New mobile phones in 2021: review

  • 1 Apple
  • 2 Samsung
  • 3 ZTE
  • 4 Motorola
  • 5 Xiaomi
  • 6 Huawei
  • 7 Meizu
  • 8 Nokia
  • 9 Blackberry
  • 10 Google

If you are interested in modern gadgets – we suggest you look at an overview of the most anticipated mobile phones that will go on sale in 2021 and find out what will be interesting for new products from leading manufacturers and what will be the prices of new smartphones.


In the “Apple” line of 2021, there will be 4 new smartphones of the iPhone 13 series, which will be based on the innovative SoC A14 Bionic technology:

  • Mini (5.4 inches);
  • Standart (6.1 inches);
  • Pro (6.1 inches);
  • Pro Max (6.7 inches).

New mobile phones in 2021: review

Among the innovations that will impress new Apple phones in 2021:

  • frameless design;
  • complete absence of connectors (data transmission will be carried out via wireless communication channels);
  • wireless charging;
  • fingerprint sensor on the side face;
  • LiDAR scanner;
  • support for 5G technology.

At the same time, the cameras in the 13th series will not receive any technical improvements. All versions will have optical components and sensors installed with the iPhone 12.

Important! The release of the previously announced for 2021 3rd generation iPhone SE is postponed. The company will start mass production of these smartphones no earlier than 2022.


In 2021, Samsung plans to introduce 3 new Galaxy series mobile phones at Once:

  • Galaxy A;
  • Galaxy S21;
  • Galaxy Z folding (2 Fold).

New mobile phones in 2021: review

What will be the gadgets of the A-series is still unknown, but there is reliable information that in 2020 the company patented 9 positions with new names for gadgets in this segment.

Galaxy S21 should please with such interesting options as:

  • a sub-screen camera that Samsung has been talking about for quite some time;
  • the laser focusing system to improve the quality of images;
  • stylish design with a wide range of bright juicy shades.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

The most anticipated new product of Samsung in 2021 will definitely be the folding model Fold 2, which will be interesting for such innovative solutions as:

  • large 7.7-inch folding screen
  • resolution 2213 × 1689 px;
  • the refresh rate is 120 Hz.

It is also possible that the manufacturer will release a lightweight version with the original name Fold Lite to the market. But nothing is known about this device yet, since due to quarantine measures, the presentation of the novelty was decided to be postponed to 2021.

ZTE also plans to increase sales in 2021 and offers its new foldable phones with flexible screens that can be deformed, for example, turning into a convenient stand.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

The main advantage of flexible ZTE models should be an affordable price in comparison with similar models of global flagships. Of course, you will have to sacrifice something for this advantage. Most likely, this will be the photo functionality of the device. So, experts have already considered that the photo of the first prototypes does not have a front camera. Moreover, ZTE chose Royole as the manufacturer of flexible modules, whose products belong to the low price segment of the market.


The previously announced launch of sales of the RAZR 2 folding model will most likely be postponed to the coming 2021.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

The smartphone was among the most anticipated new products due to its unusual design. But, it is already known today that for the sake of being able to fold the device and at the same time maintain a smooth screen, the manufacturer had to sacrifice high-quality durable glass. Instead, the device’s screen will now be covered with a strong plastic film.


In 2021, new cell phones manufactured under the Xiaomi brand. they may leave the budget niche.

The increase in the price of products will be caused by the following factors::

  • the use of costly innovative Qualcomm processor instead of the Snapdragon;
  • availability of an Adreno 660 graphics accelerator and a separate Spectra 580 processor (for image processing);
  • ultra-fast charging from 100W;
  • 5g support;
  • application of flexible screen technology.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

Yes, the Xiaomi Group decided to keep up with the flagships, and release by 2021 a whole line of flexible smartphones that can be transformed into a fairly large tablet or folded to the size of a phone that can easily be carried in a Trouser pocket. Moreover, Xiaomi smartphones can be bent in two zones at once.

See what will be the new product from Xiaomi in 2021:

Also in 2021, Xiaomi will launch stylish vivo monoblocks with such advantages as:

  • powerful battery capacity of 4000 mAh;
  • 100-watt charging, fully restoring the battery in just 17 minutes.


The company plans to release in 2021 a monoblock P Smart mid-price segment.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

The model is expected to receive:

  • 6.67-inch screen;
  • four cameras 48 / 8 / 2 / 2 MP and 18 MP front camera;
  • proprietary emui 10.1 shell
  • full package of HMS services;
  • 5000 mAh battery;
  • a charge of 22.5 W;
  • beautiful body colors, including green and gold.


The main innovation of Meizu models in the coming year will be support for 5G technology. Also, new Meizu phones, like other smartphones of 2021 that were included in our review, will receive increased capacity batteries with fast wireless charging and more storage space for various files.

New mobile phones in 2021: review


The once very popular manufacturer has lost its customer in recent years and now wants to regain its former position by launching a unique smartphone with a Z-shaped bend. But at this stage, there are no real photos, or even a description of the production model yet, so we can only enjoy the prototype images and fantasize about what the announced Nokia Z background may turn out to be in 2021.

New mobile phones in 2021: review


The company, known for its premium models of VIP smartphones, plans to introduce another gadget in 2021 that combines:

  • exclusive design;
  • functionality and practicality of the business model;
  • support for 5G communication;
  • a physical qwerty keyboard;
  • an unprecedented system of information protection.

New mobile phones in 2021: review


Google also plans to update the popular Pixel smartphone in the coming year, releasing the 5A model.

It is expected that the model will become another affordable and functional device in the market of innovative gadgets. The price of the new product will start from the position of $370.

New mobile phones in 2021: review

But Google also has bigger plans. At the end of 2021, a folding Google Pixel Fold should appear on the market, which will not be inferior in functionality and ergonomics to the models presented on the market today.

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