New 2021 in Chelyabinsk

In Cheljabinsk can be bright and busy to celebrate the New 2021. And although the city does not apply to tourist centers, it has a lot of entertainment for adults and children. In catering establishments in new year’s eve offer not only a festive Banquet and entertaining program, including the work of animators, dancing, contests etc. to Get unforgettable emotions with any budget. Although the costs are small, positive impressions are guaranteed for a long time.

Feast on the street

Fun to celebrate new year’s eve 2021 in Chelyabinsk it is possible with minimal cost on Revolution square. Here traditionally set the main Christmas tree of the city. In mid-December appears in the square ice town, as well as stalls that sell Goodies, hot drinks and Souvenirs.

New year’s eve in Revolution square, will be:

  • to see the address of the President on the big screen;
  • to see the fireworks;
  • to dance;
  • see performances by local artists and animators;
  • make beautiful photo.

New 2021 in Chelyabinsk

The concert program usually lasts 2-3 hours. Also on the square are Santa Claus, animators in costumes of any hero. In General will not be bored, because new year’s eve rides and other entertainment. You can ride in a horse carriage etc.

Lovers of originality should consider the New year on the Ferris wheel. Attraction at KRK “the Megacity” works until one o’clock, so you can enjoy the incredible view of the evening Chelyabinsk and beauty of colored lights to celebrate the holiday on top. The stall should be booked in advance. Price – from 200 RUB there are Also special conditions for companies – when ordering booths for 6 people, you can get a gift set.

Arrange festivities in other parts of the city. In the squares and parks lead dances, sing songs and offer local residents and tourists different types of vacation. You can also visit the new year fair, taste of dumplings, pies and other treats.

Restaurants and cafes

To happily celebrate the New 2021 in Chelyabinsk, you can go to one of the restaurants or cafes. Virtually all schools offer a rich program, a disco and other entertainment. And although prices in the holidays are usually up, the average check per person starts from 3500 rubles, the cost of the Banquet depends not only on the order of the meals and entertainment.

New 2021 in Chelyabinsk

In the city there are restaurants and cafes for visitors with different financial capabilities. Popular venues include:

A table is to book in advance as new year’s eve may not be available in the establishment.

A trip out of town

If the problem where to celebrate New 2021 in Chelyabinsk, has not been resolved, then you can consider staying outside the city. This is a good opportunity to relax and get close with nature. Will be able to relax from the urban bustle, a fun and active weekend. Here are a few interesting options:

  • Heliopark Smolino. Located just 15 km from the city. You can rent a room or cottage. The second option is well suited for a large group or family. Cost of 3 day stay from 40 thousand rubles, for children under 10 years do not need to pay. Enjoy the festive Banquet, the interesting program and lots of winter fun, as well as photo zone, bright special effects, the show from artists and others.
  • The base of rest “birch”. Located on the shores of lake Uvildy, which is from Chelyabinsk 85 km away. the Cottages are surrounded by birch forest, and scenic landscapes. Guests are offered skiing and tobogganing, tubing and other winter activities, as well as bath and swimming in the hole. Rent per day starts from 12 thousand. For early booking discount.

New 2021 in Chelyabinsk

  • Ski resort “Solnechnaya Dolina”. A great place to plunge into the magic atmosphere of winter and plenty of dash off on skiing and snowboarding. For this you need to drive off from a city in the Ural mountains, 120 km away, Tourists can visit the equestrian center, Snowmobiling, or ATVs. The cost of Christmas tour (3 day) for two will cost 50 thousand rubles. it includes accommodation, meals and Banquet, a Christmas program, but for entertainment will have to pay separately.
  • Spa resort “Baden-Baden”. Located just 120 km away from Chelyabinsk. The main “trick” − pools with hot water under the open sky. A children’s room, entertainment staff. For adults there’s entertainment. A three-day stay will cost at least 20 thousand roubles and above. In addition to accommodation, the price includes a show on new year’s night and Banquet.


  • skiing;
  • to go to the rink;
  • to engage the tubing;
  • to visit fairs and workshops;
  • to participate in festivals, who meet on the squares of the city;
  • to watch theatrical performances etc.

You can take a tour of the city to see the sights. For young people a good option would be a visit to karaoke or night club. A disco under open air is usually arranged in the Garden of Victory. Schedule better to clarify in advance.

New 2021 in Chelyabinsk

Families with children can visit the Christmas shows. Some shows have free entry. Usually free entertainment programmes arranged in the city libraries. The children will be interested to visit the ice town. Near the main Christmas tree is usually the animators, which can be photographed. Children can participate in competitions and quizzes. You can also visit the cafés in which they live 12 cats, or rides in amusement parks, shopping centers.

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