New buildings in 2021

is in third place for number of housing units commissioned in the previous year. It is traditionally outpaced and Moscow oblast, Krasnodar Krai. Every year the city receives about 3.5 million square meters of floor space different prices. If by 2016, the developers gave preference to the construction of either houses of economy class or premium, in 2021, the planned intensive development of the segment of new buildings the level of comfort, designed for the middle class.

Commissioning in 2021

The developers expect to be operational in 2021 132 residential complex. Half of them are located along the subway line: 20 min walk. One-bedroom apartments and studios are almost all. A housing designed for a large family, with four or five rooms, there are only 5% of new buildings.

New buildings in 2021

Luxury housing

Most under construction and commissioned facilities of premium class located in the historical centre of the city, on the banks of the Neva river, Small and Big nevki. The cost per square meter starts from 150 thousand rubles. Until the end of 2021 it is planned to put two of the complex “Petrovsky Quarter on the water” and One Trinity Place. Five more will be put into operation before the end of 2021.

Petrovsky Quarter on the water

The construction of three eight-storey monolithic buildings on Petrovsky island began in 2017, the Project is made so as to use the great location of the plot allotted for construction: the Windows of the houses leaving on the Malaya Neva and Petrovsky Park. Bright facades in art Nouveau style decorated with French balconies, wide Windows with panoramic glazing. Square and prices:

  • Studio 42 — 75 sq. m. from 8.5 million rubles;
  • two-57 — 134 sq. m. 11 000 000;
  • three-94 — 148 sq. m. 15 000 000;
  • four 127 — 169 sq. m. from 29 million;
  • five-room 228 sq. m from 80 million rubles.

Ceiling height of three meters, separate bathroom, glazed balcony, walk-in closets in each apartment. The project includes commercial premises on the ground floors, underground Parking for 440 cars. Indoor courtyard, landscaped protected territory, video surveillance inside buildings, courtyards, silent passenger and freight elevators.

To the nearest metro station “Sports” more than two kilometers, but stop ground transport is almost under the Windows. The nearest kindergarten and school at a distance of about a kilometer, but this infrastructure is justified. The developer is counting on affluent buyers who have their own cars.

  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021

One Trinity Place

English architectural Bureau SQUIRE PARTNERS created a project for the comprehensive development of the Trinity on the Petrograd side (Naberezhnaya Admirala Lazareva, 22). To implement it, the company GHP Group. Four years ago, was put into operation a business center Trinity Place, and by the end of 2021, it is planned to complete the construction and finishing of nine-story apartment complex One Trinity Place.

The facades of the nine buildings chisel granite natural stones, mosaics. The interiors of halls, residential and non-residential premises, created by the English architectural Bureau 1508 London. Square meter apartments with one, two or three bedrooms will cost half a million rubles. The plan is made so that the bedrooms in all the apartments came out in a quiet, cozy patio. And from the panoramic Windows kitchen-living room, dining room — were beautiful views on Malaya Nevka.

The ground floors are given under children’s playrooms, library, gyms. Have Central air conditioning, underground garage has video surveillance. Area of apartments from 51 to 143 sq. m. They will pass “turnkey”: in addition to finishes, with natural marble, precious wood, kitchens, bathrooms will be fully equipped with appliances Miele.

  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021
  • New buildings in 2021

Comfort class

The shore of the Neva Bay, located two kilometers from the metro station “Primorskaya” and a ten minute walk from the Marine passenger station, will actively build up until 2022 Already inhabited the residential complex “Captain Nemo”, until the end of next year plan to take two more complex comfort class.

New buildings in 2021

The residential complex “Captain Nemo”

Golden City

The project presented in 2016 at the international exhibition MIPIM in Cannes, comprises five blocks of residential buildings, objects of social-household purpose. Will hand over the first two frame-monolithic housing (270 and 303 apartments for smoothtalk) variable height (7 to 18). On sale is:

  • Studio 26 — 30,5 m2 3 600 000 RUB.;
  • Studio 28 — 61 m2 4 500 000 RUB.;
  • two-38 — 83 sq. m. 5 350 000 rubles;
  • three-67 — 98,5 sq. m. of 8 500 000 rubles

“Light the world “safe Harbor”

The complex builds the famous St. Petersburg developer GK “the leader of the Group”. The project envisages the construction of several sections of irregular shape, variable number of storeys (13 — 23), three choices of finish “turnkey”, and underground Parking. The first section will meet settlers until the beginning of spring 2021. Plan and prices:

  • 1-37.6 and 68 m2 from 4 million;
  • 2-64 — 90 sq. m. 6 million;
  • 3-to 100 — 102 m2 from 8.9 million

In fact — it is a quarter in which, in addition to housing, shops, household services, 9 secondary schools, 13 kindergartens and 2 pools.

