New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year’s eve, prices

Preparing for winter holidays often takes a long time. The reception of guests at home can turn into troubles, prolonged cleaning and a waste of energy for the sake of cooking culinary delights. It is not difficult to save yourself from this and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere if you choose a neutral territory where you can celebrate the New year 2021 in Samara.

Park-hotel “Zolotoy Bereg»

This complex offers its visitors a choice of settling in one of the 12 rooms of the main building or 14 secluded cottages. In General, the “Golden coast” is quite capable of hosting a company of more than 30 people. This makes the restaurant an excellent choice for both romantic couples seeking to celebrate the New year in an intimate informal atmosphere, and for corporate parties.

New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year's eve, prices

For entertainment and leisure options, the hotel offers:

  • slide with tubing;
  • ice rink;
  • wood-burning sauna;
  • barbecues available at any time of the year.

The latter are located at each cottage, and those who choose this option of settling in will also enjoy a fireplace, karaoke, a large TV with a stereo system and good heating (the Underfloor heating system works).

The Park hotel is located near the village of Volzhsky (20 km from the city) on the banks of the Volga river with a beautiful view of the Zhiguli mountains, which means that there is no need to look for distant tours for the New year 2021 from Samara. The price policy of the establishment is designed for different categories of guests – you can rent a room from 4,000 rubles to 130,000 rubles. per night with Breakfast, but participation in the new year’s eve show with a Banquet is paid separately.

Russkaya Okhota hotel complex»

This base positions itself as a place of family recreation, several temples and an ecological and biological center are located nearby.

New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year's eve, prices

But also on the territory of the institution itself offers a wide range of areas for leisure and visiting:

  • places for fishing and hunting;
  • beautiful views of nature for walkers, artists and photographers;
  • American bathhouse;
  • tennis court;
  • volleyball court;
  • organization of paintball;
  • artificial pond;
  • a small local zoo.

Russkaya Okhota differs from the average tourist base of the Samara region for the New year 2021 in its convenient location-it is equidistant from Samara and Tolyatti (half an hour away) and very close to Kurumoch International airport (5 km). The average price tag per person is about 25,000 rubles. This amount includes accommodation for 3 days (from December 31 to January 2), meals, a festive Banquet, a show program, animators for children, as well as many surprises, interactive events, gifts and winter outdoor fun.

The base of rest “Koprinka»

Those who want to relax with a close friendly company will like this option. Kuprinka offers 3-bed and 6-bed cabins, for 20,000 rubles and 35,000 rubles, respectively. The price is indicated for 4 nights (from December 31 to January 3). however, it is not so important how many people actually come to the rented cottage. The only condition of the owners is to bring their own extra beds.

New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year's eve, prices

In addition to comfortable, neat and clean housing, the Kuprinka base is good for its guests with a good location. The cabins offer views of the oak grove, Zhiguli mountains and the confluence of two rivers-the Volga and Kuprinka.

Rancho Park country hotel and restaurant complex»

Those who want to celebrate the New year 2021 in Samara or the region, but at the same time visit an interesting and stylish place, should drive to the village of Nizhny Sancheleyevo. There, on a chic site decorated in the style of Texas landscapes, various winter activities are offered:

  • skiing experience;
  • snowmobile racing;
  • horse rides;
  • paintball;
  • shooting in a shooting range.

A separate program and menu is available for children. A room for 2 people during the holiday period will cost from 12,600 rubles to 14,600 rubles, for a fee it can accommodate one more person, the cost for children in any room is 7,000 rubles.

But for participation in the new year’s Banquet and entertainment show, you will have to pay extra separately, depending on the place in the restaurant. However, you can buy a ticket only for a holiday night, and it will cost several times cheaper without accommodation – 3,000 – 3,500 rubles for adults and 2,000 rubles for small guests of the institution.

New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year's eve, prices

Tourist center “Sunny Cape»

If you are looking for a place to celebrate the New year 2021 in Samara cheap and comfortable in a narrow family or friendly circle, then this is a good enough option. The tourist center “Sunny Cape” offers to settle in beautiful and warm log cabins for a price starting from 10,000 rubles. (for a 5-bed cabin) up to 16,000 rubles. (for an 8-bed cabin), it is possible to accommodate additional beds.

Visitors will be able to admire the nature of the Muransky Bor and the banks of the Us river, and closer to Christmas (from January 6 to January 8) the cost for cottages will be reduced to 6 000-10 000 rubles.

Lada Tourist Center»

An elite holiday with American nature and European service is what will make new year’s eve pleasant and fun. Lada is located on the Kopylovo Peninsula among pine trees, it has its own access to the water, and offers stunning views of the Zhiguli mountains. The new year’s program includes:

  • animators;
  • skiing and Snowmobiling;
  • cooking kebabs on the street;
  • contests and dances;
  • fireworks (optional);
  • holiday menu;
  • American bathhouse;
  • gifts.

Prices in Lada depend on the chosen room, you can spend a day at the campsite during the new year period for 2,500 rubles, and there are cottages for 18,000 rubles. The price reflects how comfortable the apartment is, but the cordiality to all guests is equal.

New year 2021 in Samara | where to celebrate new year's eve, prices

Aviator Tourist Center»

Celebrate the New year by the fireplace in a cozy log cottage outside the city (Volzhsky village) is not difficult. This service is offered by the Aviator tourist base. Its visitors will be able to admire the view of the Zhiguli mountains and the Volga river during a winter walk, and breathe the clean air of pine forests. Pleasant leisure activities include:

  • ice rink;
  • slide;
  • American bathhouse.

Check-in for 2 nights during winter holidays will cost from 25,000 to 70,000 rubles. for a company of 4 to 18 people.

Country complex “Scarlet sails»

The motto of this institution is ” turn any holiday into a fairy tale!”, which is facilitated by the location – Fedorovsky meadows. For the New year, the team of “Scarlet sails” is preparing a chic party with:

  • winter photo shoot;
  • animators for adults and children;
  • entertainment program with the host;
  • horse rides;
  • ice rink;
  • fireworks display;
  • by skiing;
  • by tubing;
  • American bathhouse.

Take a break from the daily routine will be available for the cost of 9,000 rubles or more, depending on the capacity and comfort of the selected house.

Seevideohappy new year’s fireworks display in Samara:

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