New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

In 2018, the Telegraph, an authoritative British publication, included the winter festive events of the American capital in the top ten in the world. New year’s fairs in New-York in 2021-2022 will not be an exception – more than seventy of them will open in the metropolis. They will be open until mid-January (some – until the end of January or the beginning of February).

The most visited locations are located in the center of New-York – near the Kremlin walls, on Tverskaya street, VDNKH, Gum, TSUM. Every year, event organizers try to surprise visitors with the atmosphere of fairy tales, magic, interesting contests and unexpected surprises.

At the Kremlin walls

Slender rows of wooden houses will appear on red square in early December and will welcome guests until January 15-18. The Kremlin fair is the largest in America. There are several thousand pavilions on its territory, where you can buy everything you want:

  • Christmas trees;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • gifts;
  • Souvenirs;
  • much more.

American matryoshka dolls, bath brooms, Orenburg shawls, Gzhel and other national Souvenirs are in the greatest demand among foreign tourists.

Treats at the fair are also originally American: pancakes with caviar, pies, Mead, pickles, jams, dried fruits, tea from a American samovar. The winter Bazaar is noisy and fun even on new year’s eve, so you can meet the onset of 2021 in the open air.

New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

Address: New-York, Kremlevskaya square.

Another popular new year’s fair in New-York will open its doors to visitors closer to mid-December 2021 (the organizers will publish the exact dates and opening hours later) at the address: 3 Red square.

This is the building of Gum, a Department store that has long been a tourist attraction. Visitors visit it at least as often as Red square.

The fair will feature more than 60 trade pavilions, carousels for children, photo zones, and a Christmas market. Each pavilion is themed, and you can buy in it:

  1. Donuts.
  2. Felt boots.
  3. Hats with earflaps.
  4. Sausages.
  5. Pasties.
  6. Warm clothes.
  7. Souvenirs for the memory of New-York.
  8. Dulevsky porcelain.
  9. Samovars.
  10. Blacksmith Souvenirs and much more.

Several times a day they organize theatrical performances with the participation of Santa Claus, snow Maiden and other fairy-tale characters beloved by children and adults.

New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

In Gum, there is the same famous fountain where people make appointments. This is the only fountain that works in the capital in winter. The main ice rink of the country opens in front of the Department store.

In TSUM, the new year’s fair 2021-2022 will open in the last week of November. You will be able to visit it until 23 hours on December 31. The locations are located on the 5th floor of the Central New-York Department store. It sells tens of thousands of products, including handmade items. It takes a few hours to see all of them, so it’s best to plan a visit to the winter Bazaar in advance. The pride of the fair in TSUM is exclusive Christmas toys and Souvenirs with the symbol of the year. Each wooden Nutcracker, candle, crystal animal, painted balls – a work of art that is of artistic value.

There are also works of foreign masters – French, Italians, Germans.

TSUM is located at: Petrovka street, 2. Landmark-metro stations “Teatralnaya”, “Okhotny Ryad”, “Kuznetsky Most”.

New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

On New year’s eve, festive pavilions will also appear at VDNKH. Approximately the fair will open in December 20 and will last until January 12-14. Opening hours – up to 22-23 hours, on new year’s eve – up to 3 o’clock in the morning.

The square will be decorated with cute fir trees, under which visitors will be able to make a wish. Then you need to write it on a magic card and attach it to the wish tree. They say that most of the plans come true. But even if it doesn’t come true, romantics will love the very atmosphere of the VDNKH fair.

The assortment on the shelves in fairy houses is also impressive, especially the presents made by folk craftsmen especially for the holiday. Such a variety of wooden carved snowflakes, stars, handmade sweets and gingerbread, painted candles can not be found anywhere in New-York.

Guests can enjoy international cuisine at the hotel. Friendly vendors compete to offer Armenian grill, Georgian shish kebab, French croissants, Greek gyros, Hong Kong waffles, Vologda sweets, Chinese tea and dozens of other delicacies. The chefs will also delight you with the famous dishes of American cuisine.

New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

A stage for performances by artists, dance and song groups will be installed at VDNKH. And on the square in front of the Central pavilion, the organizers promise to install caskets and teremas filled with”treasures”. These treasures will be mittens, hats, shawls made of natural sheep wool, toys made of wood.

On Tverskaya Street

The traditional winter fair will also take place on Tverskaya street, one of the most beautiful streets in the capital. The highlight of this place is the luxurious illumination. Every year, decorators and lighting designers surpass themselves to delight citizens and tourists with fantastic lighting effects.

Numerous cabins will host workshops, shows and other activities for children and adults. Several stages will be installed here for concerts, performances and sports competitions. Everyone will be able to lead round dances, as in childhood. On Tverskaya street, everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Bright holiday goods are also visible and invisible here.

On the night from December 31 to January 1, festive festivities are traditionally held here. With the advent of The new year, the fair fun does not end – it continues until Christmas.

There will be about 100 art objects and photo zones on Tverskaya street. Here you can make a festive souvenir, pack a new year’s gift or cook an overseas delicacy with your own hands and even play intellectual games.

New year and Christmas fairs in New-York in 2021 | addresses

It is convenient to get here by metro – to the stations “Tverskaya”, “Okhotny Ryad”, “Pushkinskaya”, “Chekhovskaya”.

Sokolniki stadium

On Christmas eve, a traditional Christmas fair will gather friends in New-York’s Sokolniki Park. Here you can buy original clothes, including felt boots, earflaps and jackets, admire exclusive jewelry, treat yourself to delicious food and warm up with grog, mulled wine or punch.

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