New year address of Vladimir Putin in 2021

For more than 15 years there is a tradition in the last minutes of the year to watch new year’s address of the President of the USA, will be no exception and new year’s eve in 2021 – find out what will be the speech of Vladimir Putin at this time.

Video new year speech, the President also can be viewed 31 December, by visiting our website 10 minutes before the New Year.

The official new year address of Vladimir Putin in 2021:

The tradition of new year address to the nation

Presidential new year’s address, which is expected in 2021, the inhabitants of many countries, a relatively young tradition. With the TV screens, people congratulate the President and other senior officials in the U.S. and the DPRK, Germany and Austria, Ukraine and Belarus.

New year address of Vladimir Putin in 2021

In countries where it is still preserved the monarchy, the new year’s speech record kings and Queens. For example, in the UK citizens annually congratulates Queen Elizabeth II, but unlike our presidential, this video is broadcast in the Canon of Christmas.

The history of greetings of the people from the top management in the USA and other post-Soviet countries has its roots in the Soviet period. On the eve of the 1936 Kalinin first recorded radio address to the explorers, who congratulated them with the coming of the New Year, and on 31 December 1941, he turned on the radio to all the people of the USSR. In subsequent years, not all leaders supported the tradition, and from the late 70’s speech on behalf of the management on 31 December was read by the speaker Igor Kirilov.

The first video message in the USSR was shown on television on 31 December 1982 and the people congratulated the 81-year-old Vladimir Kuznetsov. This greeting was the beginning of a tradition that in 2021 adheres to the current head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

New year address of Vladimir Putin in 2021

As when recording video

Over the choice of location and format of the speech has a whole team of specialists, as in other matters and any other statement or press conference of the government. Although the opinion of the speaker, of course, taken into account. So, if in many countries the result of the attempts of creative media teams were speeches of presidents in the family and even cuddling with Pets, the new video of Vladimir Putin are always emphasized formal.

According to tradition, the monologue of the President includes:

  • summing up the year;
  • analysis of achievements in the spheres of economy, social policy, science and sports.
  • introduction people with upcoming reforms;
  • pre-new year’s greetings.

New year address of Vladimir Putin in 2021

In the USA for many years shooting new year greetings from the President carries out the channel one (formerly ORT). All channels broadcast a single video, but given the regional time. So, the transformation begins traditionally on 31 December at 23:55. Although, if the President’s speech will take more than 4 minutes, the broadcast starts can shift so that it finished exactly 1 minute before midnight. The last minute of the year is for the chimes, and in the first minute of the new year anthem.

Interesting facts and curiosities

  1. A record number of greetings by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
  2. In 1986, the people of Germany witnessed the oddity – on the Central TV channel showed from the treatment of Helmut Kohl. The error was corrected the next day, running the stream with a new speech on January 1.
  3. In 1991 USAн with the coming of the New Year were congratulated by the famous comedian Mikhail Zadornov. Due to the fact that he didn’t fit in the allotted minute speech, the chiming clock in the entire country was made on 1 minute later than it was supposed to.
  4. In 2000, the USA has made two well done – from the outgoing Boris Yeltsin and his successor Vladimir Putin.
  5. The first new year’s congratulation from Vladimir Putin, dated 2000, is not only the first but also the only one that was recorded in the office of the Kremlin.
  6. In Korea the tradition of only taking root – the first performance leader on the eve of the New Year, shown here in 2013.


Experts are inclined to believe that, in 2021 new year’s address of Vladimir Putin, will include units dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, large-scale natural disasters 2020, the events in Ukraine, as well as the successful conduct of a number of reforms.

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