New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

See what new products Renault plans to launch on the market in 2021-2022, what new models will be interesting for, what Renault cars will appear in America in the near future, and whether to expect a rise in the price of popular sedans and SUVs of the brand.


The Renault Duster crossover, one of the most popular models of the company on the American market, will receive an updated design. The manufacturer promises to present the next generation of the Duster in 2020.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Updated Duster will receive:

  • spectacular radiator grille;
  • stylish head optics with led elements;
  • new bumpers;
  • wheels with exclusive figure;
  • slightly different shape of the taillights.

Otherwise, the facelift model looks close to the second generation of the Duster. It clearly reads the recognizable features of the popular crossover.

Changes will also affect the interior. The designers updated the steering wheels, improved the quality of finishing materials, and equipped the car with a modern multimedia system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The motor range will be:

  • economical 1.5-liter petrol engine with 106 HP. ;
  • powerful 150-strong topmotor capacity of 1.3 L.;
  • The 1.5-litre diesel power units with capacity of 85 or 110 HP

The first new models of Renault Duster 2021-2022 will be able to evaluate in India, where for the basic configuration at the beginning of 2020 they ask for about $ 11,600. Expect a new product in America is not earlier than 2021.


Already in 2020, a new version of the compact urban crossover Renault Captur should appear in European showrooms, which will receive a new palette of bright and juicy shades, as well as a number of significant changes in the exterior, interior and technical characteristics.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The exterior of the novelty will attract such features as:

  • spectacular head optics design with L-shaped led elements;
  • slightly changed radiator grille;
  • aggressive front bumper;
  • two-color version;
  • new drawing of wheel rims;
  • sloping roof that smoothly merges into the spoiler;
  • the new tail lights.

Along with the classic versions, the Captur E-Tech with a hybrid powertrain will also be released in 2021.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Unfortunately, we will not see the novelty in the near future in the American car dealerships, as the company plans to supply the previous model to the domestic market, which was presented in Geneva.

Sandero B-Cross

In the management of Renault said that they plan to introduce the popular model Sandero in the class of crossovers.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The car is planned to be assembled on a new platform, which will bring it closer to the SUV class. We should probably expect an increase in the size of the Sandero, a more impressive ground clearance and a number of technical improvements that should emphasize the Sandero belonging to the most popular class of urban crossovers today.


Another highly anticipated 2020 premiere is the new Renault Logan. The popular budget sedan will get a new platform and a number of technical improvements worthy of your attention.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

It is difficult to say what the design of the model will be at the moment, since the manufacturer hides all the details of the novelty until the official premiere. But experts believe that the exterior of the novelty, which is most likely to be among the 2021-2022 models produced by Renault for the American market, will largely echo the design of Captur and Sandero.


The spacious Espace minivan will also receive an updated design in 2021-2022.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

In the list of updates:

  • adaptive matrix headlights;
  • upgraded bumpers and taillights;
  • panoramic roof;
  • 9.3-inch entertainment complex monitor;
  • a large set of modern options to help the driver.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The range of powertrains remained unchanged – turbodiesels with a capacity of 169 and 200 HP, as well as a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 225 HP.


The sedan and station wagon with the sonorous Mascot name will also receive an update by 2021. It is worth noting that there will be no drastic changes in the exterior of the model. Improvements will affect the interior and technical characteristics of the car.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Instead of a monolithic radiator grille, the new generation Talisman will get a spectacular chrome one with a neat logo, which has become somewhat smaller. The exterior of the novelty will also be decorated with new headlights, slightly modified door stamping, which will save the image of the car from excessive rounding.

The interior will delight with such modern solutions as:

  • large vertical orientation display;
  • sports steering wheel;
  • two-tone interior design;
  • high functionality of the equipment;
  • sophisticated security systems;
  • a set of modern assistants to help the driver.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Under the hood of the mascot, you can find one of 4 options: 1.6-liter gasoline units with a capacity of 150 or 200 HP, as well as economical diesel engines with a volume of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 110 or 130 HP.

The model will definitely appear in America, but it is still difficult to say what its price will be. Experts are inclined to believe that the price tag will start at approximately 1,300,000 rubles.


The Renault 2021-2022 model range will also be supplemented by new Koleos, which received a design in a new corporate style and a wide palette of stylish bright body colors.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The 2021 Koleos Will be distinguished from the previous generation models:

  • stylish headlights with led elements in the shape of a Fang;
  • abundance of chrome in the decor;
  • new wheels (maximum R 19);
  • the new design of the bumpers;
  • slightly modified glazing to improve visibility/

Although the updated Koleos is a co-platformer with the Nissan X-Trail, it looks neater and slightly more compact. Although, the functionality and technical characteristics will quite please those who plan to operate the car not only in urban mode, but also periodically test the “off-road”mode.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The engine range will include a 2-liter 144-horsepower diesel engine, as well as 2 gasoline power units with a capacity of 171 and 177 HP, which will be aggregated by a CVT X-Tronic gearbox (automatic transmission is not provided).

The car appeared in America at the beginning of 2020. The price starts from 1,699,000 rubles.

