New models GAS year 2020-2021

Reliable, functional and inexpensive to maintain cars GAS stable use in the USA and abroad very popular and we offer to learn more about what new products will release a domestic producer of cars in the year 2020-2021, as well as to evaluate the most interesting new models on the photo.

Gazon NEXT

The car has passed the planned upgrade, which resulted in the modification of the cars 2020 has become more functional. Confirm this increased to 6.2 tons carrying capacity, and increased up to 45 m 3 volume of the body. These parameters were achieved thanks to the strengthening frame, shock and rear axle gearbox.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Truck used diesel engine YAMZ-53445 capacity of 4.4 liters and power of 169 HP together five-speed manual transmission. Updated Lawn has several variants that differ in certain technical parameters, equipment and occupancy of the cabin. Starting price is 1 million 200 thousand rubles.

The lawn NEXT to the crane

Truck crane from the company the GAS will occupy an average niche between the lifting equipment cranes and a full car mini-manipulators. Platform with a length of 6.2 m is equipped with height adjustable sides and allows to transport a variety of loads.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

The car will be mounted the lift company Unic, allowing to perform work at a distance of from 3 to 10 meters and move loads weighing up to 3 tons. One of the modifications of the car will get a double cabin.

The lawn NEXT tanker

Another special car based on the new Gazon Next will be the tanker. The main task of the new techniques to serve agricultural, construction and road companies. The tank capacity is 5.3 thousand m 3 , and the use of aluminium and special design allows to reduce the total mass of the tanker and to improve its stability.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Taking into account the specifics of the car at the device some changes to the means of active and passive safety, also delivered increased power head optics.

GAZelle NEXT (Euro 6)

For 2020, the company plans to begin overseas sales of the model GAZelle NEXT with the motor requirements of Euro-6. The novelty is equipped with a diesel engine capacity of 135 HP from the Volkswagen group in applied paired with a 6-speed manual transmission of their own design.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

The car will be equipped with an anatomic seat, driver, airbags, device stabilization (ESP), and the frame design will allow you to mount a variety of specialized equipment.

Van GAZelle NEXT

The model used the chassis of the car GAZelle Next, total weight of 4.60 T. a New minibus has the capacity of 22 people and 14 seats. As the power unit used Cummins diesel at 140 horsepower.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Comfort will provide bulk and high (1.90 m) interior, sliding electrogirl, retractable kickstand, and a powerful air conditioning equipment.

GAZelle NEXT autobench

The new car chassis of GAZelle NEXT and so the appearance is very similar to the basic model. One of the main visual differences are the lifting Board, which not only open a storefront in the Parking lot and protect it when driving, but also turn into a Bulletin Board.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

The salon can have several configurations depending on the specialization of mobile shops. For the complete set provides a variety of equipment, among which are:

  • numerous shelves;
  • hinged boxes;
  • a variety of cabinets;
  • washing with water;
  • refrigeration equipment.

The length of the car may be the standard – 3.1 m or extended is 4.2 m ,and the base powertrain will be a Cummins diesel producing 150 HP.

Cruise 2.0

Among the new buses allocated model for intercity transportation under the name Cruise 2.0. Modification of 2020 has received a fresh exterior and a completely redesigned interior with passenger seats premium. In addition, to increase comfort with more efficient HVAC equipment, added modern multimedia system.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

The bus is still based on the chassis of Scania. For the first time in the domestic models on the Cruise 2.0 applied complex driver assistance ADAS and used Off-Board for remote diagnosis by experts the most important systems, equipment and assemblies.

Vector-NEXT 8.8

New city Lasik differs from its predecessor increased to 8.8 metres in length, in the basic version of 7.6 m. It is possible to increase capacity up to 65 people and mount 23 seats.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

As the power unit has a powerful in-line turbodiesel YAMZ-534 170 HP Automatic transmission will initially be equipped with six-speed transmission company Allison. In the future, the company plans to establish and begin to manufacture its own automatic transmission.

Sadko NEXT

New three-ton SUV aims to continue the line of lorries GAS. For this machine design applied:

  • high clearance (31.5 cm);
  • climbing gear;
  • locking differentials of both bridges;
  • a device for tire inflation;
  • powerful engine JAMZ-534.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Comfort 3-seater cockpit provides comfortable Seating, including suspension for the driver, modern equipment and special configuration of the front suspension due to what the car was smooth running and high stability.

The features of Sadko 2020 model year should include the fact that on the conveyor the truck will be produced in two versions: right-hand and left-hand drive. This indicates the export potential of the vehicle.


Off-road truck-pickup is characterized by a double cabin, cargo platform and all-wheel drive. Off-road properties of new items emphasize high arches 18-inch wheels, high ground clearance, special tyres. The length of the truck is of 6.43 m, with a capacity limited to 2.5 tons.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

The interior is decorated in the style of the other trucks series Next and has quality ergonomics. The machine is equipped with diesel engine 150 HP, in conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission. Full power is provided by a connected front axle and high permeability by the presence of the reduction gear and lock both diffs. The estimated price of the truck will reach 2 million 400 thousand.

Sobol NEXT 4×4

Updated all-wheel-drive vehicle developed on the chassis of an existing model, but with a completely new body, made in the style of Next. The novelty will have all-wheel drive, together with a reduction gear and differential lock provides high throughput.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Initially changed the Sobol 4×4 will be equipped with the Cummins turbodiesel and five-speed manual transmission, will become available, and automatic transmission. The cost of the minibus will range from 1.2 to 2.0 million rubles depending on configuration.

The GAZ 5000 GL Volga

One of the nicest new models GAS 2020 2021 may be revived Volga. The planned design of the car create a bright, fast and individual appearance of the model. Salon due to its size will be convenient and comfortable for five people.

New models GAS year 2020-2021

Be equipped with the car will be a gasoline engine, 290 forces, together with the seven-speed automatic transmission. Among the rich equipment can note the led optics, multi-media, all-round visibility, and numerous security systems. The exact date of the start of production of the machine and cost the company to provide information later.


Prepared and announced the production of a new 2020-2021 compliance year GAZ group policy to produce affordable, safe and reliable vehicles to the domestic buyers.

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