New year 2021 in Novosibirsk | holidays, prices, new year’s eve

Those who love the American snowy winter with frosts and snowdrifts will surely be attracted by the offer to celebrate the New year 2021 in Novosibirsk. During the holidays, the capital of Siberia is transformed beyond recognition. There is General fun here, ice sculptures appear in the squares, and shop Windows are decorated with all sorts of snowflakes and garlands. However, there is enough glitter and fun in any city in America. In Novosibirsk, people are attracted by the unique atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, a high level of service and rich entertainment programs arranged by the city administration. Read more about where to celebrate the New year in 2021 in Novosibirsk.

Where to celebrate

An unforgettable holiday can be spent by people of any age, as there are many options.

New year 2021 in Novosibirsk | holidays, prices, new year's eve

Folk festivals

To celebrate the New year in Novosibirsk cheap, it is not necessary to stay at home. A great option is folk festivals on Lenin square near the Central Christmas tree of the city. There you can also admire ice sculptures, take part in a contest to make them, dance, go ice skating or from the ice slides.

An entertainment program with artists and an interesting scenario will be organized on the square. Guests will enjoy contests from fairy-tale characters, round dances and fireworks. Guests can enjoy hot coffee, snacks and Christmas Souvenirs at the holiday fair. The metro will run until almost 2 o’clock on a festive night, so everyone will have fun and easily get home.

The only restriction is that it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages in crowded places. Yes, and it is undesirable to go there in a drunken state.

Otherwise, you can spend a festive night not on the square, but in the police station, while paying a rather large fine. Therefore, if you can not imagine a holiday without alcohol, it is better to choose another option.

City tour

The history of the city is not long, Novosibirsk was founded in 1893, but in the capital of Siberia there is something to see. For sightseeing tours, you can rent a minibus with a driver for the whole night. The pleasure is expensive, but you will be able to drink champagne and enjoy delicacies during the trip.

You can choose which sights to see for yourself or use a pre-made route.:

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • Siberian Botanical garden;
  • St. Nicholas chapel;
  • covered bridge across the Ob river and many others.

New year 2021 in Novosibirsk | holidays, prices, new year's eve

During the day, you can go to the zoo or Wonderland Park. The latter is famous for emergency weight loss simulators, mirror maze and other wonders. Young scientists will enjoy amazing experiments.

Clubs and restaurants

If you do not want to see the sights on new year’s eve (indeed, you can do this during the day), then you can safely go to one of the many night clubs or restaurants. However, it is necessary to book a table in advance, otherwise you will have to use the most affordable way to celebrate-go to the main square of the city.

Prices in different establishments vary significantly. Located in the center, near the main square, establishments offer quite expensive dishes from 800 rubles.

If you do not care about the location of the restaurant, and the most important thing is to sit with friends, but at the same time not to cook or wash a mountain of dishes later, you can go to simpler places. Here you can order a whole Banquet for 4 people for this amount.

New year 2021 in Novosibirsk | holidays, prices, new year's eve

Country holidays

Those who just want to enjoy the wild nature of the American winter will enjoy a holiday for the New Year 2021 in Novosibirsk in country cottages. You can rent a house for a period of 2 days or more. The minimum price is 3000 rubles for two people. The price depends on the conditions — an ordinary log cabin with a stove can be rented for this amount. Then you will fully enjoy a truly American New year. A cottage with amenities will cost at least 8000.

Despite the fact that renting is quite expensive, this method of holding a holiday is the cheapest for tourists. After all, even a double room in an inexpensive hotel costs from 3000 per day. If you plan to spend a holiday with a large company, then the cottage in this case is the best option.

New year’s eve on ice skates

There are several ice rinks in the city. A Christmas tree is installed on each ice platform. In Central Park, an entrance ticket starts at 500 rubles. On ice rinks located further from the main Christmas tree, the price is lower-from 200 rubles per adult. Some of them don’t even have to pay for children under 7 years old. The most popular area is the flooded one in Central Park. It is not the first year that she will work until the very morning.

New year’s eve at home

If you went to Novosibirsk to visit friends or acquaintances, then you can spend it just at home. The cheapest, most affordable, and safest option. But is it worth driving hundreds of kilometers to sit all night in front of the TV, and then just go to bed?

Tours to Novosibirsk

Despite the abundance of entertainment, tours to Novosibirsk remain inexpensive. However, you will have to buy travel packages in advance, and book places in hotels or country cottages a few months before the event.

New year 2021 in Novosibirsk | holidays, prices, new year's eve

Usually, new year’s tours include accommodation, food, entertainment and excursions. Many people still buy tickets on their own to spend new year’s eve 2021 in Novosibirsk the way they want.

Novosibirsk is a fairly young, cheerful city that always welcomes guests. Feel the atmosphere of a real American winter, because only in Siberia you will find exciting adventures and entertainment. To avoid possible problems, plan your vacation in advance and buy tickets.

Seevideo how to celebrate the New year on the main square of the city:

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