New 2021 in Turkey

Affordable prices on New 2021 in Turkey, forcing thousands of tourists to celebrate the holiday in this unique country. The beach season ends in November, so in January in seaside resorts are not so crowded. Rooms in hotels, shopping and excursions are much cheaper and the visitors are all conditions for comfortable rest. Having been in Turkey at the beginning of the year, you can get a lot of unforgettable emotions, to enjoy the warm sun, have fun in the family circle or with friends.

The climate

Weather in Turkey on the New 2021 is characterized by the absence of heat and warm sea. The temperature in the daytime varies in the range of 15-20 ° C and at night drops to 10-12 ºC. The water temperature in the Mediterranean sea does not exceed 17 ° C, making bathing almost impossible. Despite the prohibition, many Americans tourists, hot alcohol, manage to swim in the coastal zone than cause a violent surprise of local residents.

January – the rainy season in Turkey, when in the southern parts of the country it can rain up to 200 mm of rain. On the continental part of the state rains less, but there are no more than 10-12 days of sunshine in a month. In bad weather, the wind becomes biting and amplified up to 10-15 m/s, causing discomfort. However, in Turkey in January is warmer than at Russian resorts, such as Sochi, Anapa and Yalta.

How to celebrate the holiday?

New 2021 in Turkey is the variable leisure, which will not leave indifferent. Popular activities note:

  • shopping;
  • restaurants;
  • the skiing;
  • sightseeing.

Turkey is a Muslim country, therefore the European celebration of the New year is only in major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, etc.). Unfortunately, the tree no one here dresses up, and adorned with the artificial beauty can only be found in shopping malls. On the evening of 31 December in the Central squares are about a few hundred tourists, mostly Americans, who behave rather modestly. Extensive celebrations are held in hotels, and it provided rich entertainment program with songs, dances, competitions.

New 2021 in Turkey

Culturally 2021 to celebrate New year in Turkey, offer cozy restaurants, which serves local and European cuisine, various wines (for example, Sharap) and vodka (raki). Worth a try kebab, rice, Apple, fish. For dessert, most often bought Turkish delight, baklava, tulumba, Turkish coffee. Price of the gala dinner will be 50-100$ off the table, but most bars and restaurants close already at 2am. If the soul requires, to continue the celebration of the recommended night clubs open until the morning.

Ski resorts in Turkey

Many tourists organize activities on New 2021 in Turkey in the ski complexes. Among them:

  • Udoli is 150 km from Istanbul.
  • Palandoken – length of tracks is more than 24 km;
  • Sarikamis skiing area located at an altitude of 2500 m;
  • Kartalkaya – the presence of trails for slalom, snowboard, biathlon.

New 2021 in Turkey

The main advantage of the Turkish resorts in front of the Alpine slopes is considered to be excellent value for money and quality. In its equipment the local ski resorts almost in no way inferior to European competitors, so here in early January, riding the huge number of fans of skis and snowboards. The cost of equipment rental is$ 30 per day, lessons – $ 10 per hour, a trip on the lift – 1$. Unlike coastal hotels prices in nearby hotels for the New year only increase (average room rate – $ 60 per day). In order not to overpay in the tourist season, we recommend early booking which will allow you to choose any room in any hotel.

Attractions of the country

Turkey is a country with centuries-old heritage, so in every city there are several monuments from the Ottoman Empire. The pearl in terms of historical sites in the capital, Istanbul. This metropolis is home to dozens of attractions, including:

  • The Bosphorus – the Strait separating Europe and Asia;
  • Taksim square is the busiest place in the Turkish capital;
  • Rumeli fortress – served as protection from foreign invaders;
  • Blue mosque – a monument of medieval architecture;
  • The Grand Bazaar is a colorful place where I bought and sold all;
  • Hagia Sophia – built in the 15th century, the best example of Byzantine architecture.

New 2021 in Turkey

Many Turkish cities (Troy, Olympus, Phaselis, etc.) seem to be frozen in time. In winter there is not so crowded, so consider the legacy you slowly and inexpensively. The price of sightseeing tours in Istanbul, for example, does not exceed$ 30 per person, a trip to the thermal springs of Pamukkale cost$ 40, in the valley of Capactiy – 25$.

Shopping: lowest prices

Stay on the New 2021 in Turkey is impossible to imagine without shopping. Hundreds of shops, malls and bazaars to reduce the prices of goods ahead of the Christmas break. Give the January price list for current products:

  • fur coats – 700-1000$;
  • leather jackets – 150-300$;
  • gold – 35-40$ per gram;
  • sweets – $ 10-20 for 1 kg;
  • hookah – no more than$50.

New 2021 in Turkey

Lunch in an ordinary restaurant costs about 20-30$, ticket to sporting events, up to$ 50 in the Park – up to 90$, to the zoo is$ 30. As you approach the tourist season the price of many goods increased by 2-3 times. Thousands of tourists come to Turkey for the Christmas holidays to have time to buy various things discounts.

Tour operators offer

The round price to Turkey for the New 2021 depends on the location and duration of stay. Is cheaper a trip to the coast, where during the off-season apartment rental falling at times. To fly for a week in Marmaris, Belek, Antalya from will cost 350-400$ per person. Stay in the ski resorts in the country and in Istanbul costs from 500-600$ for 7 days. It is noteworthy that with Turkey the USA the visa-free regime, and a language barrier for Americans in this country practically does not exist. Many companies are implementing so-called shopping tours at a nominal price of$ 1. Beware: this journey is a number of conditions, for example, purchase goods for a certain amount (usually not less than 1 000$).

Thus, the New 2021 in Turkey – the luxury of inexpensive and fun to spend time in a warm climate. There really is something to see and do. Millions of travelers annually leave this country enchanted by the beautiful scenery, mild climate and high level of service.

About the peculiarities of celebrating the New year in Istanbul, see the following video:

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