New Volga 2021

“Volga”-2021 to be. Representatives of the Gorky automobile plant confirmed the information about the production of the new sedan. Marketing Director Vasily Kostochki explained to journalists that the release is renewed in the framework of import substitution – the state supported and funded an interesting initiative of the domestic producers. Legendary GAS is no exception.

Model year 2020-2021 known as the “Director Volga”, its official name – the GAZ-3102. In plans – small-scale Assembly of cars. On mass production it is not.


The design of the new “Volga” 2021 was developed by the specialists of the Russian Atelier Cardi. The result was a controversial, but interesting project. It is ambiguous because major changes in exterior and the stuffing did not happen.

It is known that Volga 2021 will be produced with the old body. It is extended by 20.2 cm in the front, with a long overhang and low ground clearance. This design is part of passive safety of the vehicle, preventing the ingress of gravel and mud splashes the windshield. The fuel tank is located behind the rear seat – in the space least vulnerable in collisions of two cars. All of these elements are a concept inherited from its predecessors in 2007.

In the exterior there were some new elements. The model will be other bumpers, led lights and flashlights. Instead of the chrome grille will install the one-piece of plastic. In General, car experts say that car will look more modern and interesting predecessor.

New Volga 2021


Photo of a new “Volga”-2021 producers are not presented. According to representatives of the Gorky plant, it will not be radically different from the beauty of classic GAZ-3102. The interior is solved partly to harmonize with the interior of the GAZelle-NEXT. This is done for the sake of cheapening the cost.

In the classic version of GAZ-3102 instrument panel made of polyurethane foam and completed the safety padding. In the design panel is not used the tree and its simulation.

All the seats are orthopedic, Deluxe, designed for long trips. Front seats fitted with head restraints. The designers have improved thermal and sound insulation of the cabin.


Technical characteristics and photo of the new model “Volga” 2021 – the intrigue of the year. According to preliminary data, it will be equipped with a manual transmission.

It is also known that the car will release in several trim levels. The announced price of the model in the minimum configuration – 800 thousand roubles. This version does not have air conditioning in the cabin, drop down Windows on the rear doors, no guarantee is body.

The affair is that individuals will be able to buy a novelty by special permission – was this innovation, the producers decided to whet consumer interest, to restore the Soviet aura of elitism and hype about the famous passenger cars.

New Volga 2021

It is possible and the place to buy, given the planned limited production. But it will happen, provided that the number of applicants to purchase the Russian made “Volga” is in the thousands.

5000 GL

5000 GL concept may become a reality next year. This project enjoys unprecedented interest among users from the moment the network appeared in his first informal photos.


New Volga-2021 is in the photographs, somewhat similar to the Genesis and Mercedes-Benz. Long body, good flow – only a small part of its benefits. Among other features of domestic observers sedan car magazines are:

  • the muscular body lines;
  • chrome inserts;
  • led DRL;
  • superior brake discs.

New Volga 2021 New Volga 2021


The experts of automobile market believe that the new sedan will be:

  • the salon is designed for 5 seats;
  • ergonomic driver and passenger seats;
  • lateral support in the seats;
  • leather upholstery;
  • the modern system of “climate control”;
  • tech electronics;
  • intelligent assistant.

In interior design will be dominated by smooth lines. Improving visibility will help modern cameras that display the rear view image and the so-called “blind areas” on the monitor in front of the driver.

New Volga 2021 New Volga 2021


There is a possibility of issue of a hybrid vehicle equipped with an electric and a petrol engine. In the case of its implementation, the Volga will be one of the most economical models available on the market: fuel consumption will be reduced to 4 l/100 km.

Volga is equipped with a 3.2-liter engine producing 296 HP, 6-speed automatic transmission.

The timing of the release

Domestic model perfectly matches the needs and expectations of consumers that could compete with German, Korean and Chinese cars.

Rumors about the launch of the concept on the conveyor appear every year, but so far it didn’t come to that. According to unconfirmed information, the new model could go into production in 2021.

Roughly the cost for retail customers will be nearly 8 million.

Concept dream

There was another project that caused an unknown agiotage in the network. It was developed by a graphic designer from Kazan, Alexander Storm and has registered on the website Behance. This concept reflects his vision of the domestic sedan: it traced the resemblance to the Chrysler, infiniti and other prestigious cars.

On the Internet many copyright concepts that have nothing to do with the official plans of the manufacturer. But somehow appreciated the options presented Kazan designer, actively involved in the discussion. Why? Perhaps he combined in his “Volga” what subconsciously wants the Russian consumer.

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