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Appreciate the real Bavarian quality of BMW cars – find out what new models the company will release in 2021-2022 and what will be interesting about the expected new products.

2-Series Gran Coupe

The model range of the 2nd series is expected to be replenished. Along with the luxury Coupe and Convertible models in 2021-2022, the manufacturer plans to supply the new Gran Coupe to American car dealerships, which, although declared as an elongated coupe, is not inferior in appearance and roominess to classic sedans.

Externally, the 2-Series Gran Coupe will be made in the classic design of this line of cars. Individuality of the model is given by:

  • extended body with a sloping roof;
  • the radiator grille, which in the basic configuration will have a 3D effect, and for the M235i xDrive versions will be made in a sporty style.;
  • exclusive design of the head optics, which can optionally be adaptive;
  • large air intakes integrated in the bumper;
  • a neat spoiler on the trunk lid;
  • interesting taillights with an L-shaped pattern.

The interior of the novelty will largely repeat the interior of the 1-series hatchback. Sports seats will be available as an option when ordering.

The 2-Series Gran Coupe engine range will include the following powertrains::

For the basic front-wheel drive version, they will offer a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed robot, while they plan to install an 8-band automatic on more powerful cars with all-wheel drive.

The price of the new product in 2020 starts at 2,280,000 rubles.

2 Series Active Tourer

In 2021, the updated Active Tourer 2-series compact car will also enter the market, which will retain the elegance of classic lines, but will become more functional and technological.

Like its predecessor, the Tourer in the database will be front-wheel drive, but if desired, connoisseurs will be able to order new products from BMW in 2021 and in all-wheel drive.

The motor range of the model will be quite wide. It will include a standard set of turbocharged petrol and diesel powertrains from BMW. It is also expected that in the near future a production model with an innovative hybrid installation will roll off the Assembly line.


The updated version of the 4-series coupe has already been officially presented and, most likely, at the beginning of 2021, BMW will start selling new items in the markets of Europe and America.

The stylish compact 4-Series coupe will share the platform with the new 3-series models in the future. In comparison with the previous model, the new “four” will significantly increase in size:

Length4,768 mm+13 mm
Width1,852 mm+ 27 mm
Height1,383 mm+ 6 mm
Wheelbase2,851 mm+ 41 mm

The main” feature ” of the novelty will be the huge nostrils of the radiator grille, as well as the exclusive design of the trunk door, smoothly turning into a neat spoiler and taillights.

The engine range will include 7 power units (3 petrol and 4 diesel) with a capacity from 184 to 374 HP.

The price range, depending on the configuration, will be 45 600 – 58 500 dollars.

X2 hybrid

Following the electrification of the X1, the charged plug-in hybrid crossover BMW X2 will go on sale in 2020.

Under the hood of the car will be a hybrid installation with a total capacity of 220 HP, consisting of:

  • 125-horsepower 1.5-liter gasoline power turbo engine;
  • 95-horsepower electric motor with a single-stage gearbox.

At the same time, the crossover will accelerate to a hundred in 6.8 seconds, the maximum speed is 135 km / h, and the consumption is 1.9-2.1 liters per 100 km.

Thanks to a 10-kilowatt lithium-ion battery, the hybrid X2 will be able to travel up to 57 km on electricity alone.

The price of the basic equipment on the German market is 47,250 euros. When the model will appear in America and what the price tag will be in domestic car dealerships for Advantage, Advantage Plus, M Sport and M Sport X cars, it is still difficult to say.

In 2021, a new generation of BMW’s charismatic X4 SUV will enter the market.

  • improved aerodynamics;
  • a spectacular design that will traditionally be complemented by a stylish sports body kit for the M version;
  • large 19-or 20-inch wheels;
  • 9 spectacular body colors, from classic to dark olive and flamenco (pictured);
  • a package of innovative options to help the driver.

Under the hood of the classic version of the SUV will be a 2-liter 248-horsepower turbo engine, and the X4 M relies on a more powerful 473-horsepower turbocharged unit, which allows you to accelerate the car to 100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds.

