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Hyundai Motor Company is the largest South Korean automaker that supplies a wide range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles to the world market. We offer you to find out in detail what new products from Hyundai should appear in car dealerships during 2021-2022, what will be interesting for domestic motorists new models, as well as what will be the prices and configuration of the cars shown in the photo.


In 2020, the market promises to release a new generation of the popular crossover Hyundai Tucson.

The taxon released in 2021-2022 will be noticeably different from its predecessor. The updated model will receive:

  • new radiator grille that seamlessly merges into narrow headlights;
  • new optics consisting of compact led headlights and fog modules;
  • an original solution for the rear of the car with triangular lights combined with a narrow led strip;
  • the solution to the angular wheel arches.

Under the hood of the novelty, most likely, we will see a petrol 1.6-liter turbo engine with 180 HP or 2.5-liter Theta III 300 HP.

Today, the price of the restyled version of the Tucson varies from 1.5 to 2.27 million rubles, depending on the configuration. It is quite expected that the 2021-2022 model will cost the owner a little more, but the price difference will be fully justified by a number of innovative solutions that will be implemented in the new generation of the crossover.


Among the expected models of 2021-2022 will be the Hyundai Creta (ix25) – the presentation of the novelty took place as part of the Shanghai motor show in 2019.

Among the interesting solutions designed to attract the attention of potential customers to the new generation of the Korean crossover, it is worth highlighting:

  • multi-level optics with an original L-shaped design;
  • stylish body design;
  • huge touch-screen display, vertical orientation;
  • a functional salon with numerous innovative options;
  • economical powertrains (1.4-liter turbo engine with 140 HP or 1.5-liter atomsfernik with 115 HP).);
  • 3 variants of boxes: 6-manual transmission, 7-speed robot and CVT.

At the moment, they plan to produce only front-wheel drive versions of the Creta, which is why the choice of the model’s engine range is determined.


In late 2020 or early 2021, all-new Hyundai Venue models, which are positioned as youth crossovers, should also enter the market. The car should occupy a niche just below the Creta and become a more affordable option for those who are looking for a stylish, charismatic, compact and economical urban crossover.

Venyu will get the following features::

  • a time-tested “cart” from the i20;
  • thin led modules of double-row headlights in a new style of the brand;
  • original vyshtampovki of a body for which the stylish two-color solution will also be available;
  • 17-or 15-inch wheels with exclusive design;
  • economical power units in volume from 1,2 to 1,6 liters;
  • stylish interior design, but with more modest equipment than Creta.

Sales of the new product have already started in the US market. Its price, depending on the configuration, varies from 18 to 20 thousand dollars. Sales in Europe and America are expected to start no earlier than the end of 2020. information on prices has not yet been disclosed.


One of the most anticipated innovations of 2021-2022 for America will be the 8-seat all-wheel drive Hyundai Palisade.

To complete the SUV, two powertrain options are assumed:

  1. 365 HP 3.3 l biturbed V-6.;
  2. a more economical 190-horsepower “four” with a volume of 2.2 liters.

The exterior of the model echoes the design of the new Santa Fe, but in terms of equipment and technical characteristics, the Palisade will surpass all other SUVs of the brand. Among its advantages::

  • impressive dimensions and roominess;
  • maximum diameter wheels R-20;
  • stylish design that emphasizes the luxury of the model;
  • complete package of state-of-the-art options and helpers;
  • high level of passive and active protection for the driver and passengers;
  • modern entertainment system.

The starting price of the model in the South Korean market is $ 31,000. Sales in America are scheduled to start in the fall of 2020.


The segment of compact sedans in 2021 should be supplemented by a spectacular new-generation Elantra. There are no first live photos of the novelty yet, but the designers have already shown what the exterior of the novelty will look like.

The model is among the best-selling sedans in Europe and America, so the manufacturer decided to update the model in the near future.

The new Elantra will get:

  • a platform from Kia Forte;
  • spectacular head optics;
  • new radiator grille;
  • updated the geometry of the bumpers;
  • extended engine range.

At the moment, the novelty is undergoing road tests, preparing to appear in full glory at one of the car showrooms in 2020.


Another novelty of 2021 will be the Hyundai Sonata sedan, which will be presented on the market with both classic powertrains and an innovative hybrid powertrain that provides an Autonomous mileage of 1300 km.

As stated by the manufacturers themselves, in this model they tried to implement “sensual sportiness”. On the one hand, the car is a vivid example of Beautifully Smart technology (thoughtful beauty in detail), on the other hand, individual exterior elements emphasize its sporty character.

It is worth noting that the hybrid version of the 2021 release will receive its own design, which will make it easy to distinguish it from the base model. The differences will be evident in the design of the radiator grille and bumpers, as well as the presence of a large roof panel, although the General lines of the concept, such as the unique led optics with access to the hood, will be preserved.

Solaris / Accent

The new exterior will also receive Solaris, which in many countries is sold under the Accent name. In 2021-2022, only the 5-door Solaris sedan will be available for purchase. Versions in station wagon bodies will not be released.

A new model generation will get:

  • aggressive design;
  • optics in the new Hyundai brand style;
  • updated bumpers;
  • digital instrument panel.

Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz pickup truck (codenamed NX4 OB) will be mass-produced in 2021.

Naturally, the exterior of the model will not be as bright and spectacular as the prototype presented earlier. They will lose their futuristic rounded shapes and become more prosaic, although they will retain recognizable features such as::

  • head optics;
  • radiator grille;
  • bumper with integrated fog optics modules.


Genesis cars are a luxury segment of Hyundai Motor. After the previously presented models G70, G80 and G90, we should expect 6 more new products until 2021. This news was told by Luc Donkervolk himself during the last presentation.

It is still difficult to say what the expected new items will look like, since they were presented in the form of silhouettes. It is only known that they will receive stylish double-cavity optics in the style of the already presented models. Various sources talk about the likely release of several modifications of luxury crossovers and an electric car, but the company has not yet confirmed this information.

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