New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

Meeting the New year 2021 at sea in a warm country is the dream of many Americans. Today, the choice of holiday tours is very wide. Let’s look at several holiday options during the Christmas holidays.

In America, in January, there is snow, there are strong frosts, and you want warmth and sun. It’s time to think about traveling. The standard tour includes:

  • air travel;
  • transfer to the hotel;
  • accommodation;
  • nutrition;
  • health insurance.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

Several dozen countries offer Christmas bi-weekly and weekly tours of different price ranges. Which country to choose for your trip, so that it is affordable, interesting and safe. The most popular places:

  • Thailand;
  • Turkey;
  • Vietnam;
  • Israel;
  • Maldives.

New year’s eve in Thailand

American tourists have long chosen these places and loved them for their hospitality, excellent weather and affordable prices. A trip to tai for two will cost about 65-70 thousand rubles. Such a sea tour for the New year 2021 has undoubted advantages:

  • the possibility of a departure from most American cities;
  • the predominance of windless weather, clear sea, numerous beaches;
  • bright, fun shows;
  • rich excursion program.

In Thailand, it will be comfortable for everyone: those who love privacy, and who prefer fun and noisy companies. Guests can choose from sparsely populated Thai Islands and huge tourist complexes. Those who are tired of the hustle and bustle are advised to celebrate the New year on a deserted beach alone with the bright starry sky and the sound of the surf. But basically, a new year’s holiday in Thailand is unrestrained fun and a lot of impressions.

When planning a trip, you should take into account that the winter months are the peak season, so you should take care of purchasing a ticket in advance. You need to be prepared for a large number of people everywhere: on beaches, in entertainment venues, in sports halls.

You can choose any resort except Koh Samui and Phangan, there is no season at this time. Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai are waiting for tourists.

It is better to buy a tour to Thailand with departure on December 24-25, savings can reach up to 50 %. After December 27, the cost increases dramatically.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

New year’s holiday in Vietnam

Warm sea for the New year 2021 awaits tourists in Vietnam. The popularity of recreation in this country is still gaining momentum. Some of the advantages include:

  • reasonable prices;
  • great tan;
  • excellent infrastructure and service;
  • a festive atmosphere.

The most popular resorts are Nha Trang, MUI ne, Phu Quoc. Before the New year, travel packages are much cheaper. It is quite possible to relax by the sea for 75-80 thousand rubles. An off-season ticket can be purchased for 50 thousand rubles, which includes: accommodation (700 rubles per night), medical insurance 1500, transfer from the airport to the hotel 2000 thousand rubles. The hotel for your stay can be chosen for every taste. There are luxury hotels in 3-5 minutes from the beach, hotels with their own territory, where swimming pools and sports facilities are located. Prices for a night in the hotel range from 600 to 2500 rubles. A check for one person in a local cafe will be approximately 2-3 dollars, in a restaurant – $ 20.

Vietnamese people know about the new year’s holiday and try to decorate the establishments accordingly, there is a Christmas tree, garlands and other attributes of the New year.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

Turkey during the Christmas period

Turkish resorts are also waiting for their tourists to rest for the New year 2021. True, not all complexes work, at this time of year the temperature outside is only 13-15 degrees and you can only admire the sea. But in Istanbul, Belek, Antalya there is a festive atmosphere. In the hotels, everything is ready for the new year, as is customary in Turkey: with fireworks, animators and performances by artists. On average, a trip to Turkey for a week will cost 50,000 for two people.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

New year’s holiday in the United Arab Emirates

Since 2017, the United Arab Emirates has joined the list of countries with facilitated entry. If you have a passport and have purchased a trip to the United Arab Emirates, you are guaranteed the most amazing new year’s holidays. You can relax not only on the sea in beautiful weather +24-27 degrees, but also see the beauty and curiosities of the country. For tourists:

  • grandiose fireworks that the whole world watches on TV and the Internet;
  • the opportunity to celebrate The new year in the RUB al-Khali desert;
  • visit the Dubai Shopping Festival;
  • festive dinners and entertainment programs in hotels and restaurants;
  • stunning illumination and elegant decoration of the streets.

The most expensive trip, of course, is to Dubai, but there even artificial snow is launched into the air. Tours to RAS al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Fujairah will be slightly cheaper. Holiday entertainment can vary in cost: from budget to fabulously expensive. In General, a week – long vacation on a ticket will cost from 75,000, to Dubai – from 100 thousand.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

Christmas holidays in the Mediterranean sea

Many Americans go on new year’s holidays to Israel. Here you can buy all the traditional dishes in American shops, and performances with Santa Claus and the snow Maiden are arranged in clubs and bars.

There are three seas in Israel. Cold during this period is the Mediterranean, warm is Red, salty is Dead. Everyone who comes here for the holidays will be able to find something to do:

  • relaxing on the beaches of the red sea;
  • health and Wellness treatments at the Dead sea;
  • sightseeing program with visits to shrines and attractions.

The cost of a tour to Israel starts from 75 thousand rubles. For fun, it is better to choose tel Aviv, and for a beach holiday Eilat.

New year 2021 at sea | vacation, where to go

A Paradise for a new year’s holiday trip

If you have already visited all the popular resorts, and you want to celebrate the New year in a special way, you can fly to the Maldives. An amazing country located in the Indian ocean, with picturesque nature, unique fauna, snow-white beaches, is waiting for its tourists and is also preparing for the new year and Christmas. Vacation on Paradise Islands will cost from 200 thousand per week.

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