New 2021 in Anapa

New 2021 in Anapa – a wonderful holiday, which can be found in a moderately mild climate, without leaving the USA. Many travelers throw a lot of money going into the Christmas period in Greece, Spain, Italy and other warm countries. Domestic resort is not worse, because there is no language barrier, and a developed tourist infrastructure allows you to choose to your liking without unnecessary overpayments.

The climate

Weather in Anapa in January 2021 will delight plus temperatures, lack of snow and strong winds. The temperature in the day varies in the range of 5-10 ° C, and at night drops to 3-5 degrees CELSIUS. The sun is not so often delights visitors to the city in the summer, however, heavy precipitation in the beginning of the year is not expected.

New 2021 in Anapa

A distinctive feature of Anapa is a high level of humidity due to the proximity to the Black sea. Some days he is committed to 100%, so on a trip with you, it is advisable to take some warm clothes. According to many travelers, they did not feel the weather discomfort during a stay in the city and was pleased with the climate of the region.

How to celebrate?

Rest in Anapa on the New 2021 will be memorable. In the list of the main attractions of the resort include:

  • fishing;
  • boat trips;
  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing and excursions;
  • check in local guest houses or motels.

If you are going to celebrate the New 2021 in Anapa with children, be sure to go to the Park “Octopussy”. The castle “Lion mountain” in the beginning of January, there is the reconstruction of tournaments in which you may participate anyone. Near the town is the Park of nature “up To”, where children will get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the region.

Adult vacation on the New 2021 in Anapa affordable, varied and exciting. For example, romantic couples best to go to the lighthouse, which offers stunning sea views. Tastings of alcoholic beverages will be offered to all who will visit the “Abrau Durso” – the factory of sparkling wines 60 km from the city. To plunge into the exotic atmosphere will help African village “sukkah” with its colorful inhabitants, and unique cuisine, dances. In short, in Anapa is where to go and what to do during the Christmas holidays.

Mass festivities

Main tree resort is traditionally installed on the Theatre square. Here on the evening of 31 December at 22:00 starts the holiday for visitors and residents. Entertainment will include:

  • salute;
  • disco;
  • congratulations of the officials;
  • a concert of local artists;
  • contests from Santa Claus and snow Maiden.

New 2021 in Anapa

Another place of a mass congestion of people will be urban waterfront. At the site several kilometers long, it is mostly young people, which is broken down by companies. People laugh, dance and wish each other a good year, while law enforcement agencies behave loyally with regard to vacationers. Who moved my quota of booze tourists, the police delivered directly to the place of residence.


Prices for the New 2021 in Anapa characterized by availability, so if you don’t want to celebrate a holiday under the open sky, it is better to go to one of the restaurants of the resort. Among the most popular institutions of the city note:

New 2021 in Anapa

Each of these institutions offers its own programme of celebrations of the New 2021. The menu offers a wide range of wines, seafood, fish, exotic fruits. Average bill in restaurants and bars Anapa does not exceed 5-7 thousand rubles from the table, but the final amount depends on the number of ordered dishes and alcohol. Overall, visitors to entertainment venues of the resort agree that all the restaurants are available at a cost and level of service does not cause serious complaints.

And resorts

To escape from worldly bustle, to enjoy the fresh air, improve your health invite famous sanatoriums of Krasnodar territory. In the city and not far from Anapa built several modern institutions, which has everything you need for a relaxing stay. Among them:

New 2021 in Anapa

Prices for the New 2021 in health resorts of Anapa will grow. In order to save money, you will need to use an early booking or purchase a package. For example, in the sanatorium “Little Bay” on the shores of the Black sea has a special set of services for 27 thousand rubles. It provides accommodation for two people in a comfortable room for 10 days, 3 meals a day, SPA treatments, gala dinner and treatments. Similar to the packages put up for sale on their official websites dozens of sanatoria and boarding houses of the region.

Tour operators offer

Tours in Anapa on the New 2021 are popular because they allow you to escape from the rigors of the Russian winter in a conditional summer at an acceptable cost. Most companies sell travel to this resort from the European part of USA at a price of 30 thousand rubles for two people for three days. A week-long trip costs from 50 thousand rubles, and the upper ceiling rests in the 80-90 thousand it All depends on the saturation of entertainment, “star” the property accommodation included services.

New 2021 in Anapa

Note that independent travel to Anapa will cost even more. On only one flight from or and have to spend from 8.5 to 18 thousand rubles, not to mention the accommodation. Rental price of apartments in the resort starts from 3.5 thousand rubles per day, and a room in a five star hotel is impossible to find during the holidays for less than 8 thousand roubles. Add to this the cost of food, excursions, entertainment, and get that with the tour operator to visit the city much cheaper.

Thus, the New 2021 in Anapa is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the main event of the winter without snow, cold and biting wind. In the Christmas period the city is visited by thousands of tourists, who remain under the positive impression of the local nature, hospitality and prices. In a vast country like USA, it is not necessary to go abroad to celebrate the New year in the warmth – all you need to buy a tour to Anapa.

About the peculiarities of celebrating the New year in Anapa see the following video:

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