New hunting rules from January 1, 2021 | new edition, text, download

A serious step in the development of the American hunting industry should be the new hunting rules, which will be effective in 2021. Novice and avid hunters have several months to learn about changes in the safety requirements for staying on the grounds, the permitted periods when it is possible to hunt certain animals, actions and documents that should be presented to inspectors to avoid charges of poaching, and other innovations.

General information

On August 31, 2020, the Ministry of justice registered the Order of the Ministry of natural resources No. 477 of 24.07.2020, which comes into force on January 1, 2021 and cancels previously existing regulations governing animal trapping. According to representatives of the Ministry of natural resources and environment, when developing it, the opinion of environmental and public organizations, lawyers and experts in the field of hunting was taken into account, which made it possible to take into account the interests of interested parties.

One of the main features of the new version of the rules is a significant expansion of the powers of regional authorities in matters of organizing hunting from 2021. They may relate to the establishment and postponement of the hunting season, the prohibition or restrictions of certain tools and methods used by hunters (for example, the use of night vision devices, loop fishing, etc.). Moreover, the requirements may apply both to the territory of the entire subject of the American Federation and its individual regions.

New hunting rules from January 1, 2021 | new edition, text, download

Among other changes approved by the new hunting rules from 2021:

  • We specified a number of terms that previously had no clear definitions. Primary processing of hunting products is defined as a set of actions related to skinning, plucking feathers, gutting, cutting carcasses into parts, and separating tissues and organs. Transportation means any movement of captured animals or their parts.
  • The requirement for the mandatory use of towers when hunting at night was abolished, and along with it-the requirements for the technical characteristics of the towers themselves. That is, hunters with a gun can stay on the ground at night.
  • We have changed the permitted time limits for hunting individual animals. So bears will be allowed to be hunted from August 1 to December 31 (previously the season ended on November 30), elk, ROE deer, fallow deer, spotted and red deer-October 1-January 10 (previously – until December 31), drakes of ducks when using decoy-March 1-June 16 (the minimum duration of the season should be 30 days).
  • They clearly regulated the issues of loop fishing and established a list of municipalities where it is forbidden to use it at any time of the year. We are talking about the habitats of rare feline species: Amur tiger, manul, far Eastern and near Asian leopards, snow leopard, Caracal, etc. At the same time, regional authorities determine the possibility of loop fishing in certain areas for animals that require population regulation.

Download the full text Of the order of the Ministry of natural resources with new hunting rules from 2021:

Concern for the safety of hunters

The new hunting rules establish additional measures to ensure the safety of individuals during their stay in hunting grounds. Starting in 2021:

  • Hunting in the dark is allowed only in high-visibility clothing (among the acceptable colors – red, yellow, orange), equipped with reflective elements. The dark time of day is considered not only the night itself, but also the periods 60 minutes before sunset and after dawn.
  • Clothing of the above colors is mandatory regardless of the time of day in the conditions of collective hunting for bears, wolves,jackals, and ungulates.
  • Only weapons with documents are allowed to be shot and checked. You can do this on special sites (shooting ranges) or hunting grounds. The latter option is acceptable only during the hunting season and for those who have permits for such activities. To load / discharge the weapon, you need to turn away from nearby people, and point the barrel in the air or on the ground.
  • It is forbidden to hunt with a faulty weapon.
  • It is forbidden to shoot at flying birds that are located at an altitude of less than 2.5 m, especially in conditions of poor visibility, in order to eliminate the risk of hitting people.

New hunting rules from January 1, 2021 | new edition, text, download

Combating poaching

Poaching activities bring significant losses to the hunting industry of the American Federation: the total value of legally obtained animals is sometimes less than the amount of damage caused by poachers. For example, a few years ago, the figures were RUB 16 billion and RUB 17 billion, respectively. That is why the new hunting rules also focus on the fight against poaching. To do this, from January 1, 2021:

  • The list of powers of hunting supervision inspectors has been expanded. If earlier they could only require a hunting ticket, a hunting permit or a permit, documents for weapons for verification, then from 2021 documentation for hunting products and vehicles will be added to this list. Inspectors are also authorized to demand that the specified items be presented for inspection and that a loaded weapon be discharged.
  • A ban has been introduced on transporting / moving hunting prey without proper accompanying documents. This will avoid such a poaching trick, when one team was engaged in shooting the animal, the second-in scalding, cutting and transporting it. When they met with the inspectors, the latter stated that they had accidentally found the body and did not want it to “disappear just like that.”

New rules for hunting in America in 2021:video

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