New year Bank deposits in 2021

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, banks do not change the traditions, running for their current and potential customers deposits special conditions. In 2021 there are different programs that allow you to choose the most suitable investment option.

Offered by banks

To attract maximum number of investors in 2021 banking institutions offer higher interest rates, but often impose additional restrictions on the minimum amount, the possibility of replenishment and partial withdrawal.


From the 2nd of December 2020 in the savings Bank you can open one of the two kinds of new year’s contributions:

New year bonus (up to 15 January 2021)

Rate, %Min. amount, RUB.Time, months.
4,8550 0004-8

Best start (to 31 January 2021)

Rate, %Min. amount, RUB.Time, months.
Five50 000Six

New year Bank deposits in 2021
A registration Deposit “Best start” is not available to citizens, who in the period October 20, 2018-20 Nov 2021 gg used the basic Deposit, programs or seasonal promotional deposits, timed to coincide with important events (“Red carnation”, “Memory and pride” “Green day”, etc.).

VTB Bank

Until 31 December 2020 can be issued on special conditions, the Deposit on the program “Time of growth”. And cheaper to do it through the app VTB online to get higher rates. The owners of “Multicard” can increase the yield by activating the option “Savings” provided that the spending on the card more than 5000 RUB.

Rate, %Min. amount, RUB.Time
The DepartmentOnline
Of 5.78 to 5.85-Of 5.93-6.0 mm30 000180 days
Of 5.41-5.55 a5,55-5,7380 days

NBD Bank

Up to 31 January 2021 at NDB Bank, you can open the contribution “Christmas” of one of two types: income or accumulation. The first provides for monthly accrual and payment of interest, the second only at the end of the term of the contract.

New year Bank deposits in 2021

Rate, %Min. the amountTime, months.
5,55,7530 000Four


Through February 29, 2021 are available on the contribution of “Good+” It features – the inability to Deposit and debit transactions, stair accrual of interest.

New year Bank deposits in 2021

RateAmount, RUB.Time, days
%Period, daysMin.Max.
8,51-10030 00015 millionSeven hundred

If there are other deposits in the “Zenith” rates for “Successful+” will be reduced by 0.25 p. p.

All-Russia regional development Bank in the period December 2, 2020 January 15, 2021, offers its clients to issue the “new year bonus” on the following conditions:

Rate, %Min. amount, RUB.Time, days
6,1520 000181-270

To open a Deposit is not necessary to visit Bank office. The entire procedure can go on the website, in Internet banking or using the mobile app.


Another option for new year’s contribution – “Frosty patterns”, this can be done remotely or through a branch of the Bank until February 28, 2021. Interest will be paid at the end of the term of the contract, and to replenish the account for 100 days before its end.

Rate, %Min. amount, RUB.Time, days
The 4.7 and 5.5Three thousand31-367

Investors who have benefited from the offer, you can open a current account with a free map: “the Golden” (by investing from 3000 RUB, up to 1.5 million) and “Premium” (for deposits of more than 1.5 million RUB)

New year Bank deposits in 2021

Other suggestions

Deposit offers for the New 2021 offer other banks:

NameRate, %Min. the amountTime
Alfa-Bank“Even higher”Of 5.93-6.0 mm50 0006 months.31.12.2020
Of 5.94 and 6.112 months.
Mail Bank“The new year”6,2100 000275 days30.01.2021
Credit Bank of Moscow“Christmas dreams”7,750 000Three hundred ninety five
Rosselkhozbank“Profitable”Seven10 000 RUB.1093 day31.12.2020
BKS Bank“Growing”6,0530 000 RUB.1 year31.01.2021
“Zenit”“Good+”7,1%30 000 RUB.700 days29.02.2021
SDM Bank“Three comrades”6.4 and 7.3100 000 rubles.181, 367 days31.12.2020
Of 1.55 to 2.25$ 1,000.
Zemsky Bank“Municipal revenue”6,9OneOne hundred sixty31.12.2020
MTS Bank“In your favor”6,7550 000 rubles.Three hundred sixty seven31.01.2021
Revival“Warm relations”6,12-6,230 000One hundred eighty one
6,27-6,45Three hundred sixty seven

New year Bank deposits in 2021

What to pay attention

Choosing a Christmas deposits from banks and other cities in the country need to carefully study the conditions offered in the 2020-2021 year. Among the possible pitfalls:

  • Issuance of additional banking products (often, this insurance policies are health or life). Their use may be a prerequisite to open a contribution for a special offer, so you should evaluate the need for additional product in your case.
  • The inability to replenish the account or withdraw money before the end of the term of the contract that may be for some the determining factor in the selection and significantly reduce the attractiveness of such a proposal.
  • Restrictions on the amount of your investment. Many banking institutions set a large minimum investment, so not everyone will be able to take advantage of the seasonal offer.
  • Unfavorable renewal terms. Some banks offer automatic connection, which should be abandoned. In addition, it is important not to miss a moment in time and transfer the funds to another Deposit or to withdraw them.

According to experts, seasonal (including Christmas) offers of banks on deposits every year is almost equal terms with the regular products in terms of interest rates. Sometimes the difference is several tenths of a percent, so it makes no sense to deliberately wait for a special promotion. But the special terms of deposits 2021 can be a nice bonus, when “suddenly” appear a large sum of money that needs to be stored somewhere (for example, after the expiry of the previous Deposit or refraining from major purchases, which long going means).

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