New 2021 Year of the ox: the characteristic of when it comes, color

2021 new year on the Eastern calendar will be held under the patronage of the bull. And although all characters in this animal the smallest, it has a huge impact on people’s lives. The Eastern Nations always try to please the ruling animal to obtain its location, which will bring good luck and prosperity. To understand what will be the year, it is necessary to examine the characteristics of a symbol, its element and color.

When will

Chronology according to the Eastern calendar is very different. New year in China and other countries in the East meet January 1, and in the period from 20 January to 20 February. On different dates every year. The arrival of the New year they have linked with the phases of the moon, so the date is changing constantly. The interest of people when it comes to 2021 year of the ox, it is quite natural and logical.

Important! To dominate the bull on the ground will begin January 25, 2021 and will continue its dominance till 11 Feb 2021.

The animal will open a new 12-year cycle. This honor is given to this little animal for a reason. An ancient legend says that the ox arrived first to the Buddha, when he decided to gather representatives of the animal world. To beat the competition, she had to be smart, intelligence and wisdom. A striking example was the crossing of the big river. She doesn’t have the strength to swim across, so she used the “services” of the bull. For this allowed the Buddha to the first Rat to dominate the world.

New 2021 Year of the ox: the characteristic of when it comes, color

The colors and the elements

With the arrival of a new 12-year cycle is changing and the element symbol. In 2021 rule will be a Metal bull. The Eastern peoples Metal is associated with white color. For this reason, 2021 year of the ox will be white.

To conquer the hostess of the year, you should carefully pick an outfit for the occasion. Good clothes are white. Will be appropriate and light gray / silver color, metallic tint. But the style of the dress should be understated, no-frills, as the patron of the year prefers simplicity and practicality. To Supplement the image will help silver jewelry or high-quality metal jewelry in white shades. On the table should lay a white tablecloth. For home decoration you can use candlesticks and other metal objects. For a festive table it is desirable to prepare cupronickel or silver table set.

Metal of different hardness and strength, so pushy people will be able to achieve success. The incredible strength of will and spirit, strength of character help to cope with life’s adversities, problems and difficulties, overcome all obstacles on the way. On the other hand white color opens up new opportunities for realization of plans and dreams in life. 2021 will be a great period to start life with a clean slate, to try out a new profession, to make a decisive step to conquer the career peaks.

New 2021 Year of the ox: the characteristic of when it comes, color

The characteristics and features of the year

Characteristic 2021 bull it is impossible to describe in a nutshell. This good-natured and cute animal, which has an amazing intellect, wisdom, perseverance. bull – a good, Thrifty housewife, so will be favorable conditions for the accumulation of wealth. Astrologers warn that the period will be difficult, as it begins a new decade, but the patron will be able to find a way out of any situation. Despite his stamina, he never goes ahead. She always uses his intelligence and cunning, looking for workarounds does not come into conflict.

New 2021, which will be held under the patronage of the bull, is well suited for all undertakings and change – moving to another city, change the main kind of activity, start a business etc. And even though the new path will be fraught with difficulties, the result is bound to please.

New 2021 Year of the ox: the characteristic of when it comes, color

Career and money

Hardworking and honest people will be able to achieve success at work, but easy money should not count. For entrepreneurs will open up opportunities for business expansion, improve the quality of services provided or output to a new level. Before you make investments, you need to consider, to assess the risks and possible earnings. Not worth the risk or commit rash acts, the patron will not like it. Financially the year will be stable. the bull does not like poverty, albeit from a waste should be abandoned. A symbol is characterized by rationality and practicality.

Family and relationships

As the bull belongs to the gregarious animal, to her family in the first place. You need enough time for the household, make them pleasant surprises, to show love in different ways. To plunge into the work – not the best option. In this case, the family could be in trouble.

Single people in 2021 will be able to find a soul mate, as the bull will promote new contacts and connections. Will have the opportunity to strengthen old relationships, move to a new level, for example, from meeting to living together.

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