New 2021 in Georgia

New 2021 in Georgia will surely enjoy for every traveler. An amazing country known for knightly I for its hospitality, ancient traditions and fine cuisine. Having been in this state during the Christmas holidays, many appreciate the development of tourist infrastructure, plenty of entertainment, high level of service. Individual attention, the prices in the Republic are much lower than in foreign resorts, for example, in Finland or Turkey.

The climate

Weather in Georgia on the New 2021 varies widely from region to region. The fact that the southern part of the country lies in the subtropics, and to the North is dominated by a temperate climate. This predetermined temperature difference in January: for example in the resort towns on the Black sea coast (Batumi, Poti), the temperature in the range of 7-12 º C during the day and 4-8 º C at night. As you move North the temperature drops to below zero, and in the mountains often there are frosts up to -5 – -10 ° C.

The humidity in Georgia is also significantly different. In the South of the country in January this value reaches 80-90%, while in the mountains the air is clean and dry (the humidity here is less than 50%). Strong winds blow only on the coast but in the North squally gusts practically not fixed. The choice of clothing for the New 2021 in Georgia is completely dependent on the region where the planned vacation. In the South it will be warm enough coat and scarf, but in the North of the country can not do without winter boots, coats and hats. Another piece of advice: if you are going to spend the Christmas holidays in the mountains, be sure to pack sunglasses, which will help you not to be blinded by the brilliant snow cover.

Entertainment options

Vacation in Georgia for a New 2021 suitable for noisy companies, and for families with children. Among the current options of leisure activities here include:

  • shopping;
  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • a trip to the ski resorts;
  • visit the famous restaurants.

New 2021 in Georgia

New year in Georgia – an event of national importance. In contrast to the Slavic countries in the Caucasus has its own traditions of celebrating the 1st of January. For example, Santa Claus is here replaced good white-haired old man, Tovlis of Baboua, and the tree, under which lay gifts, called chichilaki. Definitely the night of December 31 in each family serves a luxurious table, are invited to welcome guests (mekvle), tasted the best wines and stronger spirits (chacha).

Mass festivities for the New year will be held in all major cities of Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi). The main tree of the country traditionally will be located on Freedom square, where on the evening of 31 December will gather thousands of visitors and residents of the city. In the festive program includes: fireworks, dances, songs, contests, congratulations of the first persons of the state. Unbridled joy on the streets of Tbilisi, however, as in other cities, will last until the morning.

Ski resorts in the country

For lovers of active winter holidays in Georgia there are several ski resorts. They work from November to may, but the peak of visits falls on the month of January. A distinctive feature of the Caucasus mountains is bezvetrenno, light frost (-1 – -5 ° C), deep snow (up to 20-25 cm). At the moment the country has two of the most popular resort:

There are dozens of other ski slopes (Khatsvali, Tetnuldi, Goderdzi, etc.), but they are not as hyped and equipped, as presented resorts. For example, in Gudauri there are 16 pistes of various degrees of complexity – from “green” for kids to “black” for desperate skiers. In addition, the resort boasts cable car “Doppelmayer”, the absence of stones, limiting safety nets. In Bakuriani with big elevation changes, and slopes give way to gentle areas. It is the oldest ski resort in the Caucasus, which is known since the 19th century

New 2021 in Georgia

Prices in Gudauri and Bakuriani are quite reasonable: a day pass to ski pass will be 1600 roubles (in recalculation in Georgian lari), renting of sports equipment in the range of 1000 rubles, a single trip on the lift – 70 rubles. For beginners lessons will be given in winter sports. A private lesson will cost 1200 rubles/hour, group – 500 rubles/hour. Full lunch at a nearby café is 250-400 rubles per person, and hotel accommodation – from 2000 rubles/day.

Where to go in Tbilisi on 31 December?

Usually the first round to Georgia for New year most travelers prefer to take in Tbilisi. An ancient city founded in the 5th century, boasts a diverse range of activities, ranging from sightseeing and ending with a trip to the restaurant. The list of the most iconic monuments of Tbilisi it is necessary to include the Old city, Mtatsminda (Holy mountain), Metekhi Church, Anchiskhati Church, sulfur baths. All of them are available for inspection during the Christmas holidays and sightseeing tour of the capital costs from 600 roubles.

In order to taste the culinary delights of the Caucasian cuisine, come the following restaurants:

New 2021 in Georgia

Guests of these establishments will offer kharcho, khinkali khachapuri, pari, lobio, mutton sauce, etc. Of drinks should definitely order the red wine (Khvanchkara, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli), local beer, and vodka. The cost of the new year celebration in these places of entertainment will cost 3000-5000 rubles from the table. Almost every restaurant offers a rich entertainment program to its guests, including dancing, contests, performances, live music. To book a place in the vending establishments in advance-a few weeks before the celebration.

Tour operators offer

Things to do in Georgia on New 2021 are becoming more popular among Russian tourists due to the ratio “price-quality”. A three-day journey from or and with 4* accommodation and a rich entertainment program will cost from 30 000 per person. A weekly ticket costs from 50 000 rubles, the cost varies a great deal from the holiday place. The most expensive are implemented tours to ski resorts and in the capital Tbilisi, but the trip to the South of the country, where in January there is a “dead” tourist season, are sold at bargain price.

Thus, the New 2021 in Georgia will enjoy a comfortable climate, affordable prices, welcoming atmosphere and General fun. Having been in this unique country, travelers fall in love with picturesque landscapes, Caucasian cuisine, ancient sights. In the Republic there is no language barrier for Russian-speaking tourists, developed infrastructure, and the citizens of the Russian Federation is not required to issue an entry visa.

About the features of the Christmas vacation in Georgia, see the following video:

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