New 2021 in Yekaterinburg

If you celebrate the New 2021 in Yekaterinburg, it is possible to get positive emotions for a long time. The city has plenty of entertainment for adults and children, so bored just do not have. You should only decide on a meeting place and entertainment. The main advantage of the new year holidays in the capital of the Urals – savings. The prices are low compared to the tourist centers, but you can relax, take a dip in the Americans tradition and a real winter Wonderland.

Feast on the street

Mass festivities in Yekaterinburg traditionally arrange on the Square of 1905. This is the main tree. To the fact near the administration annually since December starts working ice town. Sculptures and installations made of ice affect his appearance not only children but also adults.

New year’s eve on the square there are many entertainment:

  • attractions;
  • rink;
  • trips in a horse and carriage;
  • the dances and dance;
  • competitions and quizzes.

New 2021 in Yekaterinburg

Local artists and animators usually spend the concert program. On the area of work tents, where you can buy mulled wine, sweets and other treats. Under the chiming clock you can see the beautiful fireworks.

If you do not know where to celebrate New 2021 in Yekaterinburg bright and with minimal cost, to experience the real festive atmosphere in the Park Mayakovsky. Entertainment usually starts at 23.00, with free admission. In the Park you can have fun. Descents downhill on the “bagels”, skating, dances with father frost and snow Maiden, dances and songs are only part of the entertainment. In addition, you can watch the new year’s President and fireworks.

Important! If you decide to celebrate New year in Yekaterinburg on the street, you should dress warmly. With you be sure to take gloves and a hat because the night air temperature can drop to 25-30 degrees. Not be amiss and a thermos of hot tea.

Restaurants and cafes

Carefree and fun to meet New 2021 in Yekaterinburg you can, if you book a table in a cafe or restaurant. This option has several advantages. First, do not have to stand in the kitchen and, therefore, will have the strength to dance and have fun. Second, virtually all schools offer a festive menu and show program, which includes concert, games, competitions, disco. Cost of new year Banquet starts from 3000 rubles per person. In Yekaterinburg there are institutions with Russian, European, Oriental cuisine, so everyone can find dishes to taste.

New 2021 in Yekaterinburg

Fun to celebrate the New year at the following institutions:

  • “Maximilians”. Guests will be dancers and show business (local star). You can see a unique light show, as well as participate in contests and games.
  • “Onegin”. Considered one of the best restaurants in town. Located on the 15th floor of the eponymous hotel, but to spend new year’s eve in the event the guests. Provided the ceremonial program.
  • “Mammy”. Main feature – kids have their own room. New year’s eve for the younger generation will work Grandfather frost and snow maiden. For adults also there are different entertainment.
  • “Vertical”. In this restaurant you can enjoy a beautiful night view of Yekaterinburg. A lot of positive emotions just provided. In addition, guests will be performing artists and animators.

For young people the alternative may be a club “Printing House”. Usually, it is throwing a masquerade party, so it is important to clarify the topics to find a suitable costume. The entrance ticket costs 1000 rubles, but one should take money for drinks and treats.

Where to go with children

In Yekaterinburg, there are many interesting places for children. To make your stay in the city on Christmas vacation memorable, you can visit the following places:

  • The Park is fantastic. In the Park there is entertainment for every taste. There are several winter fun – riding in a horse or dog sled, the ice rink, skiing or tobogganing. Cost – from 100 to 200 rubles. You can also watch new year show, to attend master classes.
  • The Stadium “Iceberg”. Here is one of the largest rinks in the city, but the pastime ice skating is not restricted. At the stadium you can see performances of professional skaters and a light show.
  • Horse-racing club “the Pace”. In the club you can actively spend time, to interact with the animals or watch an interesting performance.

New 2021 in Yekaterinburg

With children you can go to a new year’s performance. Presentations on various topics can be viewed in the theater “Teatron” or “Turgenev”, in the Youth House and other cultural institutions. Ticket price – from 400 to 500 rubles.

Important! Adults will also find something to do on New year in Yekaterinburg. You can visit the Christmas fair to buy Souvenirs for your family, to attend workshops, participate in festivals or go on a tour of the city.

A trip out of town

If you want a break from the hustle and bustle, then it is better to celebrate New 2021 not in Ekaterinburg and outside the city. You can spend a weekend at the lake or in the woods. For lovers of active holidays a good option is a trip to the ski resort. Winter activities, exciting programs, Americans traditions and rapprochement with nature will leave in memory only pleasant memories. Here are a few ideas for new year’s eve in the city:

  • Thermal springs “Baden-Baden”. Adults can bathe in the outdoor thermal pools, walk on the river Rezh, skiing etc. For the children there is an indoor pool. Playroom. Christmas tour program will cost from 15 thousand rubles per person.
  • Recreation center “Sunny island”. Well suited for families. For children, are magicians and entertainers, so adults can fully relax. Price – from 10 thousand. The price includes entertainment, accommodation and food, but for the rental of sports equipment will have to pay separately.
  • The ski resort “Hill Warm”. Find several trails of varying difficulty, and a slide for children. On site you can rent the necessary sports equipment. In a cozy cafe will be a festive Banquet.
  • Ethno-complex SnowDali. Dive into the incredible atmosphere of the festival. You can stay in a cosy Yurt with the stove. Rent cost – from 20 thousand rubles., Banquet – from 1500 rubles depending on the dishes.

New 2021 in Yekaterinburg

The ski resort “Hill Warm”

Not far from Ekaterinburg there are other recreation facilities, which are well suited for the New 2021. In addition to traditional programs, some of which offer a Russian Banya and barbecue in the outdoors. When you select should focus on the financial capabilities and personal requirements.

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