New year 2021 on Dombay | price, vacation, where to celebrate

Dombay is a mountainous territory in Karachay-Cherkessia, located next to the Teberda river in the North Caucasus. Currently, it is one of the most popular health and sports centers with ideal conditions for mountaineering, tourism, and skiing. Here come those who want to admire the beauty of the mountains and go skiing, spending a minimum of money. In addition, celebrating the New year 2021 in Dombay is an original solution that will leave an unforgettable impression.

Opening of the ski season

The end of December-beginning of January is the most suitable period for downhill skiing. In the middle of winter in Dombay meadow formed a steady snow cover that can easily withstand the weight of skiers. At this time, the slopes are treated with snowcat and prepared for the reception of riders.

New year 2021 on Dombay | price, vacation, where to celebrate

There are 14 routes of different levels of difficulty, prepared for both beginners and professionals. The main trails for full-fledged skiing are arranged on a wide plateau. They are marked with different colors depending on the skill and training of vacationers:

  • blue-green-Amateur;
  • blue-red – advanced;
  • the lower wooded part is for extreme skiers.

The ski slopes are accessed by several cable cars distributed in four complexes: new, old, Yugoslav and pendulum. The price depends on the number of transfers, the height of the ascent, and the time taken. So, when using a modern complex, a ticket for 1 day can be purchased for 1800 rubles, and for a week-for 9050 rubles. The ascent on the old chairlift will cost only 150 rubles.

Tourist walks

Tours to Dombay for the New year 2021 usually include Hiking trips, during which vacationers can get acquainted with the unique nature of the Teberda nature reserve. There are a huge number of rivers, forests, mountains and waterfalls. The list of the most famous sights of the Dombay valley includes:

  • gonachhir gorge;
  • Russkaya Polyana on the slopes of the mountain massif Dzhuguturlyuchat;
  • Devil’s Mill canyon.

New year 2021 on Dombay | price, vacation, where to celebrate

On the rocky ledges there are observation decks from which tourists can enjoy the views. There are both Hiking trails and cable car rides, while local residents offer horse-drawn rides.

A 5-day tour that includes excursions, 2 meals a day and a place to stay for one person will cost 10,000 rubles. If you book tourist trips to individual attractions as part of an independent vacation, you can save significantly. In this case, you will have to pay only from 200 to 500 rubles per person for one excursion.

Rental housing

Prices for holidays in Dombay in the winter of 2021 will depend mainly on the payment for the rented living space. On the territory of the ski resort there are more than 120 hotels and hotel complexes, the cost of living in which is (in rubles):

  • 6000-14000 – ” Meridian»;
  • 7200-12000 – ” Snow leopard»;
  • 69000-16400 – ” Crystal»;
  • 4000-12000 – ” Golden Mustang»;
  • 3000-8000 – “Ozone”.

Guests are provided with a Shuttle service, three meals a day, constant hot water, 24-hour reception, cafe, assistance in organizing sightseeing. Almost every hotel is located next to a well-maintained protected area with conditions for walking and an indoor pool.

New year 2021 on Dombay | price, vacation, where to celebrate

If you have a company holiday, and not alone, you can save on accommodation. For example, renting a triple room will cost from 2500 rubles. Some hotels offer free accommodation for children with their parents. During the Christmas holidays, house prices usually increase by 30%. Apartments for renting from private owners can be found at a cost of up to 2000 rubles per day.

Festive Banquet at the hotel

On the territory of each hotel complex, new year’s celebrations are organized, which include:

  • sweepstakes and contests;
  • the concert program;
  • a festive buffet.

Despite the fact that hotels offer all-inclusive services, in most cases, payment for the Banquet is made separately. Many hotels try to stand out, so they additionally hold entertainment on the street, invite famous artists and performers, arrange fireworks.

For adults, the average cost of new year’s celebrations is 5,000 rubles. Paying for a festive table for children under 14 is 50% cheaper. Kids can usually be taken to the Banquet for free. Many hotels have a sauna with access to the lake, slides for sleds and skis, Billiards, SPA treatments, children’s rooms and much more. Even if you arrive with a child, parents will be able to spend time together, leaving him with his peers under the supervision of caregivers.

New year 2021 on Dombay | price, vacation, where to celebrate

Festive Banquet in the restaurant

If you want to save on expenses and not go skiing, you can stay for 1-2 days in a rented apartment, and spend new year’s celebrations in a restaurant or cafe. The list of the most popular places where you can eat cheap and delicious food includes:

  • “Alan-Ash»;
  • “At Zuli’s»;
  • “Shumka»;
  • “Basil»;
  • “Fir Cape»;
  • «Орайда»;
  • “Fortress»;
  • “By the stream»;
  • «Restaurant Tauruh»;
  • The Golden Mustang.

These restaurants are able to offer the best gastronomic tours during the new year holidays. Traditional Oriental cuisine is served here – pastries, kebabs, rich soups. The main course for all guests is hychiny – thin flat cake with filling. The price of a single meal in the New year for one person will cost only 400-500 rubles. Therefore, the restaurant will be an ideal solution for people who have not yet decided where to celebrate the new year 2021 in Dombay.

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