles.

New year events in 2021

Metropolitan fairs, exhibitions and festivals

Good option for budget stay for the holidays – fair or festival. We can say that this is a free event, as for the input in most cases do not need to pay, and to buy something not necessary. But you can have fun, see a lot of entertaining and make a memorable photo.

  1. GUM fair. Opens 30 Nov 2020 near the Kremlin at Red square 3. The fair will enjoy the traditional American dishes, buy gifts and Souvenirs. Also visitors will be songs, dances, competitions, rides, performances of creative groups and much more!
  2. Fair at ENEA. Also a traditional fair, which will run from mid-December to Christmas. In wooden houses-chalets will be sold all sorts of holiday paraphernalia, Handicrafts, sweets. As an option – you can make a gastronomic tour and taste the dishes of world cuisines: Armenian, Greek, French, etc. admission is free. A similar fair is held in Sokolniki Park. It opens in mid-December and runs until 10 January. The organizers of the event usually staged various theatrical performances, competitions, and other entertainment.
  3. “Journey to Christmas”. It is a festival that covers all areas . Since the second half of December, streets, roads and buildings of the city turns into a big fantasy exposure. The focus is on the most popular platforms: Tverskaya, Manezh Arbat, Park them. Gorky. The festival will last a month.
  4. “Ice” on Poklonnaya hill. The festival starts in late 2020 and lasts until mid-January. Its main feature – the ice sculpture and snow castle and ice slides where you can ride. Entrance fee –250 RUB.

New year events in 2021

Please note that throughout the capital held more than 50 such events.

Concerts and themed tours

Music lovers may want to visit during the festivities in some kind of musical concert. At the moment there are such proposals:

  • “Organ fantasy world: Hogwarts and Lord of the rings”. It’s a concert where you will hear the soundtracks of my favorite movies “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the rings” performed by the state orchestra. The music will add sand animation, and excerpts from books read Alexander Oleshko. It is very difficult to present in words, you just see. A magical concert will be held at the Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky 2.01.2021. Cost – from 1800 RUB.
  • “ABBA-show”. January 5 in the walls of the Mosconcert on a Gun., 4, p. 2 will feature hits by the legendary group ABBA in the academic arrangement. The lyrics are visualized with the help of sand animation. Tickets can be purchased for 1800 rubles.

Guests of the capital, and possibly by the Muscovites will be interesting to explore. During the new year holidays the travel agencies offer several directions, for example:

  • “Lights of Christmas “. Embark on a three-hour bus tour through the main squares and the evening streets of the capital. The guide will tell you interesting facts from the history of the city and its legends. The final destination will be the exhibition of ice sculptures. Tours are held on with 28.12.19 8.01.2021. Ticket price – 950 rubles.
  • “Polar area of the Moscow region”. If you want to find yourself in a winter fairytale, then this tour is for you. Walk with deer in the snowy woods, sledding, drinking tea in a genuine Yurt is only part of the program. The races begin with 21.12.2020 year, and 28.03.2021 end of the year. The farm is 30-40 minutes drive , the fare is included in the ticket price.

New year events in 2021 New year events in 2021 New year events in 2021

While this list is not complete. In the fall or early winter become aware of other events.

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