New 2021 in Tyumen

New 2021 in Tyumen – a frosty weather, well-developed tourist infrastructure and rich travelers. A city with a long history in the eve of the Christmas holidays welcomes thousands of travelers who want to dive into atmosphere of holiday with the Siberian scale. Streets of Tyumen in the end of December, are illuminated by original illumination, in the main squares set Christmas tree, in every district flooded the ice rinks and fairs.

The climate

Weather in Tjumen for the New 2021 will be cold. In early January, the thermometer is consistently fall below -15 to -20 ° C, often in night-time frosts down to -25 ºC. Approximately 12-15 days per month of overcast when heavy rains. The height of snow cover reaches 10-15 cm, and in bad weather gusts of winds up to 12-15 m/s. in Other words, in Tyumen dominates the harsh Russian winter.

Despite the extremely low freezing mark outside air temperature, the frost is transferred easily. It’s all in the humidity level, which in the capital, NYC is in the range of 50-70%. But going on holiday in Tyumen for the New 2021 do not forget about warm clothes. Should not be squeamish fur cap, mittens and even boots, especially if much time is planned to be held outdoors.

Entertainment options

Many tourists are concerned about where to celebrate New 2021 in Tyumen fun, unusual and inexpensive. The list of the most popular ways of leisure activities included:

  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • restaurants, bars, cafes;
  • a trip to the ski resorts of the region.

New 2021 in Tyumen

In local sports Palace will host a gala competitions in hockey, speed skating, figure skating. At public venues in various districts (Leninsky, Kalininsky, Central, Eastern) will be the parade with Santa, pageants, concerts. Children on the New 2021 in Tjumen you can go to the residence of Ded Moroz located near the square of the 400th anniversary, on view in the local drama theatre, puppet theatre, Youth theatre “Engagement”.

Mass festivities

On the evening of 31 December street celebration overwhelm Tyumen and will last until the morning. Among the popular places to gather thousands of tourists, we note:

  • Tsvetnoy Boulevard – here are the main tree of the city, fairs and ice rink;
  • Tyumen promenade offers a stunning view of the fireworks;
  • Zatyumenskoj Park – very beautiful, quiet, relatively secluded spot on the edge of town.

New 2021 in Tyumen

Close to the seafront and Tsvetnoy Boulevard will flood the ice rinks. As expected, playgrounds and skate rental will operate throughout new year’s night. The entrance ticket is 200 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children. Sports equipment rentals are available from 100-150 rubles/hour. While driving vacationers will enjoy pleasant music, colorful lights, amazing views of the city.

The ski resorts of the region

In the Tyumen region there are several dozens of ski resorts on New 2021 will be a huge number of tourists. The list of the most popular places include:

  • Tregare – 30 km from Nizhnevartovsk, secluded picturesque place;
  • Voroninsky slides, not far from Tyumen, 3 trails, elevation 50 m;
  • Stony point – 15 km from Surgut, the variety of topography, high level of service;
  • Kuliga Park – near D. Swarm, 3 slopes for beginners, ice skating rink.

New 2021 in Tyumen

A distinctive feature of the ski resorts in the Tyumen region is an affordable price list. Skiing (snowboarding) will cost much cheaper than, for example, in Karelia, Finland and, especially, Dombay. The cost of hire of sports equipment will amount to 800-1000 rubles, the daily ski pass ski pass – in the redistribution of 1,200 rubles, a trip on the lift – 50 rubles. For beginners at each resort provided the training track and lessons (from 400 rubles/hour). Children can ride on cheesecakes, ice skating or sledding.

Entertainment facilities of the city

Those who do not want to meet New 2021 in Tyumen on the street, it is recommended to visit one of the cosy restaurants of the metropolis. Here there are a few dozen, but the most delicious were:

  • restaurant “Ivanych”;
  • the restaurant “Happiness”;
  • restaurant “Maximilians”;
  • concept bar “Logovo”, etc.

In all entertainment establishments serves Russian and European cuisine and a variety of spirits and cocktails, delicious desserts. To book any restaurants or bars in advance, and most institutions of Tyumen working on pre-order (from 2000 rubles). The average ticket price here is 4500 rubles from the table. For the money the visitor not only receives a set of dishes, alcohol, and exciting entertainment program with songs, dances, contests, performances by entertainers.

The tourist center of the region

New year’s eve 2021 in Tyumen many people prefer to meet at nearby spas, which offer treatments, exciting parties, nature walks. The most popular resorts of the region are:

New 2021 in Tyumen

Rental price standard double apartment in such institutions varies from 3000 to 5000 rubles/day. New year’s Banquet, which costs from 1000 rubles, usually pay separately. Room rates include meals, use of hotel facilities (sauna, pool, gym), a number of medical procedures. Detailed price list and the service can be found on the official websites of the resorts.

Tour operators offer

Tour New 2021 to Tyumen is not cheap, especially from the European part of the USA. On average, three days ‘ journey from or to and accommodation in a 4* hotel and entertainment costs from 35000 rubles per person. The weekly ticket is sold at a price of 60,000 rubles.

Thus, to celebrate the New year in the capital of NYC – the city of Tyumen is necessary at least once. Coming to this unique corner of the USA, tourists remain satisfied with a well spent time, fun atmosphere and local hospitality. In the city all conditions for a rich cultural holiday and prices in Tyumen are much lower than in other major cities of the country.

How decorate Tyumen in the New year, see the following video:

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