New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region

New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region will enjoy genuine Russian winter, to see the history of the region, to receive bright impressions. In the region, developed tourist infrastructure, so there is always something to see and where to go. Dozens of rest houses, sanatoriums, and cottages, surrounded by beautiful nature, friendly will open their doors to visitors during the Christmas holidays.

The climate

The weather by 2021 in the Yaroslavl region happy deep snow and moderate frost. The average daytime temperature in early January in the range of -2 – -10 ° C, and at night the temperature sometimes drops to -15 ºC. Among other climatic characteristics of the region note:

  • the humidity level does not exceed 75-90%;
  • the number of Sunny days per month – 8-10;
  • the wind speed is in the range of 2-6 m/s in rainy days up to 15 m/s.

If you are going to relax in the Yaroslavl region on the New 2021, it is necessary to bring warm clothes. Boots, mittens, hat and scarf will be indispensable attributes when you go for long walks in the open air, during the inspection of monuments of architecture and the practice of winter sports. When visiting the ski resorts of the region should bring sunglasses.

Options for the organization of leisure

Many tourists wonder where to celebrate New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region. The list of the most popular and relatively inexpensive ways to have a fun celebration are:

  • rent a country cottage;
  • sightseeing;
  • ski resorts;
  • check-in at motels or resorts.

To celebrate the main winter holiday far from the Madding crowd in a country house not far from Yaroslavl. In the region there are more than ten cottage communities (“Forest fairy tale”, “Pleshanovo”, “Yaroslavna”), which shall be during the Christmas holidays. The rent varies depending on the equipment of the real estate and infrastructure areas. Rent one-storey house will be in the range of 15 000 rubles/day, but the cottages have two or three levels will cost more – from 25 000 rubles. Despite the high cost, many tourists prefer to celebrate the New year in the Yaroslavl region in this way, because if you break the rental amount for the number of guests, you’ll have quite a budget holiday.

New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region

Historical sites in the region of hundreds. For example, only one of the existing churches, scientists have counted 250, and museums – 82. The most popular excursion routes are Rostov the Great (here is the famous Borisoglebsky monastery), the town of Uglich, which was murdered Tsarevich Dmitry, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia, where Tsar Peter initiated the Russian fleet. Special attention is given merchant building of Rybinsk, provincial town Myshkin and Tutaev, nicknamed the “pearl on the Volga”.

The ski resorts of the region

In the Yaroslavl region, three ski centres:

New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region

A short descent there is at Nikolina Gora near tutaeva (30 km from Yaroslavl). The tracks here not are complex, so they are ideal for beginners and those who like driving on “cheese cakes”. The price of renting sports equipment is in the range of 1 000 rubles per day, a trip on the Elevator will cost $ 100. In each of these ski centers there are restaurants and mini-hotels on the New 2021 scheduled entertainment (dances, fireworks, contests with prizes, disco).

And resorts of the region

Prices on vacation in the Yaroslavl region on the New 2021 do not bite. Unlike the resorts of the Krasnodar territory, the local institutions can boast of a loyal prices for accommodation, medical services, Banquet. Popular sanatoria and bases of rest of the region:

New 2021 in the Yaroslavl region

The cost of accommodation in a standard double room varies between 4 000 rubles per day. Rooms are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable stay of guests, from the Internet to air conditioning. The price of accommodation usually does not include use of the infrastructure of the sanatorium (medical offices, sports facilities, gym, etc.). For excursions, banquets, extra services need to pay separately. A nice bonus for some travellers will be discounts for regular customers, pensioners, veterans and free.

Offers travel companies

Yaroslavl oblast is rightly added to the list of cultural-historical heritage of UNESCO. Here you can find dozens of unique attractions, quality built ski resorts, pensions and sanatoriums. Having been in this distinctive region of the country in the New year, many tourists say the identity of the region, hospitality of local residents, European level of service. Christmas vacation in the cradle of the Russian civilization will bring a lot of vivid memories, fun and pleasant emotions.

Christmas views from the drone capital of the region — Yaroslavl — next video:

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