New year 2021 in Finland | price, holidays, where to celebrate

Meeting the New year 2021 in Finland is an amazing opportunity to relax during the winter holidays in the native places of the fabulous Santa Claus. Exciting walks through numerous Christmas markets, a unique atmosphere of the main holiday of the year, a real new year’s mood-that’s what awaits you in this country. At this time in Finland, there is usually a light frost, no higher than -10 degrees, so walking in the fresh air will be quite comfortable.

What surprises are waiting for you for the upcoming new year’s holiday in Finland in winter 2021, what can you do and where to relax? We’ll find out from the article.

New year 2021 in Finland | price, holidays, where to celebrate

How to celebrate the New year

You will be able to choose a suitable plan of celebration and entertainment for every taste and for any company. Finland is preparing many surprises, including:

  • Large-scale folk festivals in the capital of the country-Helsinki.
  • Possibility to rent a cozy cottage in Lapland.
  • Many world-famous ski resorts.
  • Numerous attractions that will be interesting for everyone to visit.
  • Sledding, Snowmobiling, and even dog sledding.

This is just a small part of what you can do on your new year’s tour to Finland in 2021. After all, it is in winter that the country turns into a real tourist Mecca, able to offer a wide range of entertainment.

A nice bonus is the absence of a language barrier, since most of the hotel staff, guides,and sales assistants speak excellent American.

New year’s eve in Helsinki

Awareness of the upcoming New year, Christmas holidays and the appropriate atmosphere give Helsinki a special charm. Ancient buildings are decorated with lanterns, colorful garlands appear on the streets, figurines of biblical characters and fairy-tale heroes are displayed in stores. The holiday itself takes place on the Senate square, which is visited by many residents of the country and tourists.

New year 2021 in Finland | price, holidays, where to celebrate

You can take part in the following activities::

  • Hear the words of congratulations from the mayor.
  • Take part in a round dance and various competitions.
  • Watch an interesting presentation.
  • Listen to music groups.

Festive fireworks of magical beauty will make your holiday in Finland for the New year 2021 even more pleasant. Near the main square, there will be a fair where you can taste warming mulled wine, hot tea or aromatic coffee.

It should be borne in mind that you will not be able to celebrate the holiday on the square with alcoholic beverages – it is strictly forbidden to bring them. Otherwise, you will receive an impressive fine for violating the law or being removed from the square under escort.

Helsinki has a large number of entertainment venues, various cafes, restaurants and bars. As a rule, they only work until 2 am. During the holiday night, several night clubs will be open with entrance fees and an average check from 100 to 300 euros per person. But, most likely, it will simply not be possible to find free seats in them.

Cottages for the New year 2021 in Finland

Renting a cottage for the winter holidays is the choice of many travelers. Outdoor recreation is a great opportunity to spend your holidays without fuss and strangers, only in the circle of close people. The beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes of Finland will be remembered for a long time.

New year 2021 in Finland | price, holidays, where to celebrate

You can also go to Lapland, which is located very close to the Arctic circle. There is a peaceful atmosphere here, and a wide selection of resorts and cottages will allow you to choose the one in which you will be most comfortable.

The highlight of the resorts is the mandatory presence of a Finnish bath or sauna. Locals believe that they purify not only the body, but also the soul.

As a rule, houses are equipped with all necessary utensils and household appliances, and they also have Internet access. You can find cottages with a small gym, Billiards, children’s playroom, cable TV. Skis or sleds are available for rent.

Prices in Finland for the New year 2021 are increasing significantly. So, for a week of rent, you will have to pay from 1000 euros. Therefore, it is better to travel in companies to divide the rent into two or three families at once. Considering that the area of cottages for rent is rarely less than 70 square meters, everyone will be able to accommodate comfortably.

Alpine skiing

Many people choose tours to Finland for the New year 2021 in the ski resorts that are the country’s hallmark. Among the most popular ones are::

  • Luosto;
  • Pello;
  • Levi;
  • Himos;
  • Tahko.

Luosto is located in fabulous Lapland. Beautiful nature and different degrees of difficulty of the slopes make it one of the most popular among beginners and professional skiers.

New year 2021 in Finland | price, holidays, where to celebrate

The complex has additional slopes for snowboarders, trails for those who are just learning to stand on skis. Additional services include reindeer or dog sledding, which will add a special flavor to your stay.

Tour operator offers

Tour operators offer a wide range of tours, including for holidays for the New year 2021 in Finland with children. The most popular options are:

  • Comfortable hotels.
  • Ski resorts.
  • Country cottages.
  • Shopping tours.

It is also possible to combine several directions at once. You can check into the hotel and then go shopping in shopping centers or fairs, or stay in a country house and go for a ride on the equipped ski track. The price of a tour is determined by several factors:

  • placement distance;
  • availability of entertainment events;
  • “star rating” of the hotel, etc.

The most expensive trips will be for residents of the Far East and the South of the country, and the most budget-friendly-for New-York and St. Petersburg.

Finland is a very beautiful and interesting country that can offer a rich and varied winter vacation. Going here for the new year holidays, you will definitely be satisfied with the time spent.

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