New 2021 Sheregesh

New 2021 Sheregesh is an opportunity to have fun, plenty of dash off on skis or snowboard, positive emotions, and also make beautiful photo on the background of snowy mountains. Ski resort in the Kemerovo region, which is located in the foothills of the Green mountains, well suited for young people travelling alone, big companies and families with children. Going to Mountain Shoria, you can spend an unforgettable new year holidays.

Where to celebrate new year’s eve

In the ski resort there is no single authority, so the festivities on the street are usually not satisfied. So tourists can enjoy a drink in the New year in Sheregesh, entertainment venues usually hold a festive Banquet and entertaining program. Leisure available different options.

Restaurants and cafes

Sheregesh are institutions with Russian, European, Siberian, Oriental cuisine. Most cafes and restaurants hold a show program with father frost and Snegurochka, contests and games. In some institutions, the animators work for children. The cost of the Banquet depends on meals, entertainment and starts from 2 000 rubles.

New 2021 Sheregesh

To celebrate the New year at the following institutions:

Table must be booked in advance.

Clubs and cafes

This option is well suited for young people. In the bars and clubs are usually well-known DJs, popular bands and artists. Often organize theme parties, conducting contests and games, so you won’t be bored.

Have fun in these bars and clubs:

New 2021 Sheregesh


If not managed to book a table at any restaurant, do not worry. Almost all hotels and an entertainment program for the guests. It usually includes a concert, disco, humor from leading, competitions and quizzes.

At the foot of the mountain there is a hotel. Here are some of them:

And although the price of the New 2021 Sheregesh traditionally rises, it is possible to remove a budget hotel – 2000 rubles per day. The price depends on the quality of the hotel services, conditions and comfort, the distance from the lifts. For the Banquet you usually need to pay separately.

New 2021 Sheregesh

Guest house or cottages

A great option for a large group or family. In a rented house, you can have a party of any theme, Barbecuing in the yard or organise a holiday in the fresh air. Rental price – from 8000 to 50000 rubles per day depending on area and comfort. The main drawback of dishes for new year’s table will have to prepare their own meals. The cottages usually have modern appliances that will simplify this process. Some guest houses available bath or a fireplace.

Ski holidays

The opening of the season in 2020-2021 years in Sheregesh takes place in November. The New year falls the peak tourist activity. The day temperature is usually kept between 8-10 degrees and at night drops to -20 and below, so be sure to bring warm clothes. Snow cover is 20-25 cm, but on the slopes is constantly working special equipment. For tourists comfortable conditions are created.

The resort has 15 trails of varying difficulty, therefore suitable option for themselves can pick up professionals and beginners. There is a gentle trail for children. Even during the new year holidays are instructors that can teach the basic techniques of skiing or snowboarding. Individual classes – 1500 rubles per hour, group – from 1100 rubles. On the mountain has several lifts, so usually no queues. Cost recovery – from 100 rubles, but you can buy a subscription for an hour or a day (a few days). The price is from 800 to 4100 roubles depending on duration.

The resort has sport equipment rental. Per hour ski rental will have to pay 150 rubles., a snowboard – from 200 rubles. you can Also rent shoes and other accessories.

New 2021 Sheregesh

GrelkaFest in Sheregesh


  • tubing (riding on the “bagels”);
  • indoor ice rink;
  • helicopter flight;
  • walk on paraglider;
  • Snowmobiling;
  • riding on horseback, etc.

Very popular among the tourists are excursions. Most often they go to Teletskoye lake, the Memorial cross, “Camels”. An unforgettable experience in the memory will leave visiting Azassky of the cave.

The children can visit such places:

  • A petting zoo on the mountain the Bear. Children can feed and pet the animals and ride a pony or horse.
  • The Yeti-Park. A unique place where guests can socialize with a Snow man and take a walk around his residence. The Park hosts a variety of workshops for adults and children.
  • Upside-down house. An unusual attraction that is liked not only by children but by adults. The house flipped all the furniture and even the contents of the lockers. Entrance costs 250 rubles, but the unusual photos can be done free of charge in unlimited quantities.

New 2021 Sheregesh

Proposals from tour operators

Carelessly wishing to spend holidays in Sheregesh you can, using the offers of travel companies. 3-day stay will cost 20-25 thousand rubles per person. If you book a tour until December, then you can save up to 25-30%.

The cost of the tour usually goes:

  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • transfer from Novosibirsk and back;
  • Banquet;
  • a Christmas program.

Some travel agencies also include entertainment – a visit to the baths, the tour or the lift pass. Definitely need to clarify the range of services included in the tour, in order to properly plan the budget.

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