New 2021 in Kostroma

If you celebrate the New 2021 in Kostroma, can be a long time to recharge with positive emotions. This ancient town is easy to feel the holiday spirit and to get acquainted with Russian traditions. Ancient architecture, delicious cuisine, entertainment for every budget and taste await tourists in Kostroma. And although the prices are quite reasonable, the service is at a high level.

Street celebrations

In order to immerse in the festive atmosphere, should go to the main tree. Traditionally set green beauty on the Susaninskaya square. Local authorities spend tens of thousands of rubles for illumination and decoration, therefore, it enchants with its beauty. For new year’s eve is typically considered a rich program, which includes:

  • a concert featuring local bands and stars;
  • disco Groovy music;
  • fire show;
  • competitions and quizzes;
  • other entertainment.

On the square you can see beautiful fireworks. Near with the main tree is the Christmas fair. It is possible not only to buy original Souvenirs or interesting crafts and also taste the pies and pancakes with different fillings, sausage, other foods, drink the hot mulled wine or tea.

New 2021 in Kostroma

Cheerfully and actively to spend time in the Park on Nikitskaya. And although the rides in the winter time usually doesn’t work, visitors can skate on the largest ice rink in the city. In the evening near the tree usually an entertainment program with songs, jokes and dances.

Vacation with children

Kostroma is an excellent choice for a family holiday. The city has many entertainments for adults and children:

  • Snowmaiden’s Palace. Compare it with the residence of father Frost in Velikiy Ustyug. It is located in the Park “Berendeevo Kingdom”. All visitors are greeted personally by the snow maiden. In the Mansion is carried out interactive programmes, show theater performances, hold contests. The territory has a cafe where you can eat. The ticket – from 300 rubles.
  • House of culture “Village”. Every year it hosts a variety of theatrical performances for children on different subjects. To see them can all attend, as admission is free. You only need to specify the time of the event, watching the city Billboard.
  • Sightseeing tour of the city. While walking around the city you can see historic architecture, visit the fire tower and the main guardhouse, to see other sights.
  • Drama theatre named after Ostrovsky. During the Christmas holidays the programme of performances in the theatre saturated. There are suggestions for adults and for kids of all ages. Professional actors allow you to plunge into the world of fairy tales and magic. Ticket price – 200 RUB.
  • Sumarokovo elk farm. Located 70 km from Kostroma. Best to go here with your family or a large company. There are different duration of the tour – from 30 to 90 minutes. Cost – from 100 roubles for children and 150 rubles for adults.

New 2021 in Kostroma

In some cultural institutions of the city are free to attend the feast with dances, songs, quizzes and humorous contests, as well as to watch cartoons or a movie on new year’s theme.

Cafes and restaurants

Since the Kostroma included in the list of cities of the Golden ring, is one of the tourist centers USA. In this regard, the city has many cafes and restaurants with different cuisine and prices. New year’s eve locals and tourists usually carried out in such institutions:

  • “Honey, I’ll be late”;
  • “Horns and hoofs”;
  • “Commun cafe”;
  • “Merano”;
  • “Samovar”;
  • “Susanin House”;
  • “Slavic”, etc.

In Kostroma can be expensive to meet the New 2021. Average check Christmas Banquet is 3-5 thousand. institutions typically arrange entertainment programme that includes live music, dancing, contests, etc. the Table must be booked in advance, because due to the large influx of tourists to find a free place on the new year night will be problematic.

New 2021 in Kostroma


Problems with accommodation in Kostroma usually does not occur, but it is better to resolve this issue in advance. Travelers have the following options:

  • Hotels. Many institutions organize new year Banquet for guests and entertainment, but for that you need to pay separately. Night stay in 3-star hotel will cost from 2500 rubles Accommodation in 4-star hotel will cost 4-5 thousand rubles per day per person.
  • And resorts. The location of this establishment allows you to improve your health and fun to celebrate the New year. To the campers do not get bored on new year’s eve they organize concerts and discos. Besides, tourists can enjoy a swimming pool, gym and other services. Cost of stay from 1.5-2 thousand rubles per day.
  • Country house. A good option for a family or group of friends. The opportunity to spend time in the nature, to fry shish kebabs, go rafting or skiing. Rental price – from 7-8 up to 15-20 thousand rubles per day depending on the location, area and other factors.

New 2021 in Kostroma

Proposals from tour operators

Christmas tours in Kostroma are inexpensive. Three-day vacation for two can cost 25 thousand rubles., Although the price usually depends on several factors, including the quality of the hotel, the food, the richness of the program, the cost of new year Banquet, etc. the Tour usually includes:

  • transfer;
  • city tour, sightseeing of Kostroma;
  • excursion to reindeer farm or a visit to the snow Maiden’s tower;
  • visit folk festivals, fairs, workshops;
  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • new year’s Banquet.

In Kostroma, you can spend unforgettable holidays, to plunge into Russian flavor of traditions and customs. And the costs will be minimal.

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