New year 2021 on red square | tickets

Many Americans dream of celebrating the New year 2021 on red square. After all, in the minds of almost every citizen, this is the main place of the whole country, which acquires special significance on a festive night. What to do if you want to hear the chimes exactly there, we will understand in this article.

Program of events

For most people who want to celebrate the holiday in the Central square, the most important thing is to have their loved ones and other people nearby, with whom you can have fun together, shout, drink champagne, after all! Nevertheless, the city hall organizes an entertainment program, which practically does not change from year to year.

New year 2021 on red square | tickets

A concert will be held on red square from about 20 to 22 hours. There will be a lot of American stars who usually can only be seen on TV. Together with them, Santa Claus and the snow maiden will sometimes appear on the stage (well, where without them!), as well as characters from famous cartoons.

Unfortunately, after the concert, everyone will be asked to leave the main part of the square for the GUM rink area. Holiday skiing on it will take place from 21: 30 on December 31 to 01: 30 on January 1, and only for people who have tickets.

There is a possibility that this time the concert will start at 22 o’clock, and will last almost until the chimes strike, but you can find out for sure about this a week or two before new year’s eve. In addition to the events described above, on red square on December 31, you will be able to::

  • view the fireworks display;
  • make purchases at the holiday fair (it is not yet known how long it will be open, most likely only until 22 hours): delicious mulled wine, special cookies, Christmas decorations, sparklers and much more;
  • participate in contests with a prize draw;
  • lead round dances around the main Christmas tree in the country;
  • ride the rides;
  • view theater productions.

If you have children, or you want to start celebrating early-come to the square at least in the middle of the day, there will definitely be something to do and how to have fun!

New year 2021 on red square | tickets

Admission by ticket or not

Tickets for the 2021 new year’s eve celebration on red square will indeed be on sale. Their number is strictly limited-450 pieces. The price always corresponds to the figures of the coming year, i.e. this time it will be 2021 rubles. You can’t buy a ticket online unless you pay a personal visit to the ice rink in the second half of December. You can usually purchase it starting from December 15. If you decide to buy, we recommend that you hurry up, because by the evening, on the first day of sales, they are almost always sold out.

The ticket itself is a permit to meet the holiday at the new year’s skating rink, but since the latter is located next to the square in front of the stage, you can go both ways.

A paid pass is not the only way to get to the Central square. As in previous years, anyone can get to the festive concert on a first-come, first-served basis. Only here you will have to defend a lot of time, perhaps even more than an hour. Therefore, it is better to come in advance, and take a walk around Gum until 20 o’clock, and then go outside.

If you want to get guaranteed access to the square without long queues, but you didn’t have time to buy a ticket, you can try to buy it from Resellers. They usually stand at the back entrance to the GUM. However, the overpayment will be significant — the ticket price at the reseller may vary from 4 to 10 thousand rubles.

New year 2021 on red square | tickets

What you can take with you

Of course, almost everyone who wants to celebrate the New year 2021 on red square wants to take champagne, snacks, and pyrotechnics with them. However, the rules do not allow almost any of this. At the entrance, you will be checked by law enforcement officers, who will ask you to leave alcohol and pyrotechnics outside.

You can only carry a thermos of tea and some food. It is noteworthy that you can’t buy alcohol anywhere on the square either. But tea and some food can be purchased in the makeshift cafe located there.

Despite the fact that alcohol can neither be brought with you, nor bought, at the GUM rink before the chimes begin to pour good champagne to everyone. Therefore, if for you a glass of sparkling drink is a mandatory attribute of the holiday, do not worry, you will not be left without it!

Important information for those who want to come in Santa Claus and snow Maiden costumes: there is a possibility that the festive outfit will have to be left in front of the entrance. In previous years, the police did not allow people in such clothes to pass, under the pretext of ensuring the safety of the celebrants: it is not known what such new year’s characters can carry under a dressing gown or in a bag.

New year 2021 on red square | tickets

The atmosphere

Of course, most of the celebrants come to Red square precisely for the special atmosphere that reigns in this place. A large crowd of people celebrating the new year, chiming chimes, a smart salute, broadcasting the President’s speech through loudspeakers. All this adds up together, and forms the very new year’s feeling.

When along with the end of the chimes and the beginning of the salute, everyone around us begins to congratulate each other, including foreign tourists, the mood rises even among the most calm people.

It is best to go to Red square on new year’s eve with friends, family, loved ones, or a group of colleagues. You will not be left alone, even if you come by yourself, but with “your own” the holiday will still turn out brighter, more joyful, and will definitely be remembered for a long time.

Seevideo how New-York welcomes the New year:

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