New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

If you are not a big fan of snow, tangerines, Oliviers, and other traditional attributes of the New year for our country, then you should think about meeting it in a warmer place. For example, on the Mediterranean coast. New year’s eve in Turkey in 2021 will be an adventure that will definitely be remembered for a long time. Winter holidays in the resorts of this state are significantly different from summer. Read about what you can do there, and how much the trip will cost, in this article.

New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

About the weather

Unlike the most popular tourist destinations in winter, in this country you will not be able to celebrate the New year in shorts and a t-shirt. The weather in Turkey in January 2021 will be in the range from +8 to +15 degrees. Not that it’s too cold, but it’s definitely not warm. Although, in some resorts, the temperature sometimes reaches +20 degrees. Learn more about the weather in specific cities:

  • Seaside resorts such as Alanya, Antalya and Belek are warmer than in other parts of the country. Here, the temperature on new year’s holidays is kept at the level of +15 to +20 degrees. If you want to be able to bask in the sun, while simultaneously breathing healthy sea air, then you should definitely choose one of these cities.
  • In the Turkish capital, Ankara, it is much colder. In January, the average daily temperature is no more than +5 degrees. However, staying in the capital at this time also has its advantages, which are described below.

New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

About your vacation

Spending whole days on the beach and in the sea in December and January will not work. The water temperature during this period drops to +16-19 degrees. Of course, this does not stop some people, but for most people swimming will be impossible.

However, there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment in Turkey. It is necessary to choose a city for your holiday based on your wishes about spending time.

If you want to visit new year’s sales in shopping centers, and walk along the streets where all the shop Windows are strewn with Christmas decorations, then the capital of the country Ankara or Istanbul will suit you. In these cities, at the end of December, a festive atmosphere begins to reign everywhere. As a rule, new year’s banquets with animators are held in hotels, and concerts and other mass entertainment are organized in squares.

If you are going to fly with the whole family and want your holiday in Turkey for the New year 2021 to be calm and measured, we recommend Belek. There you can choose from a variety of SPA treatments, heated pools, active activities such as Golf and horse riding.

Young people who love clubs, discos, and generally nightlife should go to Antalya or Marmaris. The latter is adored by all Europeans, and it is considered the center of such a holiday.

New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

New year’s eve on the ski slopes

Not everyone wants to celebrate the New year where there is no cold and snow. Therefore, ski resorts are also popular. By the way, there is one important difference between Turkish cities, where fans of active winter recreation go, and their European counterparts: there are hotels offering all-inclusive vouchers.

We recommend paying attention to the resorts of Uludag, Palandoken, Kartalkaya and Sarikamysh. This is one of the best places in Turkey, where you can celebrate the New year near the snowy peaks, and if you want, also go skiing on simple, and perfectly suitable even for children trails.

New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

Turkey for New year 2021-prices

The first thing you need to know: you can’t have a cheap holiday in Turkey during the new year holidays. Still, the destination is very popular, so hotels significantly raise the price of staying in them during these few days.

A little bit about expenses that are not related to the payment of accommodation (1 Lira = 11 American rubles):

  • the price of Breakfast is from 5 to 10 lire, dinner – from 10 to 20 lire.;
  • new year’s eve dinner, if it is not included in the hotel’s offer, will cost 300-900 liras;
  • guided tours — about $50;
  • buy delicious Oriental sweets for gifts left at home loved ones – 10 lire for 250 grams;
  • tea, which many people also bring with them, costs about 2.5 lire per pack.

Prices for New year’s eve tours in Turkey 2021 start from 60-70 thousand rubles (for two people, 7 nights). In 4-5 star hotels — from 90-100 thousand. However, if you decide to fly, for example, a week and a half after the new year holidays, then the cost of tours will immediately be halved! Therefore, if you want to save money, you should think about moving your travel dates.

Tip: choose tours starting from December 25 to 28. Similar offers with a check-in date from 29th to 31st are significantly more expensive.

If you decide to go to a ski resort, then a ticket for 7 nights for two will cost from 130 thousand rubles.

New year 2021 in Turkey | holiday prices, weather in January

What else you need to know

There are a few things to keep in mind when going to celebrate the New year in Turkey:

  • Fireworks, firecrackers, and even sparklers are not used here — you need a special license to buy pyrotechnics. Of course, there will always be fireworks displays in major tourist cities, but the government is responsible for organizing them.
  • Already on January 5, there will be no trace of new year’s decorations. In Turkey, jewelry is hung in the last days of December, and they begin to remove it on the 4th-5th.
  • In cities that are not very popular with tourists, there may not be a new year’s atmosphere at all. Most of the local population of the country celebrates the holiday according to the lunar calendar with a floating date. Therefore, if it is important for you to have Christmas decorations, choose large and popular resorts.

A holiday in Turkey during the new year holidays is a wonderful decision that you will definitely not regret. During this period, there are significantly fewer tourists than in high season, so walking along the embankments and streets of cities, swimming in the hotel pool and visiting excursions is much more pleasant.

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