New 2021 in Karelia

In 2021 Karelia celebrates centenary in this regard, the entire infrastructure of the Republic will undergo a big change. If you celebrate New Year and Christmas 2021 in Karelia would be in addition to the main entertainment programme to enjoy the brand new cultural facilities, art area, rebuilt from scratch or repaired: auto, Aero, railway stations, port.

New 2021 in Karelia

Environmental (“green”) holiday

Situated in Karelia in the period of new year and Christmas holidays, a feeling of total immersion in a magical winter Wonderland. Wooden cottages, snow drifts and festive atmosphere. A comfortable daytime temperature in January is -10 and low relative humidity 40-50%, the mild coastal climate make the stay pleasant on the street. Sometimes more hard frosts, so stock up on warm clothes should still. The second month of winter has plenty of Sunny days, so will want to do a few excursions: cultural, historical, ethnic; on foot or horse.

Fans of the environmentally friendly nature choose resorts Karelia in 2021, in contrast to the usual expensive countries of Europe, where population density and saturation of infrastructure are much higher. The number of Karelian people is 622,5 thousand, and on 1 sq. km accounts for 3.5 people. These figures add a sense of virginity and nishagandhi nature. In the Republic are environmental objects:

  • nature reserves “Kivach” and “Kostomukshskiy”;
  • national Park “Vodlozersky”, “Paanajarvi”, “Kalevala”;
  • historical Museum-reserve “Balaam” and “Kizhi”.

In the program of winter recreation on 2021 are two of the environmental route. In addition to USAн comfortable to be in the native language and the national currency. Although on a par with Russian in the Republic support of the Karelian, Finnish and Vepsian languages.

Natural sights of Karelia open for tourists:

  • Lake Ladoga;
  • Marcial waters;
  • waterfalls Kivach, Kumi, Yankoski:
  • Ruseasca waterfalls and marble quarry (where the film “the dawns here are quiet”);
  • caves of Marble canyon;
  • zoo “the Three bears”;
  • mountain ranges, they lie;
  • unique skerries of the Northern part of Ladoga region;
  • ice-Girvas waterfall;
  • the island of Kizhi, Valaam, Solovki.

Marcial waters Spa resort first created in the USA, similar to European spas, founded by order of Peter the great in 1719. In 2003 was built a new sanatorium “Palaces”, where all year round you can get Spa treatment organs of the hematopoietic system, respiratory, digestive and musculoskeletal system. Treating glandular aboserie water and mud. Shungite offer detox services detox. A complex of “Palaces” built from environmentally friendly wood on Scandinavian technology. Here is the perfect place to spend New year 2021, to breathe clean air, eat and get healthier.

New 2021 in Karelia

Cultural centres

Karelian main attractions for tourists are:

  • rock Onega and white sea petroglyphs, which are more than 6000 years;
  • the Church of St. Peter the Apostle 1721, built according to plan of Peter I on the territory of the resort Marcial waters;
  • The Kizhi Pogost, a historical monument of wooden architecture;
  • The Valaam Holy-Transfiguration monastery;
  • Assumption Church 1774 in Kondopoga;
  • architectural heritage of different epochs in the town of Sortavala – reflecting the direction of the Northern modernism, Neoclassicism, functionalism;
  • an old Karelian house of the village Bolshaya Selga;
  • the architecture of the Ilyinsky Pogost;
  • old believers ‘ hermitages and monasteries in the Northern Ladoga region;
  • the historical complex dedicated to the Soviet-Finnish war – “death Valley”.

New 2021 in Karelia

The historical complex “Valley of death”

Active rest

The ski resorts of Karelia on the level of service and organization of tracks can compete with other countries. The most famous and visited are the Jalgora, “Spasskaya Guba”, “Malaya Medvezhka” and “Kurgan”. If you are planning a vacation with children, the “Malaya Medvezhka”, located on the shore of Onega lake in a pine forest, the safest place to be since with child routes. Ski base is located in area of Medvezh’yegorsk, and tourists are accommodated in wooden cabins of different classes from economy to luxury.

In “Algore” can practice their skiing skill fans of “black” slopes, where there are descents with differences of 100 m, which is attracting snowboarders. The resort is located near the cities of Petrozavodsk (capital of Karelia) and Algaba. The largest of the Karelian ski resorts, where there are 3 existing tracks long, 300-400 m.

Ski and biathlon complex “the mound”, near Petrozavodsk can be found on the existing training of Russian athletes. For tourists includes two ski slides at 400 m, with differences not exceeding 45 m. the Total length of the Kurgan equipped cross-country ski trails is more than 10 km away. Built existing biathlon shooting range, sauna, cafe. Also on site is a kids ice skating rink.

“Spasskaya Guba” is located away from the big cities for the fans of eco-areas and untouched nature. In the presence of two tracks with a differential of no more than 70 meters, the ski lifts and rope type.

New 2021 in Karelia

Karelicy for tourists and guests of ski resorts also:

  • riding on a sled, ledyankah;
  • races on husky and reindeer safaris;
  • skiing on snow;
  • horse riding on horses;
  • a visit to the residence of Santa Claus.

In Karelia conduct international competitions in races on the dog teams, so with 2012 organized the annual race “On the ground Sapo”.

New year tours in Karelia

To spend your winter holidays in Karelia can be a different number of days: 2, 3, 5, 7 and more. Firms working in this area, I offer active, cultural, entertainment, family tours. The system is all inclusive, with a full package or just accommodation in a cottage and separate planning recreation programs.

The most popular tours for New Year and Christmas children in snow-covered Karelia, which are not inferior to Finland or Switzerland. For young tourists will organize new year performances, a visit to the Palace of Santa Claus, zoo. Kids are introduced to the local culture and historical way of life, folk tales and fairy tales of Karelians and Vepsians.

Read more about tours to Karelia for the New year: video

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