The basic X4 package will cost about $52,000, while the charged M-pack will start at $62,000 and can last up to $80,000 (depending on the options).

The X5 SUV in 2020 received a powerful sport version with the M prefix, which will differ from the base model not only with a spectacular carbon body kit and large 21-inch wheels, but also with a power unit.

The all-wheel-drive M-version of the X5 SUV will provide unprecedented dynamics and power with a 4.4-liter 600-horsepower V8 with dual turbocharging. The powertrain will be aggregated by an 8-speed m Steptronic robot. But, unlike the classic X5 configuration. The M-pack will have no drift mode.

The M Competition version of the engine will be 25 HP more powerful, and will also receive exclusive 22-inch wheels.

The minimum cost of the 2021-2022 X5 M will be $105,100.

The sports version of the X6 will get the same powertrains as the previously described X5 M.

The bright exterior makes the car recognizable, and in the new olive shade of Urban, it is simply gorgeous.

The interior of the novelty will also delight connoisseurs of comfort and luxury, because the M-version will be equipped with:

  • modern sports seats in exclusive leather upholstery;
  • a functional multimedia system with a 12.3-inch monitor;
  • unprecedented passive and active security systems;
  • multi-zone climate system.

The minimum price of such a novelty in 2021 will start from $108,600.

After the successful launch of the full-size X7 SUV, the Bavarians plan to release its smaller coupe-shaped version, which should appear on the market under the name BMW X8 in 2021.

Development is actively underway, but the company jealously guards all the details of the hot new product. Most likely, the car will retain its recognizable exterior in the front part (a massive grille and narrow head optics), but at the same time it will receive an aerodynamic sloping roof, a sports body kit and a more powerful power unit.

M8 Coupe and Convertible

In 2020, the range of BMW sports cars will be supplemented with a spectacular coupe and convertible 8-Series.

At the same time, not 2, but 4 new cars will enter the market at once, because each modification still has a special Competition series. The novelty intrigues connoisseurs of the brand, because these will be the first M-versions in the 8-Series line, which has been produced since 1990.

New items will receive a powerful 4.4-liter 600-horsepower engine (like the M5) in conjunction with an 8-speed robot and all-wheel drive xDrive transmission.

The m button, which activates aggressive mode, remains on the console, but the model will receive a number of improvements:

  • reconfiguring the steering system;
  • reinforced brakes that will become carbon-ceramic;
  • several options for the operation and sound of the exhaust system.

The price of the new product will start at 6.5 million rubles.

Vision iNext

Introduced in 2021, the Vision iNext can become a production model as early as 2021.

Not so long ago, the first spy photos of a tightly camouflaged electric SUV appeared on the network, according to which it can be concluded that the production model will be far from a futuristic prototype.

Although the date of the official presentation has not yet been determined, work is already underway in Dingolfing to modernize the Assembly lines that were previously used for the production of the 5, 7 and 8 series BMW.

While the company does not disclose all the cards, but the expected novelty in terms of parameters should definitely not be inferior to the iX3. Experts predict that the novelty will get the 5th generation of the eDrive system, the maximum power of which can reach 530 HP power Reserve Vision iNext should be 600 km.

In Geneva, a prototype of the new BMW i4 electric car was presented, the production of which should start in 2021. It is worth noting that the model is positioned as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

The car will receive an innovative 390 kW powertrain that can accelerate the electric car to 100 km / h in just 4 seconds and a battery with a capacity of 80 kWh, which is enough for 600 km of Autonomous driving.

New BMW cars from 2022-2024

Looking ahead to the coming day, BMW does not stop at the models that were included in the novelties of 2021-2022. In the coming years, the Bavarians plan to release at least 5 more new models.:

  • 5-Series (2023);
  • i5 (2023);
  • i5X (2024);
  • i8 (2024);
  • The 9-Series is a competitor to the Maybach S600.

So far, there is very little information about new products, but as soon as the information appears, we will definitely tell you about what BMW hybrids and electric cars will be like in the materials of our website.

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