New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

Several years ago a priority in the suburbs in most cases, have become second homes, but is now an active demand for new buildings, many of which will be available for purchase in the 2020-2021 year.

The popularity of the suburbs as a region to stay, very easy to explain: in comparison with Moscow prices for new apartments are much smaller, but it retained the excellent infrastructure, availability of a range of options, and convenient communication with the capital. Developers offer a huge range of projects, starting back in the 2020-2021 year. In the residential complexes of Moscow region are presented as an economy or low cost options available for families of middle class and luxury apartments.


When choosing a suitable housing option in new suburbs decisive factors are the convenience of transport links with Moscow (metro, buses, trains, etc.), the quality of the road surface, proximity to highway, price of taxis etc. Not the last role played by careful design of the residential complex, which may provide much needed facilities, such as kindergartens and schools, hospitals, supermarkets, beauty salons, eliminating the need for frequent travel to other areas to meet the basic needs of the residents. Another important parameter is the presence of green areas, places for rest and walks with the family, proximity to natural features, artificial or natural bodies of water, etc.

“Left Bank”

Residential complex “left Bank” is located in Khimki, Sovkhoznaya str. The project of the suburbs focuses on the availability of primary residence, so it presents a large number of apartments of economy class, located in several multi-storey buildings. The main advantage is the proximity to the ring road: the distance is less than a kilometer. In addition, currently under construction, another track, where erect two prefabricated housing.

Conveniently accessible from the new “left Bank” and to the subway: 20 minutes distance to station “Rechnoy Vokzal”, which can be reached in two Shuttle buses. For sale in 2021 will be available two – and three-bedroom apartments of different squaring, the prices of which start from 6.14 million (here and further the prices are indicated in Russian rubles).

New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

“Emerald hills”

Developer of the “PEAK” represents a project in the suburbs, which began to be implemented in 2014. Location – Krasnogorsk, MKR. Opelika Blvd. Astronauts. Sales start in the 2020-2021 year. Residential complex deserves special attention of those who are interested in acquiring small apartments, convenient for single people or young families without children. At the same time, there is a four-room apartment area of 92 m2 , ideal for families with more than one child.

Relatively low prices due to the fact that at the moment only accessible at the Volokolamsk highway, which is very actual problem of traffic jams, especially during peak hours. To address this issue at the moment, the highway expands to five lanes, then the cost of apartments will rise sharply, so real estate professionals here predict the sharp increase in prices from the end of 2020. In addition, now there is a special offer from the developer for the purchase of apartments with a discount up to 7%. At the moment, housing prices in the residential complex “Emerald hill” is in the range of 2.6 – 9, 43 million

New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

“Shustov Park”

LCD “Shustov Park” is located in Solnechnogorsk on the street Leningrad. It consists of two 14-storey buildings, built from high quality certified brick. The lower levels represent non-residential: there will be shops, beauty salons and barbershops, pharmacies and other facilities.

The developer has provided everything you need for a comfortable stay, therefore, at each entrance there is not only passenger but also freight Elevator. The apartments embody everything you can to allow tenants to bring to life the most demanding design in your apartment: large living rooms, high ceilings, spacious balconies and loggias, which optionally can be converted into a winter garden or extension area to stay.

In “Shustov Park” you can buy not only full housing in new buildings, but the Studio is gaining increasing popularity with each passing year. You can buy them in the first half of 2020. The cost of apartments in new buildings starts from 2,32 and comes to 5.46 million

New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year


Ambitious and large-scale project in the suburbs sells reputable Builder “Projectcontroller”, which guarantees high quality of work. The goal was the construction of the miniature semblance of a modern city in the suburbs, which can live more than 30 thousand people. Is LCD Novokurkino in Khimki, in the district of New Khimki, Rodionova str.

On campus are several areas to relax, playgrounds, sports courts, equipped with areas with a special coating for roller skating. In addition there are a lot of alleys and a Park where you can relax after work or take a stroll with the family. Very convenient transportation, allowing the highway to get to Yes the ring road is only 2 km from the buildings.

The start of sales is planned for the first half of 2020 from 2.9 to 6, 8 million

“UP-the quarter of Rome”

Despite the proximity to the buildings are in a very green area, because from the bustling city, the “UP-the quarter of Rome” separated by a Park strip, so residents have a place to spend leisure time and to organize picnics. Flats sold in new buildings, finished residents, but if you want you can buy an apartment where there is a possibility to finish independently on a personal project. The start of sales in different buildings is scheduled for the 2020-2021 year. The minimum cost of 1-bedroom apartments – 2.79 million and a maximum price of 4-bedroom apartments – 11.45 million

  • New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year
  • New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year
  • New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

“Orange Park”

LCD “orange Park” is located in the town of Kotelniki in MD not Experienced the field. This is a very good district of Moscow region where the company-developer of the “PEAK” is building five new buildings of various number of storeys: 17 and 30 floors. The geographical location makes a daily visit to Moscow fast as the ring road from the buildings is only 3.5 km away and the closest metro station “Kotelniki” it takes only a few minutes walk.

For the convenience of residents in this complex near Moscow has an underground Parking with a Parking lot. In the project “orange Park” provides size and category of the apartment from the format feature Studio to 3-bedroom apartments. The start of sales of the first two buildings is scheduled for 2020, and the body of the second stage will be completed in 2021. The cost of apartments — from 3,28 to 11.11 million

New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

“Belaya Dacha Park”

Developer of the “PEAK” is implementing the project “Belaya Dacha Park” 22 new buildings, the first phase of which will be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2021. It is located in the city of Kotelniki sh. Novogurevskoe. Infrastructure thought out to the smallest detail: there are five kindergartens, schools, clinics, gyms, Parking lots, car Parking, supermarket and many commercial areas.

For leisure the property has a Boulevard, which is closed to car traffic, there are safe bike paths. Not inferior to the convenience and beauty of the body: all the entrances have modern appearance, light walls and high ceilings give the room a space, plus the accent gives the stained glass Windows. At each entrance there are two exits: to the carriageway and courtyard. All entrances to the entrance do not have lifts with steps make it easier to move wheelchairs and prams.

In the complex you can buy apartments of different sizes from studios to 3-room apartments. The cost of housing – 2,43–6.47 million

New buildings in the suburbs 2020-2021 year

Other options

In addition to the above proposals in the suburbs there are a huge number of new buildings, where you can buy primary housing in the 2020-2021 year. Good options would be the following:

  • “Blueberry”, North Lyubertsy, street Shevlyakova. From 4,37 to 10.66 million
  • “Adigrat”, Odintsovo, street of Marshal Birjuzova. From a 2.84 to 8.17 million
  • “Yuzhnoe Kuchino-2”, Balashikha, MKR-n Kuchino, Rechnaya str. From 4.25 to 5.15 million
  • “UP-a quarter of New Tushino”, the County town of Krasnogorsk, St Novotushinsky. From 4,46 to 9.36 million
  • “Istomino”, Bogorodsky municipal district, Noginsk, jubilee street. From 1.43 to 2.97 million

When choosing any of these options, the suburbs will become the new home of where you can buy an apartment for every taste and wealth. We must remember that in the first place is to consider buying from the official developer, because in such cases, prices in new buildings do not contain cheat intermediaries. In addition, not be amiss to learn about the ongoing promotions and discounts that will help you to save quite a large sum of money.

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