New year and Christmas fairs in 2021

Christmas fair is not just a place for shopping, it is a platform where you can watch theatrical performances and enjoy the fireworks, themed workshops, to try festive treats and much more. On the eve of the offensive in 2021 will open several dozen new year’s and Christmas fairs.


Annually a large number of traditional fairs, where residents and visitors can not only buy Souvenirs for yourself and gifts for loved ones, but also a fun and exciting time.

On red square

“GUM – Yarmarka” is one of the most anticipated. Dozens of wooden houses mounted near the Kremlin where you can buy Souvenirs in the Russian style (dolls, boots, scarves, mittens, earflaps) and to taste dishes of national cuisine (pancakes, pies, cakes, dumplings, Mead, etc.). But, most importantly, prevailing in this event is a magical holiday atmosphere, which is created by contests, songs and dances.

Date: 30 Nov 2020.

Address: Red square 3.

  • by metro: station “Teatralnaya”, “Okhotny Ryad”, “Revolution Square”;
  • by bus: warhead, 41, M5, N3, M2.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021


Another very popular Christmas fair opens the doors to ENEA. Under the tents-allocate the area in front of the Central pavilion. Traditionally, you can buy various achievements of the national economy, and enjoy sumptuous food.

Date: 20 Dec 2020.

Address: Prospekt Mira, home ownership 119.

  • by metro: station “ENEA”;
  • by bus: M9, T13, 15, 33, 56, 76, 85, 93, 136, 154, 172, 195, 244, 266, 311, 378, 379, 496, 533, 544, 834, 803, 903, N6;
  • on the bus: 14, 36, 73, 76;
  • by tram: 11, 17, 25.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021

In Sokolniki

One of the largest Christmas fairs takes place in the exhibition center “Sokolniki”. Guests can purchase everything you need in order to perfectly meet 2021 and to please loved ones with gifts, and charged a great mood. The program of the event – dance around the Christmas tree, riding the carousel, songs, and tasting winter drink.

Date: 20 Dec 2020.

Address: Sokolnichesky Val, 1.

  • by metro: metro “Sokolniki”;
  • by bus: 618, 735, 716, 12, 84, 265, Т86;
  • on the bus: 41;
  • by tram: 11.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021

On Tverskaya

In the best tradition of Christmas markets, the event takes place on Tverskaya. For a few days, the street becomes a space for public festivals with stalls where you can buy gifts to relatives, to taste different dishes and drinks, participate in competitions and winter fun, to watch theatrical performances.

Address: Tverskaya street, 13.

  • by metro: station “Tverskaya square”;
  • by bus: 964, 144, M1, M6, 905, 37, 907.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021

At the Revolution square

Unusual format, the event takes place each year at the New year’s eve in Revolution square. Here, in addition to the traditional for this kind of festivities the day you can take the etiquette lesson, learn about good manners, to participate in small talk.

  • by metro: station “Revolution Square”, metro station “Teatralna” station “Okhotny Ryad”;
  • by bus: Т86, 850, 243, 1, 144.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021

In Tsaritsyno

At the end of each year, the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” welcomes Muscovites and guests of the capital a unique event. During the event, you can purchase Christmas toys and Souvenirs, and taste of Kolomna pastila and to try gingerbread. In addition, the programme skiing the mountains, skiing, singing, dancing, and even travel by dog and/or reindeer.

Address: street Dolsky, d.1.

  • by metro: station “Tverskaya square”;
  • by bus: 680, 796, 182, 37, 221, 235, 671, 668.

New year and Christmas fairs in 2021


The above events are held annually. However, in anticipation of the holiday in the capital opened dozens of new sites where you can buy decorations, gifts and treats on the table.


In 2018, the fair was held in the creative quarter of Vernissage. Guests were able to purchase handmade masterpieces and uncommon winter sweets (gingerbread, jam from cones, etc.), as well as to participate in games, contests and quizzes. The organizers plan to repeat a similar event on the eve of 2021, but the exact dates have not been announced yet.

Address: Izmailovskoe shosse, 73ZH.

Dream House

Many people gathered last new year’s festival in the shopping center Dream House for kids and adults. Saturated show-program program, a lot of trade offers, interesting workshops – all this and much more did not leave anyone indifferent. That is why this year it is expected something similar, but only bigger.

Address: Odintsovskiy R-n, der. Barvikha, d. 85/1.


Already from the name itself it is clear that at this fair you can buy a lot of creative things for yourself and as a gift. Jewelry, décor items, design plates and dishes are just a small list of what could be pampered guests past the 2018 event. But to attend this event cost for the master classes. The organizers promised that in December 2020 will be similar celebrations.

Address: Tverskaya St., 7.

This is only a small part is scheduled for 2021 new year and Christmas fairs in . Fortunately, most of them will be ready to welcome guests for a few weeks. This means that you will not have to make a difficult choice – where to go and which area to leave without his attention.

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