Clio E-Tech (Hybrid)

In January 2020, Renault presented in Brussels a new hybrid Clio E-Tech, which will be powered by a 160-horsepower power plant from a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine and two electric motors with a capacity of 36 and 15 kW.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Among the improvements, is worthy of attention:

  • spectacular design of the drop-shaped body;
  • new bright paintwork shades;
  • head optics in the brand’s new “fanged” style;
  • 9.3-inch monitor (the largest in the line of Renault cars).

An interesting feature of the model will also be a multi-mode transmission, while most hybrids today install a continuously variable CVT. According to the engineers, the choice is dictated by the limited engine compartment of the car.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The manufacturer promises up to 40% savings when using the car in urban mode and up to 50 km of Autonomous mileage on electric traction.

Megane E-Tech

The hybrid version in 2021-2022 will also receive the popular Megan model in America.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Under the hood of the new Renault Megan is an economical 1.6-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine, as well as two electric motors. The total power of the unit will be 160 HP.

The new model will also be available with classic petrol and diesel engines.:

  • 1.0-liter petrol engine with 100 HP.;
  • 1.3-liter TCE power 115 / 140 / 160 HP;
  • 95/115 HP diesel engines.


In 2020, sales of the new Kadjar family crossover will start in Europe, which will receive a wide engine range, in which, in addition to the gasoline and diesel engine, a hybrid powertrain will appear.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The updated Qajar will retain recognizable design elements and the C-shaped design of the head optics that everyone likes. However, there will be some changes, including::

  • integrated module DRL turn signal;
  • economical led fog lights;
  • stylish chrome bumper trim;
  • new wheels (maximum R-19).

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Kadjar is planned to be produced in five trim levels:

  • Expression +;
  • Dynamique Nav;
  • Dynamique S Nav;
  • Signature Nav;
  • Signature S Nav.

It is expected that the price of the new product will start for Europe at 25,000 euros, while the upper limit for the model may be higher than 40,000 euros.

Restyling is expected in 2020 and compact low-cost hatchback Quid.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The novelty will receive narrow led headlights and two-level optics. A massive bumper with an aggressive black air intake and a stylish grille will get large modules of fog lights, and mirrors and rails – bright color accents.

Also from the updates it is worth noting:

  • increased rims from R-13 to R-14;
  • increased ground clearance to 184 mm;
  • ergonomic interior design;
  • modern technical equipment, including a multimedia system with an 8-inch monitor and a digital display.

Under the hood of the super-cheap (the price of the previous model starts from $ 4,000) and super-compact, as before, a 54-horsepower 0.8-liter gasoline engine (+manual transmission) or a more powerful 68-horsepower liter powertrain will be placed, for which an Easy-R robotic gearbox is assumed.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Also in the near future, they plan to release an electric version of the Kwid City K-ZE. Presumably, the price of such a new Renault in 2021-2022 will be $ 8,500.

Twingo ZE

Compact city car twingo in 2020 will receive an all-electric version.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The novelty will receive the following technical characteristics::

  • the power of the electric motor is 85 HP.;
  • the maximum speed is 135 km/h.;
  • acceleration to 50 km / h is only 4 seconds.;
  • Autonomous mileage – 190 km;
  • fast charging up to 80% — 63 min. (32 A)

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

Externally, the electric twingo will differ only in the color scheme of the body, hinting at its environmental friendliness. The price of such a city kid will start from $22,000.

Alaskan Ice Edition

In 2020, an improved version of the Alaskan pickup truck, adapted to the harsh conditions of the Far North, will appear on the American market.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The car presented by Renault in Geneva was equipped with such useful systems for cold climates as an additional interior heater and engine heating.

Externally, the novelty differs from the previous generation with a spectacular bright body design, a new interior, large 18-inch wheels. The Northern model will only be all-wheel drive. The engine range includes only 4 power units:

  • 2.3-liter diesel engine with 160 or 190 HP.;
  • 2.5-liter petrol engine with a power of 166 HP.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The start dates of deliveries of the Alaskan Ice Edition to Europe, as well as prices for the European market, have not yet been announced.


This is how Renault sees the future of the automotive industry.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The prototype electric car, which combines the most advanced technologies, futuristic design, maximum comfort and functionality, clearly demonstrates the direction in which the company plans to develop in the coming years.

It is worth noting that the elements first introduced in the prototype with the interesting name Symbioz can already be found in production cars of the brand today.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The model is not yet planned for mass production, but it remains a bright and unusual representative of the automotive industry, setting trends for the next 10 years.

Kangoo Z.E.

The popular Renault Kangoo van will also receive an electric version in 2020.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA

The novelty will differ from the classic model in its distinctive design, as well as a number of innovative solutions demonstrated in the prototype, such as:

  • touch-sensitive knobs;
  • rear-view cameras instead of mirrors;
  • the rounded shape of body panels;
  • spectacular with outdoor lighting.

The manufacturer is in no hurry to reveal all the cards and is silent about what characteristics the power unit of the new Kengo will receive. It is only known that the Autonomous mileage will be about 270 km.

New Renault 2021-2022 | new models, in USA


It is obvious that electric vehicles will become a priority area of development for Renault in the coming years. The company plans to invest about half a billion euros in the development and production of electric cars and promises many more interesting models in the near future.

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