New 2021 in Greece

A holiday in Greece in 2021 will remain affordable and popular among millions of tourists. “Ancient Hellas” impresses with its unique nature, rich historical heritage, variety of entertainment. The country has created all conditions for travelers, ranging from the organized beaches where you can soak up the sun, to huge shopping centres, where people come for shopping fashion lovers from all over Europe.

Winter climate

Weather in Greece in January are not happy with the heat, as the autumn season ends in October. Relatively warm only in the South and East (Crete, Aegean, Ionian Islands): the average daytime temperature here varies in the range of 10-15 ° C, and at night the thermometer drops to 5-10 ºC. In the North of Greece (Thessaloniki, Halkidiki) and colder during the day to 10 ° C, with a sunset – from 2 to 5 ºC.

New 2021 in Greece

As for the humidity, it ranges from 70% in the South to 90% in the North. With the promotion of the inland increases and the amount of precipitation, and most of them falls in Corfu (up to 130 mm per month). The sea water temperature exceeds 15 ° C, so swimming in January only allow themselves fans of extreme sports or who moved my ration of drink travellers.

How to spend time?

Rest in 2021 in Greece involves the following activities:

  • fishing;
  • a walk on a yacht;
  • shopping;
  • sightseeing;
  • visit places of entertainment;
  • a Wellness or beauty treatments.

We should also talk about the New 2021 in Greece. Here, January 1 is an official holiday and festive night should be spent in the family circle or close friends. It is noteworthy that going to visit, the Greeks take a heavy stone, which is thrown under the threshold of the house. It symbolizes money, the wealth, health and happiness in the coming year.

Most places of entertainment on the New 2021 in major cities of Greece running until the morning. The visitors will surely offer original entertainment with famous Sirtaki dance, live music and contests. Traditionally the menu of the Christmas dinner includes:

  • roast suckling pig;
  • baked fish;
  • Greek salad;
  • seafood;
  • wine etc.

New 2021 in Greece

If the average check for a regular lunch or dinner at the cafe is in the range of 15-20€ new year Banquet will cost significantly more. The total amount depends on the prestige of the institution and the number of ordered dishes, but a check is cheaper 100-150€ can hardly count. Tables vending in bars or restaurants it is advisable to book in advance, as in the eve of the festive night they probably will not be available.

The cost of holidays

The main item of expenditure in this country for tourists is the accommodation. All Greek hotels are divided into familiar categories from 2* to 5*, with or without category. Single room in a pair is from 25€ per night, while a similar apartment in the “five” will be able to shoot from 120€. The price is affected by a number of factors: proximity to the sea, infrastructure development, the season of settlement. For those who do not want to spend money on lodging while visiting Greece, we recommend renting apartments (from 20-25€ on the outskirts of cities), or rent a bed in a hostel, which will cost 12€ per night.

Other prices are as follows:

  • coffee 2-3€;
  • Souvenirs – 5-10€;
  • ticket to museums – 6-10€;
  • alcoholic beverages – 3-10€;
  • vegetables/fruits on the market – 1-2€ per kg;
  • fur (fur coat) – from 1500€;
  • the trip by public transport in 1.5-3€.

It is noteworthy that all the major purchases made in Greece, you can get the VAT refund, which is 13-23%. To do this you must keep receipts and submit a Declaration to the tax authorities indicating the amount of the deduction.

Sights Of Greece

The history of the country has more than 5 thousand years, during which the “Ancient Hellas” experienced its heyday, decline and conquest by foreigners. Many architectural monuments are remarkably well preserved, attracting tourists with its grandeur and monumentality. In the list of world-famous landmarks of Greece included:

  • mount Olympus (Thessaly);
  • The Palace of Knossos (Crete);
  • the temple of Poseidon (Cape Sounion);
  • The Acropolis, temple of Zeus (Athens);
  • Valley of butterflies (Rhodes);
  • the theater of Epidaurus, Mycenae (Peloponnese).

New 2021 in Greece

In every major city there are several tour Desk, which organises trips to significant places. However, tourists can explore the country with a rental car. For this you will need an international driver’s licence, Bank card, driving record above 3 years. The age of the renter must be in the range of 25-70 years. Hire a small car for a day will be 50-70€, the price of a liter of gasoline is 1.5€. If you prefer to travel by taxi, please note: the minimum fee in Greece is 3.5€ for less order nobody will. On average, 1 km of road costs 0.25€, and at night rates increase twice.

Tour operators offer

Despite the cool climate, tours to Greece on the New 2021 will not lose relevance. First, they will be much cheaper for the price – from 500€ per person per week stay in the country with the visa, and secondly, here is what to do in any season. To visit Greece is just 1€, which is enough to buy a special tour, providing shopping at shopping centers. Be careful: a mandatory condition of such trip will be the purchase of local goods for a certain amount, usually not less than 1 000€.

New 2021 in Greece

The price of the weekly tours to Greece in 2021 with option of all inclusive starts from 800€ per person, provided the departure from or while. This amount includes food, accommodation, use of facilities, a number of excursions. The cost of travel varies depending on the star level of the hotel, duration of stay, the saturation of entertainment programs.

Relax in 2021 in Greece is a dream for millions of people seeking to escape the harsh Russian winter in a moderately warm climate. In this wonderful country for tourists created a Paradise with ancient monuments, exquisite cuisine, clean beaches. The price of staying in “Ancient Hellas” significantly hits the pocket, and the resulting positive emotions and memories will stay with you for life.

As Greece prepares for Christmas and the New year, see the following video:

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