New buildings in 2021

Actively builds LCD “Columbus”, which is scheduled to be commissioned towards the end of 2021, the Purchase of housing on the Neva Bay — a profitable investment. The city administration plans in the next two years to pass the station “Mining Institute” and by 2030 — “the Harbour”.

Economy class

From the budget of the buildings most interesting complexes:

  • “North valley”, which seems to bursts, since 2011, included in the program “Affordable and comfortable housing — to citizens of the USA”. Past the fifteenth place will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2021, Given the location (100 metres from the metro station “Parnas” from the first line of houses), the cost per square meter is quite low: less than 90 000 roubles in a Studio. The project includes Studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments. Will work thirteen kindergartens, ten schools, ambulance station, two polyclinics. Next build a firehouse, post office, police.

New buildings in 2021

  • “CDS Polyustrovo” on Piskarevsky Avenue,25. It is a brick-monolithic 25-storey building with apartments of “turnkey”. The cheapest Studio is less than three million rubles, and four — a little more than 8 million the Only drawback of the house — location: the nearest metro station, about five kilometers. On the other hand, it is not so much in an apartment with a glazed loggia, repair made by the developer.

New buildings in 2021

  • “Neva star” in 10 minutes from metro station “proletarian” on the street Babushkina: prior to the third quarter of next year plans to put into operation the third turn (first and second already commissioned) brick-monolithic residential complex of variable height. Housing finish performs the developer of IPS. There are only two bedroom apartments at a cost of about 7 200 000 rubles.

A lot of budget accommodation for rent near the metro station “Devyatkino”, in Pushkin, Gatchina, Krasnoselsky districts.

The start of sales 2020 – 2021

Investment-building group “Mavis” opens with 01.01.2020 sale in “Urbanist”, located near the metro station “Devyatkino” in the village of Murino Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. Complex comfort class of six monolithic buildings of variable height plan to finish in five to six years, and the first place until 2022, While the average cost per square meter with a fine finish less than 70 000. There are studios, one-, two-, three-room apartment. The minimum area of the Studio is 25 sq. m., the maximum in Q3 — 88 sq. m.

We will continue construction of the LCD “North valley”. Company “Glavstroy-SPb” at the end of last year received permission to erect 13 buildings within the project of large-scale development. GC “Leader Group” will start selling in the residential complex on Gagarin street, 32. Yet, even marketing the name of the complex is not disclosed. About the project know that it will be three houses (two at the 23 floor, one 16), school, kindergarten, art school, swimming pool. In addition, the first floors will be residential. They are designed for service shops, gyms.

Other buildings and

New housing construction is actively developing in various parts of the city and beyond. The demand for apartments in the Northern capital continues to grow, which encourages construction companies to invest in construction of new residential complexes.

Among other new buildings in the near future will appear the following residential projects:

  • “Neva-Neva”, 24th line V. O., 25, Vasilievsky island, from 133 000 per m2, the developer “Basis-SPB”;
  • “Gravity”, Bolshoy Sampsonievsky PR. in the Vyborg district, from 122 200 per m2, the company Setl City;
  • “Philosophy in Moscow”, 1st Predportovaya travel in the Moscow area, from 113 155 per m2, the company Setl City;
  • “New Kupchino”, ul Malaya Bucharest / Danube St., Frunzenskiy district, from 102 960 m2, the company “Building Trust”;
  • “Ariosto!”, St. Glukharskaya / continue Ave Aviakonstruktorov in the Primorsky district, from 102 to 100 per m2, the company “Arsenal-Nedvizhimost”

New buildings in 2021

  • “London Park”, PR. Prosvescheniya, 43A in the Central district, from 101 to 840 per m2, the company is “L1”;
  • “The policy of Moscow”, the Cuban street, 82 in the Central district, 99 350 per m2, the company “Polis Group”;
  • “Policy for curfew”, Glukharskaya street in the seaside area, from 93 to 150 per m2, the company “Polis Group”;
  • “Premiere 2”, Tambasova street in Krasnoselsky district, from 91 780 per m2, the developer Technopolis;
  • “The house on Blucher”, Marshal Blucher, 4 in the Central district, from 87 985 per m2, the company “Etalon LenSpetsSMU”;
  • “Two capitals”, Moscow highway, 13B in the Central district, from 83 500 m2, the company “Intergroup”;
  • “YOGA”, Komendantskiy Ave., 59, building 1 in the Primorsky district, from 78 000 m2, the company “Leader Group”;
  • “Colors of summer”, the village of Murino Vsevolozhsk district, from 76 420 per m2, “Polis Group”;
  • “Peter the Great and Catherine the Great” street factory in the Nevsky district, on the 72 320 per m2, the company “Rosstroyinvest”;
  • “The new Gorelovo”, Volkhonskoe highway, in the Lomonosov district, from 63 000 per m2, the developer “Lindustrie”.

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