New 2021 in Tallinn

Tallinn 2021 New year is a wonderful time in one of the oldest European cities. In the capital of Estonia for Christmas holidays hundreds of tourists come, longing to plunge into the unique atmosphere. There are iconic landmarks, dozens of cozy small restaurants, noisy fairs and modern shopping centers. None of the traveler in Tallinn will have a question how to celebrate the holiday, but because of the variety of entertainment the guests will surely be eventful.

The climate

Weather in Tallinn for the New 2021 will appreciate the moderate frost. January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 0 – -6 ºC. Rarely, the thermometer at night falls below the level of -10 ° C, and if this happens, then frosts are of short duration. On Sunny days early in the year should not count because there are more than 4 in a month.

A distinctive climatic feature of Tallinn in January is the high level of humidity reaching 80-90%. Precipitation falls mainly in the form of wet snow that melts quickly. On the streets of the city on the New 2021 can be chilly and damp, so going to visit the Estonian capital for the Christmas holidays, you should grab warm clothes and shoes.

New 2021 in Tallinn

Entertainment options

Christmas holidays 2021 in Tallinn tourists say as in the quiet family circle, and in the noisy company. For each style of vacation in Estonia there is appropriate entertainment. The most common options of leisure are:

  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • visit places of entertainment;
  • shopping at fairs or in shopping malls.

The main place of mass folk festivals in the capital is the city hall square. Throughout the week of Christmas day there will be fair, and in the evening performances of concerts, performances, competitions. The noisy tradition and in a big way to meet the January 1, is preserved among the local residents since Soviet times, with the result that the streets of the city for a New year filled with thousands of people. For lovers of active rest close to city hall square operates an ice arena, where for only 5€ you can ride to skate under the fiery music.


The capital of Estonia, founded in 1248, kept dozens of monuments, striking in its splendor. Particularly rich in sights the Old town, which has long been a center of cultural and religious life of medieval knights. In the list of must-see historical monuments included:

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an iconic example of Orthodox architecture;
  • The town wall built in the 13th century, the height of the building is 20 meters;
  • House of the brotherhood of blackheads (Pikk street) – built in the 14th century, there lived merchants;
  • Toompea castle is a stone 13th century fortress, built to protect inhabitants from invaders;
  • Dome Cathedral – built in the 13th century, was rebuilt several times, has preserved a number of relics.

New 2021 in Tallinn

In addition to historical places in Tallinn for the New 2021 you can go to the zoo (price of the entrance ticket – 10€), visit the water Park “Atlantis H2O”, Danish king’s Garden. In the city there are dozens of various museums, particularly the Museum of marine history, architecture and occupation. Your Museum is, even for children 3-11 years, which is called “Kadriorg Palace and Kumu art-Milla-Manda”. Exhibition devoted to the history of the city and home, the theme of friendship, respect for the old, the outdoors, various professions. Sightseeing tour of the city will cost 60-80 euros per person.

The city’s best restaurants

For those who want to celebrate New 2021 in Tallinn on the street, on the evening of December 31, warmly open their doors to entertainment venues of the city. The capital has several iconic restaurants, including:

  • “NOA” is located on the shores of the sea;
  • “Horizont” – panoramic view of the capital of Estonia;
  • “Farm” – the interior is made in national style;
  • “Mon Repos” restaurant-Villa in Kadriorg (the most picturesque place of the capital);
  • “Rae Meierei” is the largest restaurant in the country, located in the Old town.

New 2021 in Tallinn

Most entertainment venues of Tallinn spetsializiruyutsya European cuisine. From intoxicating drinks offers all kinds of wines, cocktails, famous Estonian vodka. The price of the average check in restaurants in the city in the range of 150-200€ from the table. To book a place in any institutions in advance of, or in anticipation of new year holidays they will not be available. Get acquainted with the menu, décor, entertainment programme, restaurant, bar or night club on their official sites.

The cost of housing in Tallinn

  • rental apartments – 30-100 €;
  • rooms in hotels – 80-130 €;
  • countryside real estate (cottages, villas) – 200-500€.

Price rent real estate in Tallinn on the New 2021 increases slightly (on average, 20-30%). Many landlords seek to extract the maximum profit from the Christmas holidays because from February to April in the city is dead tourist season. Book apartments and rooms in hotels are advised in advance that will save money and will provide a wide range of apartments.

Tour operators offer

Price of tours in Tallinn on the New 2021 varies from 200 to 350€ and generally comparable with other similar trips to Riga. The price depends on the length of stay in the country, “star” hotel, the saturation of entertainment programs. With independent travelling to Estonia don’t forget to apply for a visa, which is for Russian citizens will cost 35€ (documents are reviewed within two weeks). To enter the Baltic States as possible directly from the USA, and through Belarus, with which our country has a visa-free regime.

Thus, Tallinn New 2021 will be the ideal place for a fun celebration. The ancient city has a developed tourist infrastructure, and most local residents understand the Russian language. Christmas capital of Estonia should be seen at least once in your life, because this time it is especially beautiful and romantic.

About the peculiarities of celebrating the New year in Tallinn, see the following video:

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