New 2021 in the Czech Republic

New 2021 in the Czech Republic – it’s a real immersion into a medieval Wonderland. In this state, located in the East of Europe, honor the ancient traditions, but tourists can count on a high level of service. The travellers different options for new year’s eve and entertainment to suit every taste. The prices are reasonable compared to other European countries. Although any amount of kompensiruet unforgettable emotions and impressions that will remain in memory for a lifetime.

Weather in the Czech Republic in January is quite comfortable. The air temperature ranges from -4-5 to +3+4. Can go wet snow. To the vagaries of the weather uncomfortable, you should bring warm clothes, waterproof jacket and boots.

A little about the traditions

Travel to the Czech Republic for the New year is an opportunity to learn many new and interesting. Traditions of this nation significantly different from Americans. For example, in the night from 31 December to 1 January, the Czechs celebrate Sylvester. This festival is dedicated to the victory over monster. According to old belief, you need to be quiet so the monster never came back. To arrange mass celebrations in the streets, concerts, fireworks.

In the Czech Republic it is not customary to stay out all night. Locals and tourists go to bed after midnight. January 1, the Czechs celebrate independence Day (from Slovakia), so the entertainment continues throughout the day.

New 2021 in the Czech Republic

Where to celebrate new year’s eve

Most tourists head for the New year in Prague. The capital enchants with its historic medieval architecture. During the new year holidays the town’s narrow streets are like a real fairy tale, as everywhere are illuminated with colorful lights and the delicious smells of traditional cakes, which are baked in the cafés and restaurants.

To spend new year’s eve in the capital in different ways:

  • On the street. The mass celebrations are held in the city centre – on staromestke square. Catchy music, dancing and other fun activities provide an opportunity to have fun from the heart. You can see the beautiful fireworks. If you get cold you can warm up in one of the cafes, but best to book a table in advance. Folk feast arrange in Wenceslas square. Local and tourists must go to Charles bridge to make a wish.
  • In a cafe or restaurant. Almost all institutions are preparing traditional dishes for the holidays. Although the menu can differ a lot in almost any cafe or restaurant you can order a baked carp. This dish must be present on every holiday table. The cost of the Banquet is 120 to 400 euros, depending on the food, level of service and entertainment.
  • On the boat. Unusual and unforgettable you can spend new year’s eve in 2021 in the Czech Republic on the boat. 2-hour ride with dinner and champagne will cost from 150 euros.
  • At the hotel. For guests to partake in, entertainment is provided in almost all hotels. It usually includes shows, a disco, games, etc. the price of the Banquet depends on the hotel and starts from 200 Euro.

To stay in Prague not only in the hotel or the hotel but at the hostel. In this case, you can save some money. The bed cost around 30 euros. An affordable option may be rent an apartment – from 150 euros, if you remove it with your family or a large company. The price of a hotel room depends on the number of stars and the distance from the center. Start from 150 euros per day.

New 2021 in the Czech Republic

Important! Housing must be booked for a few months. If you shoot before the holidays, you will have to overpay. And to find a suitable alternative will be much harder.

Other options

To celebrate the New year in the Czech Republic and in other places:

  • At a ski resort. Well this option is suitable for active people, Amateurs of ski and snowboard. The most popular are Harrachov and Spinduliu Mlyn. At these resorts there are trails for beginners and experienced athletes.
  • In the thermal resorts. To combine Wellness and relaxation in Karlovy vary or Marianske Lazne. The resorts offer entertainment, so bored for the holidays don’t have to.
  • In a quiet small town. You can go to Prague or another quiet place. A great choice for a relaxing family holiday.

If you decide to stay outside the capital, in Prague, you must go to the tour.

New 2021 in the Czech Republic


To decide what to do on new year’s eve is not difficult. The choice of the tourists offered several options, so everyone picks entertainment taste and budget. Here are a few ideas on how to pass the time:

  • to participate in the festivities, which are held on the streets;
  • to watch street theater performances, Nativity scenes;
  • to visit Christmas markets to buy unique Souvenirs and to see the handmade work of local artists;
  • to get acquainted with Czech cuisine, try the national beer in a cafe or restaurant;
  • take a stroll on the boat etc.

The children can visit the national theatre to see a show, or to tour “Sweet Prague”, which includes visits to coffee shops and tasting sweet treats, as well as a tour of a chocolate factory.

New 2021 in the Czech Republic

Proposals from tour operators

Very popular among tourists and Christmas tours in the Czech Republic. Their cost depends on several factors:

  • the number of days;
  • the quality of the hotel;
  • food (3 meals a day or only Breakfast);
  • the date of departure;
  • excursion programs etc.

Budget option starts from 45 thousand rubles for 5 days if departure date 27-28 Dec. If you go before the New year, then the tour will cost 15-20 thousand rubles. Popular among tourists and combined tours, for example, Czech Republic – Germany or Czech Republic – Austria. The cost of this trip will cost from 55 thousand rubles.

For the trip to the Czech Republic required Schengen visa. In its absence you should do the paperwork, because authorization requires more than 2 weeks.

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