New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

The need to adopt changes in the GIA procedure for grades 9 and 11 has been discussed for several years, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that pushed the country’s leadership and the Ministry to take real steps in this direction. Already in 2021, new rules for passing the OGE and use will come into force, which all students should read today.

Cancellation of the early unified state exam

Due to the aggravation of the epidemiological situation in America, it was decided to cancel the early period of the unified state exam in 2021, which was supposed to take place from 20.03.21 to 14.05.21. this news was personally announced to the public by Sergey Kravtsov on 25.12.20.

The main stage of the unified state exam 2021 should be held within the previously established time frame – from 24.05.21 to 01.07.21

New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

There will also be no early stage of the OGE in 2021. Although the Ministry of education does not plan to completely abandon the GIA for ninth-graders, there will still be changes in the current academic year. In order to minimize the risks of the spread of COVID-19, it was decided to cancel all OGE of choice in 2021. Thus, all ninth-graders in America in 2021 will take only the American language and mathematics.

You don’t need to pass the GIA

In 2020, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, all graduates of the 9th grades, as well as 11th graders who do not plan to continue their studies at American Universities, were allowed not to take exams. The children who took advantage of this opportunity received documents on the completion of the corresponding stage of education.

New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

Practice has shown that this initiative is fully justified and should be left on a permanent basis, even when the epidemiological situation in the country is fully normalized.

So, in 2021, the following changes will be adopted::

  • 11th graders who do not plan to enter the UNIVERSITY will have the opportunity to complete their studies without passing the unified state exam;
  • graduates of grades 9 and 11 who did not pass the GIA will be able to continue their studies at colleges (when joining, the average score of the certificate will be taken into account);
  • to continue their studies in the 10th grade, ninth graders will have to pass the OGE;
  • to enter American universities, it will still be mandatory to submit the results of the unified state exam.

It is worth noting that the new rules of passing do not deprive graduates of 2021, who refused the unified state exam, of the right to pass the exam next year and still become a University student.

Use on the computer

The first fully computerized version of the Unified State Exam will be tested in 2021. It is quite logical that such changes will primarily affect the subject of “computer Science”.

New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

The rules for passing computer science in 2021 will include the following changes::

  • 2 days will be reserved for the exam (previously there was 1 day).);
  • participants will perform all tasks on computers (there will be no paper CIMS at all);
  • the computers on which the examinees will work should not have access to the Internet.

You can evaluate what changes will take place in the KIMS in computer science themselves by passing a trial version of the unified state exam in online format on the FIPI website. The open task Bank also contains more than 1.5 thousand tasks from different blocks, from theory to programming practice.

For more information about the new digital exam, see the article “unified state exam in computer science in 2021”.

Changes in CMMS

Although KIMS in many subjects in 2021 will be identical to last year’s, graduates are also waiting for several important changes:

  • digital format of the unified state exam in computer science, which was mentioned above, as well as expanding the list of programming languages in KIMS;
  • new format of the history essay (instead of periods, examinees will be asked to choose from 3 historical processes or personalities);
  • updating task # 7 in the unified state exam in literature;
  • expansion of the essay evaluation criteria and a new formulation of task No. 9 in American.

New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

You will find a more detailed analysis of innovations in each of the subjects in the material “demos of the unified state exam and OGE 2021”.

Final essay (postponement of deadlines)

As before, all 11th graders will write their final essay, but the first exam will not take place in December 2020, as was previously planned, but rather in December the spring of 2021. Presumably, not earlierApril 5.

The decision to postpone the date of the final essay was made in November 2020 by Rosobrnadzor due to the rapid increase in the number of cases of COVID-19.

Traditionally, students will be offered 5 new directions in 2021:

It is not subject to oblivion

Talking to yourself

Between the past and the future

The work is subject to assessment on the “credit / non-credit” basis and is eligible for the Unified State Exam in 2021.

Unified state exam calendar 2021

Not only the basic rules of passing, but also the schedule of the unified state exam in 2021 will be standard – 3 sessions, and within each of them the main and reserve days:

  • early stage (20.03.21-14.05.21) —canceled;
  • main stage (24.05.21-01.07.21);
  • autumn retakes (03.09.21-22.09.21).

The calendar of the main period of the unified state exam in the 2021-2022 academic year will be as follows::

DateDay of the weekSubject
24.05.21MONgeography, literature, chemistry
31.05.21MONmath (base and profile)
03.06.21THUhistory, physics
07.06.21MONsocial studies
10.06.21THUforeign languages (written part), biology
15.06.21TUEforeign languages (oral part)
16.06.21WEDforeign languages (oral part)
18.06.21FRIInformatics and information and communication technologies
19.06.21SATInformatics and information and communication technologies

New rules for passing the unified state exam in 2021 | changes in the procedure

Important! In September, 11th graders will be able to retake only compulsory subjects-American language and mathematics.

At the same time, if the examinee previously failed to pass the profile exam in mathematics, then within the framework of the September retakes, they will be allowed to take the basic level.

Unlike in previous years, graduates of the 2021-2022 academic year who “failed” the mandatory unified state exam will receive school graduation documents, because the Unified State Exam will no longer be mandatory. However, such graduates will not be able to enter the University this year. It will be possible to repeat the attempt to get the necessary certificates for submitting documents to the UNIVERSITY in the framework of the unified state exam in 2022.


All the announced innovations will allow you to::

  • unload the system for assessing the quality of knowledge (even at the application stage, screening out students whose level of knowledge does not allow them to continue their studies at the University);
  • improve the safety of graduates who still decide to come to the points of passing the unified state exam;
  • get one step closer to the desired digital format of the Unified State Exam.

In 2021-2022, the project “Digital educational environment” was launched, within the framework of which distance learning techniques will be tested and the idea of implementing knowledge quality control in online format will be implemented. Thus, we can say that we are on the verge of major changes in the education system and how we will be able to find out in the coming years what the format of training, use and OGE will be in the future.

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